** Please note that this is really only the script for Death. The script for Rebirth is very difficult to find and I will be obtaining it the old-fashioned way. It will take some time but please see the script for the End of Evangelion. The first half is basically Rebirth with a few added tidbits. For you die hards out there, I’ll have this completedeventually. **

Shinseiki Evangelion GekijouhanNeon Genesis Evangelion Theatrical Release

لقب: This is the original form of “Evangelion: الموت”
لقب: Neon Genesis Evangelion Theatrical Release
لقب: YEAR 2000 ANTARCTICAScene: UN Base 02 Security Camera.Scientist A: This is Dr. Katsuragi’s Super Solenoid Theory.
Scientist B: That theory is so complicated. And it’s still in the experimental stages.
Scientist C: But nothing can explain the power of that titan besides the S2 theory.
Scientist A: Besides, its basic theory has already been proven to be true.
Scientist B: It looks like it does exist in reality.
Scientist C: We probably won’t find anything else.
Woman X: Mr. Ikari and the others will arrive on the 11th of this month.
Man Y: I wish they’d move the smoking corner a little closer.
Man Z: I heard that smoking will be banned in the entire building during their visit.
Woman X: It’ll be better that way.

Keel: Scientists, always believe too much in their own ideas.
إيكاري: Is it self-righteousness?
Keel: It’s that they’re so deeply engrossed in their own dogma.
Keel: They’re unable to properly grasp reality.
إيكاري: And yet they’re the ones who are searching for the truth.
إيكاري: How ironic.
Keel: They are not so noble.
Keel: Discovery is joy.
Keel: Understanding is control.
Keel: All they’re searching for is their own happiness.

Scene: Machinery Pipelines.Scientist C: Turn off the surface light!
Scientist B: It’s exceeding the growth limitations!
Announce: Emergency. Emergency.
Scientist D: As expected Adam’s genes are merging!
Announce: All personnel below Level 2 proceed to the Central Dogma shelter area.
Announce 2: AT Field has spread to maximum level.
Scientist E: The spear! Put the spear back!
Scientist F: It’s no good! The magnetic field isn’t holding!
Scientist D: It’s sinking!

Scene: Base External Camera.Scientist C: Minimise the damage as much as possible!
Scientist B: Analyse the sub-atomic structure!
Scientist B: Hurry!
Announce 2: When the Door of Guf opens, begin heat dissipation.
Scientist E: 0.1 second is enough!
Scientist B: Amazing! It’s started walking!
Scientist E: The Anti-AT Field is causing interference. The energy is escaping.
Scientist F: Surface team confirms walking!
Announce 2: The transformation system has been set.
Announce 3: Countdown has started.
Scientist E: The wings are spreading! Get to the surface!

Scene: Explosion, Orbital view.
Scene: Escape Capsule.Misato: الأب…

لقب: 15 YEARS LATER~
لقب: SHE WAS EMBRACED BY A MAN.Scene: Bedroom.Misato: Right now, Ritsuko must think me a shameful woman.
كاجي: Indulging your sexual desires is more human.
كاجي: A little can be deceiving.
ميساتو: You mean to our intelligence agency?
ميساتو: Or Commander Ikari and Ritsuko?
ميساتو: Or me?
كاجي: في, I mean myself
ميساتو: Don’t you mean other people?
ميساتو: You don’t take an interest in people
ميساتو: That way you are lonely.
ميساتو: Just like my father.

Scene: Aircraft Carrier, Pacific Ocean.Title: 9 MONTHS EARLIER~
لقب: HE WAS WATCHING THE STARSAsuka: At this time tomorrow we’ll be in Japan.
اسوكا: Misato is coming to pick us up at noon.
اسوكا: I have to part with Kaji for now.
اسوكا: How boring.
كاجي: When you arrive in Japan, you’ll be able to have lots of new boyfriends.
كاجي: I hear the Third Child is a boy.
اسوكا: I have no interest in stupid boys.
اسوكا: The only man I love is you.

Scene: Orange.Title: 7 YEARS EARLIER~
لقب: SHE WAS RUNNING TO THE ROOMAsuka: Mama! Mama!
اسوكا: I was chosen!
اسوكا: The elite pilot to protect the human race!
اسوكا: The best in the world!
اسوكا: I’m not supposed to tell anybody, but I’ll tell only Mama!
اسوكا: Lots of people are nice to me! I don’t feel lonely anymore!
اسوكا: I don’t feel lonely anymore!
اسوكا: So it’s okay even without Papa!
اسوكا: I’m not lonely at all!
اسوكا: So look at me! Please look at me!
اسوكا: Mama!

Scene: وحدة 02 Entry Plug.Ritsuko: Can you hear me, اسوكا?
Ritsuko: Your synchro ratio has gone down by 8%.
Ritsuko: Remember, try not to think unnecessary thoughts.
اسوكا: That’s what I’m doing!

Scene: Monitoring Room.Maya: Recently, Asuka’s synchro ratio has been going down.
Ritsuko: It’s a problem we can’t afford in these desperate times.
Ritsuko: We’d better give priority to Rei’s Unit 00.

Scene: Geofront.Akagi: Good morning, Director.
Akagi: You brought your child along?
Akagi: I thought you had a son.
إيكاري: This isn’t Shinji.
إيكاري: I’ve taken the child of an acquaintance into my care.
إيكاري: She is called Rei Ayanami.
Ritsuko: Hello Rei.

لقب: SHE AND HE MET AGAINScene: Street Phone Booth, Tokyo-3Shinji: It’s no good.
شينجي: I can’t wait here.
شينجي: It’s no use. I’ll go to a shelter.

Scene: وحدة 01 Cage.Shinji: I must not run away!
شينجي: I must not run away!
شينجي: I mustn’t run away! I mustn’t run away!

