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Hisoka hand towels, GJ-bu goods also at TV station's 1st Comiket appearance
Largest dōjinshi event received threats, plans to step up security
Film play in January for 1 night only
In some ways, it's still the same old Bleach, but with a new supporting cast and a fresh storyline that breaks free of the hack-and-slash routine.
From Software's followup to last year's action RPG Dark Souls
Platinum develops Kojima Prod. game for February Xbox 360/PS3 release
Shigahaku also starts comedy about junior high girl who becomes erotic novel author
Both films to screen in Greensboro in January, Honolulu in February
Kaori Shimizu also joins cast for 3 special episodes premiering this month
Alice in the Country of Clover, new Evangelion, Blue Exorcist, Naruto, Soulless, new Is This A Zombie?, One Piece, Rosario + Vampire, Vampire Knight, Spice & Wolf
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