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"While this episode had its moments, there's only so much clown-centric violence I can watch before I have to hold my head in my hands and accept that this truly is the Most Tokyo Ghoul."
This imaginative reboot has a strong story and a confident style, but do its safer and more marketable anime hallmarks dampen the show's potent edge? Micchy and Andy hash out the show's highs and lows.
Series premieres in January on Noitamina/Amazon Prime in Japan
FuRyu publishes adventure game based on franchise's 39th film
Home video release slated for April, with more bonus extras as pre-orders increase
Final film in trilogy opened on November 9 at #6 in box office
TV anime series, films available for digital purchase
Anime NYC holds U.S. premiere screening of "Is Lupin Still Burning?" episode
Real-life author Osamu Dazai is the author of the classic Japanese short story No Longer Human and is famous for his both his literary work and troubled...
Simulcast running now on Crunchyroll
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