لقب: HE WAS FORCED TO MAKE A DECISIONScene: Terminal Dogma.Kaworu: Thank you Shinji.
شينجي: Kaworu… لماذا?
Kaworu: It is my destiny to continue living.
Kaworu: As a result, humanity will perish.
Kaworu: But I can also die.
Kaworu: Live or die. It makes no difference.
Kaworu: Death is my only way to absolute freedom.
شينجي: What… Kaworu…
شينجي: I have no idea what you are talking about!
شينجي: Kaworu…
Kaworu: It is my final request
Kaworu: تأتي, give me freedom.
Kaworu: If you don’t, then all of you will be no more.
Kaworu: There can be only one that will escape Armageddon and inherit the future.

Scene: Auditorium.Title: 18 MONTHS EARLIER~
لقب: TUNINGScene: Credits.
Scene: وحدة 01 Cage.Misato: Prepare for launch!
Hyuga: وحدة إيفا 01 prepare for launch.
Tech 1: Main power connected.
Tech 2: First lock bolt released.
Tech 3: Retracting umbilical bridge.
Tech 4: First restraint removed.
Tech 2: Second restraint removed.
Maya: Roger. وحدة إيفا 01 moving to exit.

لقب: TEST TYPE UNIT 01Hyuga: Launch preparation complete.
ميساتو: Launch!

لقب: FIRST SORTIEScene: Tokyo-3 Highrise.Misato: Final safety equipment released.
ميساتو: Evangelion Unit 01 lift off!

لقب: STATE OF EMERGENCYRitsuko: Eva defence system?
Maya: Signal inactive!
Hyuga: Field not generated.
ميساتو: Nothing?

لقب: BLOODSHEDMisato: Status?
Aoba: Tear damage to the head, extent unknown.
Announce: Problems in maintaining activation.
Hyuga: No response from the pilot.
Maya: It’s no use. Complete control failure.

لقب: SILENCEMisato: What was that?
Ritsuko: It can’t be

لقب: REACTIVATIONRitsuko: هائج.
Fuyutsuki: We’ve won.

لقب: COUNTERATTACKMisato: AT Field?
Maya: Unit 01’s AT Field is spreading. The two are cancelling each other!
Ritsuko: في, it’s eroding it.

لقب: BREAK
لقب: KILL
لقب: KILL
لقب: PANIC
لقب: EXPLOSIONRitsuko: This is Eva’s true form

لقب: UNIT 01Scene: Misato’s Apartment.Misato: I think your things have already arrived.
ميساتو: Actually, I only moved to this part of the city the other day.
ميساتو: Come on in.
شينجي: Well
شينجي: …hope I’m not intruding.
ميساتو: شينجي, this is your home now.
شينجي: I’m home.
ميساتو: Welcome home.

Scene: Isolation Room.Fuyutsuki: This girl?
Man: She is the sole survivor of that expedition team.
Man: She hasn’t spoken a word in nearly two years.
Fuyutsuki: How terrible.
Man: Well, she has seen hell.
Man: Even though her physical wounds have healedthe psychological damage won’t heal so easily.
Man: Her name is Katsuragi

Scene: Cafeteria.Ritsuko: ميساتو?
ميساتو: Yes, Misato Katsuragi.
ميساتو: Nice to meet you!

Ritsuko: والدة, a few days ago I met a girl named Katsuragi.
Ritsuko: I heard she is the sole survivor of that expedition team.
Ritsuko: She had lost her speech for quite a while. But now it seems she wants to make up for it and never stops talking.

Scene: Misato’s Kitchen.Young Misato: Am I a good child?
Young Misato: I have to be a good child.
Young Misato: Papa is not here, so I must be a good child and help Mama.
Young Misato: But I don’t want to follow Mama’s example.
Young Misato: When Papa wasn’t here, Mama cried all the time.
Young Misato: I mustn’t cry. I mustn’t act spoiled.
Young Misato: هكذا, I have to be a good child.
ميساتو: But I hate Father.
ميساتو: And so I hated being a good child.
ميساتو: I’m tired of hating

Scene: Aircraft Carrier.Asuka: This ‘Misatois your old girlfriend?
اسوكا: I don’t like that very much.
اسوكا: The way she lives her life seems deliberate.

Scene: Bathroom.Shinji: Misato Katsuragi…
شينجي: …she’s not a bad person.

Scene: وحدة 01 Combat Simulation.Shinji: A lot of things have happenedsince I came here.
شينجي: Before coming here I was staying at my teacher’s place.
شينجي: Those days were quiet and nothing much happened.
شينجي: I was just there.
شينجي: But that’s okay. Because I didn’t have anything to do.
شينجي: I don’t have anything to live for.
Kaworu: Do you hate people?
شينجي: I don’t really care about that.
شينجي: It’s just that I hate my father.

Scene: Monitoring Room.Maya: But, piloting seems to make Shinji uneasy.
Ritsuko: He does what he’s told.
Ritsuko: This is how he deals with life, don’t you think?

Scene: وحدة 01 Entry Plug.Shinji: Centre the target, fire.
شينجي: Centre the target, fire.

Scene: Tokyo-3 Highrise.
Scene: Hillside.Shinji: I mustn’t run away
شينجي: I mustn’t run awayI mustn’t run away
ميساتو: اليوم, from the clear blue sky came the 4th Angel attack.
ميساتو: وحدة 01 intercepted and defeated it.

Scene: Outside Shinji’s Room.Misato: شينجي, wake up.
ميساتو: How long are you going to skip school?
ميساتو: وحدة 01 has been completely repaired.
ميساتو: As it’s pilot, what are you going to do?
ميساتو: شينجي?

Scene: Train, Countryside, Mountains.Misato: It’s been raining continuously for four days.
ميساتو: The analysis of the sample hasn’t progressed due to bad weather.
ميساتو: Nothing special happened today.
ميساتو: اليوم, the sun finally came out.
ميساتو: But overall, it’s still a partially cloudy day.
ميساتو: The same today, nothing worth mentioning.

