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2011 Fullmetal Alchemist Film Opens July 2 After Festival
Rosario + Vampire Sets Delayed, Megachu! Unscheduled
Comic Market Sets Winter Attendance Record of 520,000
Greetings from 11 20 32 40 50 60 65 anime/manga groups and creators (with more to come)
To those who left us in 2010
Vampire Knight, 2 Naruto books, new Yotsuba&!, Rosario + Vampire, Bleach, Ouran, Black Butler, Hetalia, Maximum Ride
Film about prisoners telling stories about the most delicious dishes they have had
It's the end of 2010 as we know it, and Answerman rings in the new year with questions covering abandoned licenses, pre-orders, and yet another attempt at a Gatchaman movie! All filled out with the usual Flake of the Week and a good crop of Answerfans to boot! Grab your champagne and struggle to remember the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne!
Takeshi Mori serves as "collaborative director" with Cowboy Bebop, Patlabor designers
Part of her jawbone with noncancerous growth removed; manga still on hiatus
A transforming motorcycle and a long-washed up ballet dancer make an unlikely combination in Rideback. [discuss]
From Anime Expo 2010 in Los Angeles
Random pics
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