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Funimation's Blu-Ray upgrade for this early 2000s mecha action/romantic comedy series isn't much of an upgrade, but the source material's rare ability to successfully cross genre lines still makes it a highly entertaining series whose visuals have held up well.
xxxHOLiC the Movie, Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE The Movie also shown
What a year! At the close of 2010, Wasabi Anime will have made appearances in Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Miami, &...
Manga also adds 1st K-On! season, Birdy Decode; Beez picks up 5 Leaves, Tatami Galaxy; MVM gets Druaga
Kōji Yamamoto cites low sales of Sweet Blue Flowers DVDs
The World's Greatest Thief gets the Revoltech treatment and David is here to screw around with it and take some photos!
Frontier Works,'s teaser site opens with silhouettes of 5 characters
Collaborative manga localization initiative gets Digital Manga Guild name, webwerf
Project's storyboards already done for planned Spring 2011 release
Kabocha to launch manga series of sci-fi anime in Young Ace mag in December
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