Scene: Mountaintop, Night.Kensuke: Night time is great,the noisy cicadas aren’t chirping.
كنسوكي: When I was little, it was still pretty quiet,
كنسوكي: but every year their numbers increase.
شينجي: The ecosystem is recovering.
شينجي: Misato said that.
كنسوكي: ميساتو…
كنسوكي: I really envy you.
كنسوكي: You get to live with that beautiful lady and pilot the Evangelion.

Scene: Nerv Detention Area.Misato: Eva is on standby.
ميساتو: Will you pilot it?
ميساتو: Or won’t you?
شينجي: Aren’t you going to scold me?
شينجي: For running away?
شينجي: Of course not.
شينجي: You’re not related to me after all.
شينجي: If I say I won’t pilot it, what will happen to Unit 01?
ميساتو: Rei will probably pilot it.
ميساتو: You won’t pilot it?
شينجي: It seems unreasonable for you to force everything on her.
شينجي: It’s okay, I’ll do it.
ميساتو: But you don’t want to, right?
شينجي: That’s obvious.
شينجي: It’s not something that comes naturally to me.
شينجي: But Ayanami, you and Ritsuko
ميساتو: Stop that!
ميساتو: This has nothing to do with anyone else.
ميساتو: If you don’t want to do it, just leave!
ميساتو: Forget about Eva and all of us!
ميساتو: Go back to your old life!

Scene: Auditorium.Misato: With that kind of attitude, you’ll cause nothing but trouble.
Touji: If you’re not here, we’ll have to leave the city sooner or later.
Touji: But I don’t blame you. I’ve seen you suffer inside Eva.
Touji: If anyone thinks different, I’ll beat the crap out of them.

Scene: Tokyo-3 Terminal.Shinji: I’m the one who deserves to get beat up!
شينجي: I’m mean
شينجي: …cowardly
شينجي: …dishonest
شينجي: …and a weakling.
ميساتو: شينجي, you mustn’t run away.
ميساتو: Not from your fatherNot from yourself..

Scene: Geofront.Misato: Is this okay, شينجي?
شينجي: It’s okay.
شينجي: I prefer to be alone.
شينجي: It’s the same wherever I go.

Scene: Overlooking Tokyo-3.Shinji: نجاح باهر, the buildings are rising!
Touji: If you’re not here, we’ll have to leave the city sooner or later.
Touji: But I don’t blame you.
Touji: I’ve seen you suffer inside Eva.
ميساتو: This is the city you protected.
ميساتو: There is one thing I forgot to tell you.

Scene: Shinji’s Room.Misato: You did something extraordinary. It’s worth praising.
ميساتو: You should hold your head high.
ميساتو: Goodnight, شينجي.
ميساتو: Do your best.

Scene: Tokyo-3 Terminal.Misato: Suddenly the Third Child was not feeling well.
ميساتو: Physical fatigue was probably the main reason.
ميساتو: So we requested four days leave.
ميساتو: Everything is back to normal now.
ميساتو: Problem solved.
شينجي: I’m home.
ميساتو: Welcome home.

Scene: Auditorium.Asuka: Good morning, إيكاري.
شينجي: Good morning.

لقب: HIGH SCHOOL 3 AUDITORIUM, INSIDEAsuka: What are we playing today?

لقب: STRING QUARTET PRACTICE 10œ MINUTES PRIOR~Shinji: Pachelbel’sCanon.
اسوكا: Cello is good, isn’t it?
اسوكا: You only need to play arpeggio.

لقب: TUNINGScene: Misato’s Apartment.Asuka: Mama
اسوكا: Mama
شينجي: You’re just a child yourself.

Scene: Aircraft Carrier.Asuka: Hello, ميساتو.
اسوكا: How are you doing?
ميساتو: I’m alright.
ميساتو: You have grown taller haven’t you!
اسوكا: Yep, and my figure has filled out, too.
ميساتو: Let me introduce you.
ميساتو: This is Unit 02’s specialist pilot, the Second Child
ميساتو: Asuka Langley Souryuu.

Scene: Asuka Flashes. كنسوكي: Arrogant
Touji: Egotistical
كنسوكي: Conceited
Touji: Twisted
كنسوكي: Self absorbed
Touji: Warped Vision
كنسوكي: Cold Hearted
Touji: Split Personality
كنسوكي: Bittersweet
Touji: Unsympathetic
كنسوكي: Self-centred
Touji: Super-absurd
كنسوكي: Disgusting

Scene: Derelict Bathroom.Kaworu: Are you afraid of human contact?
Kaworu: If you don’t know anybody, you won’t be betrayed or hurt.
Kaworu: But you can’t forget about loneliness.
Kaworu: Humans can never be rid of loneliness.
Kaworu: Humans are alone.
Kaworu: People can only go on living by forgetting.
Kaworu: Most humans always feel pain in their heart.
Kaworu: Because of this pain, they feel the hardship of living.

Scene: Aircraft Carrier.Kaji: What do you think of Shinji Ikari?
اسوكا: He’s a boring sod.
اسوكا: I can’t believe he was chosen as the Third Child.
اسوكا: I’m disappointed.
كاجي: But during live combat his synchro ratio easily exceeded 40 percent.

Scene: Derelict Bathroom.Asuka: Synchro ratio zero.

Scene: Aircraft Carrier.Asuka: Third Child.

Scene: Derelict Bathroom.Asuka: I can no longer call myself the Second Child.

Scene: Aircraft Carrier.Asuka: Come with me.

Scene: وحدة 02 Transport Storage.Shinji: It’s red. Unit 02
شينجي: I didn’t know that.
اسوكا: وحدة 00 and Unit 01 are only development models.
اسوكا: The fact that you synchronised without training is proof of that.
اسوكا: But Unit 02 is different.
اسوكا: It is the true combat model.
اسوكا: This is the world’s first true Evangelion.
اسوكا: The production model.
شينجي: What’s happening?
اسوكا: Underwater shock waves!
اسوكا: That explosion was very close.

