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1st of Golden Age arc's 3 films to open on February 4
A girl struggles to become a proper ninja in this innocuous and surprisingly clean 2006 series. Its quirkiness is mildly entertaining, but it only occasionally goes far enough on dramatic or comedy fronts to achieve better than that.
A chat with the voice behind anime's most popular loudmouthed ninja.
Aquarion Evol TV Anime Slated for Next January
Anime Network to Stream Majikoi, Phi Brain, Mashiroiro Symphony
Funimation's Joint Venture Signs Live-Action Film Distribution Deal
Kanae Oki, Naoki Yanagi, Arisu Sakurai Switch Agencies
Character creator Jet Inoue collaborates to design nashi pear robot character
Never More -Reincarnation:Persona 4- sells 27,000 copies in 6 days
Popular Taiwanese mascot character to continue to serve as mascot for Microsoft Silverlight 5
Romantic comedy published as 1-shot manga in Jump NEXT! earlier this year
Crossover fighting game to be released on PS3, Xbox 360 in November
3,500 people march in 1.5-kilometer parade event
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