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Griffith's Takahiro Sakurai narrates "Guts vs. Band of the Hawk" video for Saturday opening
Voice actress group stars, sings in April anime with FMA director Seiji Mizushima
This complete version is the first release in its franchise to include an English dub. Even a good dub cannot hide the flaws in this monster romp centered around a monster princess, egter.
Freezing: First Chronicle Spinoff Manga Concludes
Funimation Delays Fairy Tail Part 4, Heaven's Lost Property 2
Shakugan no Shana's Kobayashi co-writes "Tiger & Bunny the Live"; Kamen Rider's Kaneda contributes
Kazuo Koike says he will apply what he learned from Madoka Magica's Urobuchi
Earlier Witch on the Holy Night visual novel demo was available with Type-Moon Ace
Director Odashima, producer Tago discuss how they selected new & old characters in video
ef ~ A Tale of Memories, Fairy Tail, Yamada's First Time anime, GTO: 14 Days in Shonan, Vampire Bund manga ship
Griffith's white pasta, Zodd's black risotto, Skull Knight noodles, behelit sherbert more offered
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