Scene: وحدة 02 Flashes.Title: ENEMY ATTACK
لقب: PAIN
لقب: PRODUCTION MODEL UNIT 02Scene: Upper Ground, School.Asuka: شينجي…
اسوكا: Guten morgen.
شينجي: Guten Morgen.
اسوكا: There you go again, that depressed face so early in the morning.
اسوكا: I’m saying good morning to you, put on a happy face!
اسوكا: Say, the other one is here, right?
شينجي: Who?
اسوكا: Are you stupid?
اسوكا: The First Child, of course.
شينجي: If you mean Ayanami

Scene: Lower Ground, School.Asuka: Hello!
اسوكا: You must be Rei Ayanami, the pilot of the Prototype.
اسوكا: I am Asuka, Asuka Langley Souryuu.
اسوكا: Eva Unit 02’s pilot.
اسوكا: Let’s be friends.
الملك: لماذا?
اسوكا: It’ll be more convenient, for various reasons.
الملك: If I’m ordered to, I will.
اسوكا: Weird girl.

Scene: Misato’s Apartment.Hikari: How’s the synchronisation training going?
ميساتو: Well, as you can see
اسوكا: I knew it!
اسوكا: This won’t work if I lower myself to Shinji’s level.
اسوكا: The very idea is flawed.
ميساتو: الملك…
الملك: Yes.
ميساتو: Have a go.

Scene: Derelict Bathroom.Asuka: There’s no reason for me to live anymore.

Scene: Spinning Doll.Asuka: Nobody will look at me anymore.
الملك: I am not a puppet.

Scene: Monitoring Room.Maya: Synchro graph is at -12.8.
Maya: Barely above the activation level.
Ritsuko: It’s sad isn’t it.
Ritsuko: It’s lower than yesterday.
ميساتو: Asuka is not feeling well today.
ميساتو: It’s her second day.
Ritsuko: Synchro ratio is not affected by minor physical conditions.
Ritsuko: The problem is deep within her consciousness.

Scene: Lift.Ritsuko: I think Asuka’s pride has been wounded.
ميساتو: It’s no wonder. She was defeated.
ميساتو: But, even more so, she thinks she was beaten by Shinji.
الملك: If you don’t open your mind Eva won’t move.
اسوكا: I’m closing my mind am I?
الملك: Yes.
الملك: There is a mind inside the Eva.
اسوكا: Inside that puppet?
الملك: You should know that.
اسوكا: You’re giving me advice?
اسوكا: نعم, and tomorrow it’ll snow.
اسوكا: What?! Does it make you happy that I can’t pilot Eva?
اسوكا: It doesn’t matter if an Angel attacks,the invincible Shinji will take care of it anyway.
اسوكا: We don’t have to do anything!
اسوكا: First Shinji, and now the mechanical puppet also feels sorry for me.
اسوكا: How far I’ve fallen.
الملك: I’m not a puppet.
اسوكا: Shut up! You only do what other people tell you.
اسوكا: If Commander Ikari saidKill yourselfI bet you would!
الملك: Of course.

Scene: Auditorium.Shinji: Good morning.

لقب: STRING QUARTET PRACTICE 5 MINUTES 43 SECONDS PRIOR~ Title: TUNINGScene: School Quadrangle.Touji: Hey, Boss
Touji: What are you looking at so intensely?
شينجي: Nothing really.
كنسوكي: Ayanami?
كنسوكي: Could it be?
شينجي: في! You’re wrong.
كنسوكي: Again?
كنسوكي: Looks suspicious to me
Touji: Ayanami’s breasts
Touji: Ayanami’s thighs
T&K: Ayanami’s calves!
شينجي: But, it’s not like that!
كنسوكي: Well then, what are you looking at?
Touji: My eyes don’t miss anything.

Scene: Evangelion Holding Cages.Shinji: I’m just wondering why she’s always alone
Touji: Come to think of it, she hasn’t made any friends since she transferred here last year.
كنسوكي: You’re both Eva pilots right?
كنسوكي: شينجي, you should know her better than anybody.
Touji: نعم! That’s right!
شينجي: I barely speak to her.

Ritsuko: She’s a very good child.
Ritsuko: But she’s very clumsy, much like your father.
شينجي: Clumsy? At what?
Ritsuko: Living.

Scene: Rei’s Apartment.Shinji: Excuse me
شينجي: It’s Ikari.
شينجي: Ayanami, I’m coming in.
شينجي: Are these Ayanami’s?
شينجي: Oh no.
شينجي: I didn’t mean
شينجي: But
الملك: Please get off.
الملك: What is it?
شينجي: NothingI was
شينجي: I was asked to
شينجي: What was itthe card, your card
شينجي: It’s been renewed
شينجي: I’m dropping it off
شينجي: ButBut I didn’t mean anything else.

Scene: Nerv Headquarters Escalator.Shinji: Ayanami, aren’t you afraid to pilot Unit 00 مرة أخرى?
الملك: لماذا?
شينجي: I heard you were seriously injured in the last experiment.
شينجي: I was wondering if you are okay now.
الملك: You’re Commander Ikari’s son aren’t you?
الملك: Don’t you believe in your father’s work?
شينجي: Of course not! Not my father

Scene: Hospital Room.Shinji: Ayanami…
الملك: At 00:00 hours you will be briefed on the schedule for Operation Yashima.
الملك: Both pilots, Ikari and Ayanami,
الملك: 17:30, meet at the Cage.
الملك: 18:00, وحدة 01 and Unit 00 will activate.
الملك: 18:05, launch.
الملك: 18:30, arrival at the Futagoyama temporary base.
الملك: There we will wait for an opportunity.
الملك: Tomorrow morning the operation will begin.
الملك: Your meal.
شينجي: I don’t want to eat anything.
الملك: We leave in an hour.
شينجي: Again?
شينجي: Do I have to pilot it again?
الملك: Yes, you do.
شينجي: I….
شينجي: في.
شينجي: I don’t want to have those thoughts anymore.
الملك: You should sleep then.
شينجي: Sleep?
الملك: I’ll pilot Unit 01.
الملك: Dr Akagi is prepared to rewrite Unit 01’s personal data.
شينجي: Ritsuko…

Scene: Test Area Monitoring Room.Ritsuko: It’s dangerous! Stand back!

