Episode 25′ – Air

The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth.

The last Angel is dead, signifying the final phase of the scenariothe effectuation of the Instrumentality Project (HCP). SEELE immediately instructs Gendou and Fuyutsuki to complete the Project using Eva-01, but the two are reluctant to carry out a plan that will bring about the death of all people, and they rebut SEELE’s wishes. Maar, SEELE is not one to overlook this betrayal, and MAGI’s alarms screech out that following dawn. It is an attempt by the other MAGI located around the world to hack the original. This is followed by the issuance of Special Order A-801, which strips NERV of its legal backing, and is also SEELE’s ultimatum. Although NERV narrowly fends off the hacking attempt by reinstating Ritsuko, it is powerless against the subsequent invasion by the Japan Strategic Self Defense Force (JSSDF), which cuts through NERV like a hot knife through butter. Even NERV which successfully repulsed the Angels is feeble against other humans. “Why do they want the Evas so badly!?” [Maya’s] half-screamed question fades unanswered amidst the sounds of gunfire and screams….

A False Rebirth

Sohryu Asuka Langley had lost everything. Her mother, her confidence, her pride, and even the will to live…. Then, reports of the JSSDF’s attack cause Asuka to be sealed up inside Eva once again. The explosions and vibrations shake Asuka to her very soul, and her murmuring gradually changes to screams. “I don’t want to dieI don’t want to dieI don’t want to dieI don’t want to dieI don’t want to dieI don’t want to dieI don’t want to dieI don’t want to dieI DON’T WANT TO DIE!! … Mama!!”

Inside Eva’s womb, Asuka realizes that she is with her motherthat her mother is by her side. The swarming enemy are no longer a match for Asuka, and even the nine Eva series units cannot stop her. Eva-02 careens valiantly across the battlefield, soaring, crushing, toppling, stabbing, strangling, kicking, sweeping, shooting, striking, running, stopping, and stoppedits operational limit reached. The nine Eva series units alight on top of the motionless Eva-02 — and the violation of Eva by Eva begins.

We’ll do the rest when you get back…”

SEELE forcing through the Instrumentality Project (HCP), Gendou’s maneuvering, and the JSSDF invasion of NERV…. Misato and Shinji rush through gunfire and smoke; two people with a delicate relationship: mother and son, older sister and younger brother, lovers, adult and child, superior and subordinate…. Shots ring out! As Misato covers Shinji, her legs buckle and the two tumble toward the back of the passageway. Tears and anger mix, and naked emotions clash. Choked words, exasperation, the baring of one’s heart, affection, and the meeting of two people’s lipspassing from a mere brushing of lips to an adult kiss. In many ways, Misato was Shinji’s first woman.

We’ll do the rest when you get back…” were her words, but Shinji knew there would be norest”, for Misato’s still warm hands and lips were covered with blood

Magokoro wo, kimi ni

(Sincerely Yours)
Episode 26

Shinji screamed at seeing the brutally violated form of Eva-02. The howls of Eva-01 create maelstroms inside the Geofront, and Shinji’s rage calls back the Lance of Longinus from the Moon. This was also the trigger for starting the two Projectsthe Instrumentality Projects of SEELE and of Gendou. Having regained the Lance, SEELE aims to achieve the Instrumentality (Complementation) of humankind through the indiscriminate death of all life and prayers. The replica Lances pierce both palms of Eva-01, and a chorusing voice envelopes the worldthe ceremony has begun. On the other hand, deep underground NERV Headquarters which is being laid bare by the JSSDF’s attack, Gendou Ikari stands together with Rei before Lilith in Terminal Dogma. Gendou has brought Rei to Lilith to attempt the forbidden joining of Adam and Lilith. Two Instrumentality Projects being executed simultaneously in the heavens and in the bowels of the earth. Will people achieve complementation in either case…? The answer lies within Eva-01….

The Fruit of Wisdom and the Fruit of Life

Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the Tree of Life, and eat, and live for ever.” (Genesis) Humans took the Fruit of Wisdom and gained wisdom — “Science”. Maar, this is also a cursed power. Humans prosper through wisdom, but will they also perish through wisdom? On the other hand, there were also humans who took the Fruit of Life at that time. These are the Angelsa different possibility who will fight for the future; another form of human. But if the fruits possessed by both could be obtained at the same timethat was the Instrumentality Projectan incantation to evolve humans to a new stage. SEELE joined the Fruit of Wisdom with the Fruit of Life, and reverted Eva-01 to the Tree of Life. The Black Moon appears, Rei and the Eva assimilate, people who have lost their A.T.Fieldsthe barrier of the heartreturn to the primordial sea of life, crosses of light fill the Earth’s surface. The Instrumentality of Man has now begun….

The Door to the World’s Beginning and End

The Chamber of Gaf openingthis was synonymous with the opening of the door to the world’s beginning and end. The world is overflowing with sadness. People are surrounded by emptinessAnd loneliness fills their hearts. And when humanshistory reaches its conclusion, Gendou Ikari will be reunited with his wife. Yui Ikarithe woman who loved a man unworthy of love. Did the Instrumentality Project exist to bring her back? Instrumentality (Complementation) for Gendou could only mean the resurrection of Yui. Having achieved this eagerly awaited reunion, Gendou confesses that he wasafraid” — afraid that contact with his son would only hurt his son. The hedgehog’s dilemma whereby the nearer we draw to one another, the more we hurt each other. This may be the nature of people who estrange themselves from each other using barriers of the heart. Gendou was also this type of weak person. Like his son, Shinji, he was nothing more than a cowardly, weak man. With his last wordsForgive me… Shinji,” Gendou is crushed by the jaws of Eva-01. Was this the retribution toward a man who kept running from the world, or was it also his salvation…?

People’s future

lies in the hands of Ikari’s son.

Do you really think you understand me!? It makes me uneasy! That’s the easiest way not to get hurt. Let me hear your voice! You’re all you have! Care about me! You don’t understand anything, you IDIOT! I’m afraid this way. Don’t come near me anymoreBut ambiguity only makes me insecure. By. Help me! I think you can save me. Maybe I won’t be needed again someday. How patheticIt unsettles me. That is so ARROGANT! I tried to understandI get so pissed off whenever I look at you! Then be nice to me. If you want to do it with me, get down on your knees and beg! You’re all just hiding behind a smile! You’re only using me as an escapeDon’t leave me alone! You’ve never really liked anyone! Don’t kill me! …….. By…

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