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Announced by cast at Anime Contents Expo
Some may call it too rosy-cheeked, too earnest to be real—but that's exactly the point, that it captures the optimism of high school romance.
The Spring 2012 Anime Preview Guide has begun! Check back every day for our team's impressions of all the new shows.
Previews Available Now: Zetman - Kimi to Boku 2 - Space Brothers - Folktales of Japan - Hiiro no Kakera
2012 Madoka Magica Film's 2 Parts Titled
Hidamari Sketch's 4th TV Season Titled, Dated
Smile Precure BDs to Have 12-13 Episodes Each
Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Anime Slated for July
Anime Contents Expo Day 1 Draws 20,780
Voice Actress' Lawsuit Against IMDb Heads to Court
Not all anime characters get fantasy creatures as pets, but that their animal companions aren't necessarily "normal."
UPDATED: Day one and two of our coverage of the other big trade show in Japan, Anime Contents Expo! Aniplex, Warner Bros, Bandai Visual and more were all on display, along with a bevy of otaku bait! Now includes Day Two coverage and photos!
LA event to host singer of "oath sign" & "Girls Dead Monster" band's songs
Visual Art's Key launches site for anime of visual novel
2nd half of anime to premiere on April 7 after preview screenings in theaters
Masumi Itou sing ending song; Unshou Ishizuka joins cast with Mai Nakahara
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