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Game Arts released a Lunar: Silver Star Story novel on Kindle! And Brian read it! Who knew?
Some readers' hearts may flutter when Kyo pulls Misao into his embrace, but just as many will be as quick to yell out a warning to run as fast and far as she can.
Smells like bad spirits this week with Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan and Highschool of the Dead making their RTO debut! Plus you won't believe what I have to say about my little sister in the Import of the Month!
All 53 manuscripts pages reproduced in original double size; papercraft ship offered
Deka Wanko, Misaki No. 1, Pokemon, Precure, Mainichi Kaasan, Inazuma 11 on top 10 charts
Members' music appeared in Appleseed, Maria Holic, Honneamise, Galactic Railroad, Nadia
More launch announcements due "in the coming months"
Taken at Japan Weekend IV in Madrid, Spain
"Mt. Head" creator adapts Arthur Binard's English poems for NHK's Purekiso Eigo
Sales effort may halt if no offer by March; higher net income in Funimation's segment
Random pics
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