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Initial lineup of 14 games to premiere in March; eventually to expand to 40 games
A set of 4, including 1 with new design by Gekidan Inu Curry designers
Moshidora's Yukiusagi designs Kirara & Fūka for crowd-funded project
It turns up the intensity for big, monster-slaying battles, turns it down for quiet moments of life, love and friendship, and makes it all happen in a beautifully rendered fantasy world.
New Infinite Stratos Novella Offered at Comic Market
Joshiraku BDs/DVDs 4-6 Delayed 1 Month
D.C.III ~Da Capo III~ TV Anime Slated for January 5
Amnesia Romance Game's TV Anime Slated for January
Love Live! TV Anime Slated for January
Nekomonogatari (Black) Event to Be Held on December 7
5-episode series to feature each band member in different occupation
New Soulless, Alice in the Country of Clover, Naruto, new Spice & Wolf, new Omamori Himari, new Love Hina, Bleach, new Miles Edgeworth, One Piece, 1st Haganai
PansonWorks' new anime series is based on Sekiguchi Corp's stuffed monkey toys
Behind-the-scenes, production clips, short trailer videos streaming for film shipping on December 28
It's that time again! Funimation honchos Adam Sheehan and Lance Heiskell stop by for their biannual grilling session! We talk Hellsing, Serial Experiments Lain, Evangelion, streaming, bluray and everything in between! Strap in!
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