لقب: AGONY
لقب: AGONY
لقب: PROTOTYPE UNIT 00Scene: Futagoyama Base Battle.Rei: Farewell.
شينجي: Ayanami, why do you pilot Eva?
الملك: It is a bond.
شينجي: Bond?
الملك: Yes. A bond.
شينجي: With my father?
الملك: With everyone.
شينجي: You’re strong Ayanami.
الملك: For me there is nothing else on this Earth.
الملك: Farewell.

Scene: وحدة 00 Entry Plug.Shinji: Ayanami!
شينجي: Are you alright?
شينجي: Ayanami!
شينجي: That you’re alone
شينجي: That there’s nothing else for you
شينجي: Don’t say those sorts of things.
شينجي: When parting don’t sayFarewell”. It’s too sad.
الملك: Why are you crying?
الملك: I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to act at times like this.
شينجي: I think a smile would be good.

Scene: Geofront Forest.Shinji: Ayanami…
الملك: It doesn’t matter. I’m going.
الملك: If I die I can be replaced.
Ritsuko: She’s going to blow herself up?!
إيكاري: الملك!
الملك: AT Field maximum spread.
الملك: Dream?
اسوكا: Yes. Don’t you dream?

Scene: Terminal Dogma.Ikari: Everything must be settled before SEELE moves.
إيكاري: It is not in our best interest to lose Unit 02 at this time.
Fuyutsuki: But using the Spear of Longinus without SEELE’s permission will cause trouble.

Scene: Streets of Tokyo-3.Rei: Rest today.
الملك: We’ll take care of everything.
شينجي: شكرا…
شينجي: But, I’m okay.
الملك: Really? That’s good isn’t it.

Scene: Tokyo-3 Periphery.Misato: الملك! Fight back!
Ritsuko: REI Ayanami. 14 years old.
Ritsuko: The first candidate selected in the Marduk Report.
Ritsuko: The First Child.
Ritsuko: Assigned to Evangelion Unit 00.
Ritsuko: Her past is a blank.
Ritsuko: Everything has been completely erased.
Maya: The target is invading further.
ميساتو: Launch. OK?
ميساتو: وحدة إيفا 02! Lift off!
ميساتو: Attack!
ميساتو: اسوكا, what’s wrong?
ميساتو: وحدة 02?
Maya: It’s no good. The synchro ratio is less than two.
ميساتو: اسوكا!
اسوكا: It won’t move.
الملك: I’ll go in Unit 02.
ReiA: ألم?
ReiB: في. That’s not it.
ReiA: Loneliness?
ReiB: Yes. It’s loneliness.
الملك: Am I crying?
ميساتو: الملك!
إيكاري: Cancel the suspension of Unit 01, and sortie immediately.
إيكاري: Launch it.
ميساتو: Yes sir.
اسوكا: What happened? When it was my turn I did nothing.
ميساتو: Spread your AT Field. Rescue Rei. Hurry.
شينجي: Right.
الملك: It smells like Ikari.
الملك: إيكاري!
الملك: Is this my mind?
الملك: Does it want to become one with Ikari?
الملك: في.
Maya: The AT Field is inverted!
الملك: في. If I’m not here the AT Field will collapse.
الملك: So I cannot.
ميساتو: الملك, does she want to die?

Scene: Lakeside.Title: 12 YEARS EARLIER~Fuyutsuki: Today is the same as every other day.
Fuyutsuki: This country seems lonely ever since autumn disappeared.
Fuyutsuki: SEELE’s Dead Sea Scrolls
Fuyutsuki: If the scenario described ensues, the Third Impact will certainly occur in 10 سنة.
يوي: The organisation’s purpose is to prevent this ultimate tragedy.
يوي: Both SEELE and Gehirn.
Fuyutsuki: I approve of your intentions, but not SEELE’s.
يوي: Professor Fuyutsuki.
يوي: To open the seal in this world would be catastrophic.
Fuyutsuki: All the data has been handed to Ikari.
Fuyutsuki: One person cannot do it alone.
Fuyutsuki: And I will not do that again.
Fuyutsuki: I’ve been sent a warning of sorts.
Fuyutsuki: Those bastards wouldn’t have much trouble making me disappear.
يوي: It’s human survival.
يوي: It is very easy to destroy people.
Fuyutsuki: That’s why I say you shouldn’t be the test subject.
يوي: Everything has it’s place in the course of things.
يوي: It is for this reason that I am in SEELE.
يوي: For Shinji’s sake.

Scene: Second Impact Cemetery.Ikari: It’s been 3 years since we last stood here together.
شينجي: Iran away that time.
شينجي: I never came back after that.
شينجي: My mother is resting here.
شينجي: I don’t believe that.
شينجي: I don’t even remember her face.
إيكاري: Humans live on by forgetting the past.
إيكاري: But, there are also things which must not be forgotten.
إيكاري: Yui taught me that.
إيكاري: I come here to reaffirm that.
شينجي: Don’t you have any photographs?
إيكاري: None remain.
إيكاري: Even this grave is just a decoration.
إيكاري: There is no corpse.
شينجي: It is as my teacher said.You threw everything away.
إيكاري: Everything is in my heart.
إيكاري: That is good enough for now.

