Game launches on October 8 for PS4, Xbox One, PC
Lead Skip Beat voice actors Marina Inoue and Katsuyuki Konishi reunited as their roles in a new drama CD bundled with the manga's limited edition 44th...
The world was reeling when Farfetch'd, a first generation Pokémon which had previously never received any evolved or alternate forms, was revealed to have...
Aaron Dismuke, Caitlin Glass announced as English dub cast
Why do people love the legendary mangaka Hirohiko Araki's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure so much - and what can other shonen series learn from his art? Mary Lee Sauder explores.
This edgy supernatural romance dabbles in cross-dressing, blood-sucking, and enticing artwork. Rebecca Silverman has the details.
Ruriko Noguchi, Rina Hon'izumi, Satomi Amano, Kaori Maeda, Nao Shiraki lead cast
Japanese singer/songwriter MIREI possesses a truly transcendent voice, delicate and ethereal yet supremely skilled at channeling complex emotion. Born in Osaka and based in Tokyo, the 21-year-old artist now brings her magnetic vocal presence to Take Me Away— her forthcoming EP which instantly affirms her rare talent for making dance-pop music with both heartfelt sensitivity and unapologetic power.
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