Scene: Primary Command Centre.Title: 5 YEARS EARLIER~Ritsuko: It was the night before she died that my mother told me.
Ritsuko: The MAGI are composed of 3 aspects of herself.
Ritsuko: Herself as a Scientist.
Ritsuko: Herself as a Mother.
Ritsuko: And herself as a Woman.
Ritsuko: These three aspects compete with each other, this is the MAGI.
Ritsuko: She intentionally left them with human dilemmas.
Akagi: That cool exterior.
Akagi: You haven’t changed.
Akagi: You’re running away from your own happiness.
Ritsuko: The definition of happiness is not well understood.
Ritsuko: Well, I haven’t had a drink in a long time.
Akagi: See you later.
Ritsuko: See you.
Akagi: What are you doing here Rei?
الملك: I’m lost.
Akagi: Oh I see.
Akagi: Well, do you want to come with me?
الملك: It’s alright.
Akagi: But you can’t get back by yourself can you?
الملك: It’s none of your business.
الملك: Old woman.
Akagi: What?
الملك: I can get back by myself. Leave me alone.
Akagi: You shouldn’t call people, ‘Old woman’.
الملك: But aren’t you an old woman?
Akagi: You’re making me angry.
Akagi: Director Ikari will have to scold you.
الملك: That’s what the Director calls you.
الملك: The old woman is stubborn.
الملك: The old woman is useless.
الملك: The old woman is stubborn.
الملك: The old woman is useless.
الملك: The old woman is useless.
الملك: The old woman is useless.
الملك: The Director says that about you.
Akagi: You

Scene: Geofront Forest.Maya: Eva has reactivated!
ميساتو: Amazing
Maya: That’s impossible
Maya: I can’t believe it!
Maya: Unit 01’s synchro ratio has exceeded 400%!
Ritsuko: She is reawakening
ميساتو: She’s eatingthe Angel?
Ritsuko: She’s taking the S2 engine into herself?
Ritsuko: Eva Unit 01
Ritsuko: The bindings!
Hyuga: Bindings?
Ritsuko: Yes. That isn’t armour.
Ritsuko: Using those bindings we are able to control Eva’s true power.
Ritsuko: Eva is now removing that curse with her power.
Ritsuko: We can no longer stop Eva.
كاجي: وحدة 01 is awake and free.
كاجي: SEELE won’t keep quiet about this.
كاجي: Is this part of your scenario Commander Ikari?

Scene: Ikari’s Office.Fuyutsuki: It has begun.
إيكاري: Yes. Everything begins from here.

Scene: Hospital Room. الملك: I’m still alive.

Scene: Hospital Corridor. شينجي: Ayanami!
شينجي: It’s good
شينجي: I’m glad that you’re safe.
شينجي: My father didn’t come.
شينجي: شكرا…
شينجي: Thank you for saving me.
الملك: What?
شينجي: What?
شينجي: Ayanami, didn’t you sacrifice Unit 00 to save me?
الملك: هكذا…I saved you.
شينجي: Yes.
شينجي: Don’t you remember?
الملك: في, I didn’t know.
الملك: Maybe it is because I am the third.

Scene: Dummy System Production Lab.Shinji: REI Ayanami!
ميساتو: It can’t be
ميساتو: Eva’s dummy plug
Ritsuko: Yes.
Ritsuko: Parts for the dummy system’s core.
Ritsuko: This is the production lab.
ميساتو: This is
Ritsuko: The ones in here are dummies.
Ritsuko: They are used as parts for Rei.
Ritsuko: Humans found God and we were gladas we held Him in our hands.
Ritsuko: Then came divine retribution.
Ritsuko: That was 15 years ago.
Ritsuko: Then the God we struggled to find disappeared.
Ritsuko: And so we tried to recreate God.
Ritsuko: That was Adam.
Ritsuko: From Adam we made a human resembling God.
Ritsuko: That is Eva.
شينجي: PeopleAre they human?
Ritsuko: Yes, human.
Ritsuko: Originally a person’s soul was placed inside the soulless Eva.
Ritsuko: All of them have been salvaged.
Ritsuko: Rei is the vessel into which a soul was placed. There is only one.
Ritsuko: Only Rei was born with a soul.
Ritsuko: The Room of Guf is empty.
Ritsuko: These things that look like Rei have no soul.
Ritsuko: They are merely vessels.
Ritsuko: So I will destroy them.
Ritsuko: Because they are detestable.
ميساتو: You! Do you know what you are doing?
Ritsuko: Yes. I know what I’m doing.
Ritsuko: I’m destroying the things which have human form but are not human.

Scene: Auditorium.Asuka: You’re late!
Kaworu: Sorry. Sorry.

لقب: VIOLIN ~FIRST STRINGKaworu: Shall we begin?
شينجي: Yes.

لقب: STRING QUARTET PIECEScene: Yard, School.

Touji: Sorry transfer student.
Touji: I have to beat you up.
Touji: Otherwise I can’t get over it.
شينجي: It’s not as though I wanted to pilot it.
Touji: Okay, let’s go.

Scene: وحدة 03 Activation Test SiteTitle: INSERTION
لقب: PRODUCTION MODEL UNIT 03Scene: وحدة 01 Entry Plug.Ikari: At this time redesignate Unit 03 as the 13th Angel.
الملك: He’s piloting it
شينجي: Angel
شينجي: This is the Angel?
إيكاري: Yes. This is the target.
إيكاري: شينجي, why won’t you fight?
شينجي: But
شينجي: Father there’s a person piloting it!
إيكاري: That doesn’t matter! It’s an Angel! It’s our enemy!
شينجي: ButBut I can’t do it! I have to help! I can’t kill people!
إيكاري: You will die.
شينجي: That’s okay! I’d rather that than killing!

Scene: Primary Command Centre.Ikari: Forget him!
إيكاري: Cut the connection between Unit 01 and the pilot.
Maya: Cut it?
إيكاري: Yes! Switch the circuit to the dummy plug.
Maya: Butthere are still a lot of problems with the dummy system. Dr Akagi left no instructions.
إيكاري: Right now it is still better than the pilot.
إيكاري: Do it!
شينجي: What have you done Father?!
Announce1: System normal.
Announce2: Power increasing.
كنسوكي: Touji’s feeling pretty sorry. It seems like his little sister scolded him.
كنسوكي: “It was that robot which rescued us all.”, she said.
شينجي: توقف!
شينجي: الأب! توقف! Stop this!
شينجي: Damn it!
شينجي: توقف.
شينجي: في!

Scene: Hikari’s Kitchen.Hikari: Perhaps this one
Hikari: Will he eat it tomorrow?

Scene: Unit 03’s Salvage Operation.Misato: شينجي…
ميساتو: I’m sorry I wasn’t able to tell you
ميساتو: Unit 03’s pilotThe Fourth Child is
شينجي: Touji?
ميساتو: شينجي?
ميساتو: شينجي?

Scene: Nerv History Flashes.Shinji: What kind of person is my father?
كاجي: That’s a bit sudden.
كاجي: I thought you’d have asked Katsuragi about that.
شينجي: Mr Kaji, you always seem to be with him.
كاجي: The Vice Commander is always with him.
كاجي: Do you ask many people about your father like this?
شينجي: It’s because he’s never spent any time with me.
كاجي: You know nothing about him?
شينجي: But recently, I’ve come to understand many things about my father.
شينجي: About his work
شينجي: About my Mother
شينجي: That’s why
كاجي: في, that’s wrong.
كاجي: You only think you understand.
كاجي: People cannot perfectly understand each other.
كاجي: The self is an ambiguous thing.
كاجي: 100% understanding is impossible.
كاجي: هكذا, people endeavour to get to know themselves and others.
كاجي: That’s what makes life interesting.
شينجي: What about Misato?
كاجي: As for her, she’s too remote for me to put into words.
كاجي: Women exist on a shore opposite our own.
كاجي: We keep to ours.

Scene: Bar.Ritsuko: What did you go to Kyoto for?
كاجي: What? That souvenir’s from Matsushiro.
Ritsuko: Still playing the fool.
Ritsuko: If you delve too deep you’ll get burned.
Ritsuko: I’m giving you this advice as a friend.
كاجي: I hear you loud and clear.
كاجي: If I’m going to be burned then I’d rather it be by your flames.
ميساتو: Shall we go buy some fireworks then?
كاجي: Welcome back.
ميساتو: You haven’t changed have you? You’re still immature.
ميساتو: كاجي, I’ve changed haven’t I?
كاجي: You’ve become beautiful.
ميساتو: I’m tired.
ميساتو: Keeping myself beautiful, continuing such a beautiful freedom.
ميساتو: I’m tired.
ميساتو: I want to be dirty. I wanted to see myself soiled.
كاجي: Men and women.

Scene: Kaji Flashes.Kaji: Katsuragi.
كاجي: It’s me.
كاجي: I’m guessing you’ll probably bevery annoyed as you listen to this.
كاجي: I’m sorry. Would you tell Ritsuko I’m sorry as well.
كاجي: If it’s not an inconvenience I have some melons which I’ve been growing.
كاجي: I’d be happy if you’d water them for me.
كاجي: Shinji knows the place.
كاجي: Katsuragi
كاجي: The truth is with you
كاجي: It’s up to you to solve the riddle.
كاجي: If we meet again
كاجي: I’ll say the words that I wasn’t able to say 8 years ago.
كاجي: See you.

Scene: Exhaust Fan.Misato: Idiot!
ميساتو: You’re a real idiot!
كاجي: Aren’t you late?

Scene: Blackness.Asuka: Stop saying such irresponsible things! شينجي, you idiot!
شينجي: What can I say that will make you understand?!
شينجي: Kaji is not here anymore!

Scene: Misato’s Apartment.Asuka: Lies.

Scene: Rei’s Lake.Kaworu: Songs are wonderful.
Kaworu: Singing enriches the mind.
Kaworu: The height of culture for Lilith’s Descendants.
Kaworu: Don’t you feel that way
Kaworu: شينجي إيكاري?
شينجي: You know my name
Kaworu: There is nothing I don’t know.
Kaworu: I think that you should be more aware of your own status.
شينجي: Really?
شينجي: And you are?
Kaworu: I’m Kaworu. Kaworu Nagisa.
Kaworu: Like you, I’m one of the chosen. The Fifth Child.
شينجي: The Fifth Child? You are…?
شينجي: Nagisa
Kaworu: ‘Kaworuis good enough, إيكاري.

شينجي: Me too
شينجي: ‘Shinjiis good enough.

Scene: Evangelion Holding Cage.Kaworu: تأتي, let us go. Child of Adam.
Kaworu: Servant of Lilith’s Descendants.

Scene: Secondary Command Centre.Hyuga: وحدة إيفا 02 is activating!
ميساتو: That’s crazy!
ميساتو: Where’s Asuka?
Aoba: Sick bay. Room 303.
Aoba: Confirmed.
ميساتو: Then who the hell is it…?
Maya: It’s unmanned! وحدة 02 has no entry plug inserted!
ميساتو: No one?
ميساتو: It’s not the Fifth boy?
Hyuga: An AT Field has been detected in Central Dogma.
ميساتو: وحدة 02?
Hyuga: في, Pattern Blue. No doubt.
Hyuga: It’s an Angel.
ميساتو: What?!

ميساتو: An Angel?
ميساتو: That boy?
Announce1: The target has passed Layer 4. Still descending.
Aoba: It’s no good. Power can’t be cut.
Announce2: Target has passed Layer 5!
Fuyutsuki: Quickly, close the barrier to Central Dogma.
Fuyutsuki: We need to buy a little time.

Scene: Pipelines.Announce3: Ground floor operational area, emergency shutdown.
Announce3: Emergency shutdown!

Scene: Secondary Command Centre. Fuyutsuki: Unbelievable. SEELE has sent this directly to us.
إيكاري: The old men are trying to advance the schedule. With our own hands.

Scene: SEELE Council.SEELE: Those that foolishly forget the past are doomed to repeat it.
SEELE: If people don’t atone for their sins, there will be no change.
SEELE: The power of Adam and the Angels should not be used in this way.
SEELE: The future cannot be changed by our own hands.
SEELE: Through Unit 01 our wish will be granted.

Scene: Secondary Command Centre.Aoba: وحدة 02 has broken through the armoured barrier.
Hyuga: Target is passing through Cocutus.
إيكاري: Send Unit 01 to intercept.
ميساتو: Yes sir.
إيكاري: Prevent the target from penetrating Terminal Dogma at all costs.
ميساتو: But what does the Angel want with Unit 02?
Fuyutsuki: Is there any chance the Angel intends to merge with Unit 02?
إيكاري: Either that or lead it to destruction.

Scene: وحدة 01 Entry Plug.Shinji: It’s a lie! It’s a lie! It’s a lie!
شينجي: Why would Kaworu be an Angel?
شينجي: That’s a lie!
ميساتو: It’s the truth. Stop him.
ميساتو: Launch.
ميساتو: OK?

Scene: Route 2.Kaworu: You’re late Shinji.

Scene: Secondary Command Centre.Announce1: وحدة 01 is descending by Route 2. Intercepting target!

Scene: وحدة 01 Entry Plug.Shinji: You betrayed me.
شينجي: You betrayed my feelings!
شينجي: You betrayed me just like my father!

Scene: Secondary Command Centre.Aoba: وحدة 01 has reached Layer 4.
Aoba: Intercepting the target.

Scene: Route 2.Shinji: He’s here!
Kaworu: I’ve been waiting, شينجي.
شينجي: Kaworu!
شينجي: اسوكا, Sorry.
Kaworu: Humanity must hate the Eva Series since it is born of Adam.
Kaworu: But they’re used to prolong the life of Lilith’s Descendants.
Kaworu: This I don’t understand.
شينجي: Kaworu!
شينجي: توقف! لماذا?!
Kaworu: Eva and I come from the same body.
Kaworu: This is because I am also born of Adam.
Kaworu: I can merge with it if it has no soul.
Kaworu: الآن, the soul of Unit 02 is sealed.
شينجي: AT Field?
Kaworu: Yes.
Kaworu: That is what you, the Descendants of Lilith, call it.
Kaworu: Nobody can attack the holy domain.
Kaworu: The light of the mind.
Kaworu: Lilith’s Descendants should know that.
Kaworu: Everyone has an AT Field, the wall to one’s mind.
شينجي: I don’t understand this! Kaworu!

Scene: Secondary Command Centre.Announce2: Both Evas have reached the bottom.
Announce4: The target is twenty layers from Terminal Dogma.

ميساتو: If at any time Unit 01’s signal should disappear
Hyuga: I know.
Hyuga: At that point use the self-destruct.
Hyuga: It’s better that than have the Third Impact.
ميساتو: I’m sorry.
Hyuga: It’s OK. As long as I’m with you.
ميساتو: Thanks.

Scene: Route 2.Kaworu: Is this human destiny?
Kaworu: Human hopes are paired with sorrow.

Scene: Secondary Command Centre.Misato: What was that?
Hyuga: An AT Field more powerful than anything we’ve seen before.
Aoba: Visual, electromagnetic, sub-atomicall readings have been cut off!
Aoba: We can’t monitor anything.
ميساتو: The Final Barrier?
Maya: Both targets, وحدة 01 and Unit 02 have been lost!
Maya: No connection can be made with the pilot.

Scene: Terminal Dogma.Shinji: Kaworu.
شينجي: Wait!

Scene: Secondary Command Centre.Aoba: The final safety device has been released!
Hyuga: Heaven’s Door is opening!
ميساتو: It has finally arrived. The Angel.
ميساتو: Hyuga.

Scene: Terminal Dogma.
Scene: Secondary Command Centre.Shinji: What?
ميساتو: Status?
Hyuga: It’s an AT Field.
Aoba: It’s the same AT Field at Terminal Dogma’s Final Barrier.
Maya: The Final Barrier has been breached!
ميساتو: Could it be another Angel?
Aoba: Negative. Confirmation impossible.
Aoba: No wait. It’s vanished.
ميساتو: Disappeared?
ميساتو: The Angel?

Scene: Terminal Dogma.Kaworu: Adam is the mother of our existence.
Kaworu: If we are born from Adam, must we not return to Adam?
Kaworu: Humanity will then be destroyed.
Kaworu: في.
Kaworu: This is
Kaworu: Lilith.
Kaworu: في الواقع.
Kaworu: Now I see. Lilith’s Descendant.
Kaworu: Thank you Shinji.
Kaworu: I wanted you to stop Unit 02.
Kaworu: If you hadn’t, I don’t know if she would be able to live on.
شينجي: Kaworu… لماذا?
Kaworu: It is my destiny to continue living.
Kaworu: As a result, humanity will perish.
Kaworu: But I can also die.
Kaworu: Live or die. It makes no difference.
Kaworu: Death is my only way to absolute freedom.
شينجي: What… Kaworu…
شينجي: I have no idea what you are talking about!
شينجي: Kaworu…
Kaworu: It is my final request
Kaworu: تأتي, give me freedom.
Kaworu: If you don’t, then all of you will be no more.
Kaworu: There can be only one that will escape Armageddon and inherit the future.
Kaworu: And you are not the one that should perish.
Kaworu: You need the future.
Kaworu: شكرا.
Kaworu: I am happy to have met you.

Scene: One Minute Grip.
Scene: Headfall.
Scene: Credits.
Scene: Auditorium.Title: THE DRAMA CONTINUES
Scene: Intermission.

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