الترجمة الحرفية السلسلة,

“العصر الجديد إيفانجيليون: Episode 8
Translated Speech Script.

Written by TAKEUCHI Shouichi
Revised by Craig Green
Additional Revisions by Kentaro ONIZUKA

مراجعة مستوى 1.3


Gendou: Yes, I’ve already made arrangements with the Committee about
that problem. The cargo left port at Sasebo yesterday and is
currently on the Pacific.

كنسوكي: A MIG 55D transport helicopter! I never thought I’d get a
chance to fly on one! It’s great to have friends, isn’t it,

شينجي: Eh?

ميساتو: I think it’s stuffy being in the same mountain day after day,
so I asked all of you on this date.

Touji: Eh! Then this is a real date with Misato-san?
Misato-san, I bought this cap just for today.

شينجي: هكذا, where are we headed?

ميساتو: We’ll be cruising the Pacific ocean on that gorgeous ship!

كنسوكي: نجاح باهر! 5 carriers and 4 battleships! A cool fleet! نعم, it’s
good to have friends

Touji: That ship’sgorgeous”?

كنسوكي: You bet it’s gorgeous!
That’s the regular carrierOver the Rainbow,” the pride of
the U.N. forces.

شينجي: The ship is huge!

ميساتو: I wonder why such a relic is still afloat?

كنسوكي: في, no, it’s just vintage, pre-Second Impact.

Captain: Hell! How presumptuous can she act, bringing a power socket for
the bratstoy?

كنسوكي: نجاح باهر! Great, great, great…! Too great! If you’re at all a man,
you’ve gotta weep at such a sight! Great…!

Touji: Hey, wait! Wait!

شينجي: fwaaa

ميساتو: AAAH

Touji: Damn it, stop! توقف!

اسوكا: Hello, ميساتو. How are you?

Touji: يا, no!

ميساتو: As well as ever. You’ve grown tall, haven’t you?

اسوكا: نعم! And not just tallermy figure has filled out, too.

Touji: gggg

ميساتو: Let me introduce youthis is the exclusive pilot of Evangelion
Unit Two, the Second Children, Soryu Asuka Langley.


title : (pan!)dai hachi wa (pan!) “اسوكا,Rainichi
lit.tr: (slap!) حادثة 8 (slap!) “اسوكا (slap!) comes to Japan
eng.ti: حادثة 8 “اسوكا الإضرابات!”

Touji: What did you hit me for?!

اسوكا: Payment for the view. You don’t think it’s cheap?

Touji: Huh? Then I’ll show you the same thing!

اسوكا: What are you doing!

اسوكا: هكذا, which is the much-discussed Third Children?
Don’t tell me it’s THAT boy?

ميساتو: في, this one.

اسوكا: هم… He seems rather dull

Captain: آه, I thought you were these kidsBoy Scout leader, but I
guess I was mistaken.

ميساتو: Thank you for understanding, Captain.

Captain: آه, no, no. Thank _you_ for bringing me even more children to
take care of after so long a time.

ميساتو: We appreciate your assistance with the marine transport of Eva
Two. Here are the specifications for the emergency power socket.

Captain: Ha! I’d never accept a request to run that doll on the sea in
the first place!

ميساتو: Just think of it as a fall back in case of emergency.

Captain: It’s against such emergencies that the Pacific fleet is
supposed to guard! When did the U.N. turn us into bloody cargo


First Officer: I believe it was just after a certain organization was

Captain: Guarding a toy! What a grand assignment for the entire Pacific

ميساتو: Considering Eva’s importance, it still seems lacking.
Well, please sign these forms.

Captain: Not yet. At the request of the 3rd Branch in Germany, both Eva
Two and its pilot are under the command of this fleet. I won’t
allow you to just do as you please!

ميساتو: Then when will you relinquish command?

First Officer: After unloading the cargo at Shin-Yokosuka.

Captain: We’re in charge of anything on the sea. Follow orders without

ميساتو: Yes, I understand. In an emergency, ومع ذلك, please don’t
forget that Nerv’s authority exceeds yours.

Touji: She’s cool!

شينجي: She’s acting like Ritsuko-san

Ryouji: You’re as gallant as always

اسوكا: Kaji-senpai!

Ryouji: Hi!

ميساتو: WOW! HA!

Captain: Kaji-kun! I can’t seem to rememver inviting you to the bridge!

Ryouji: Sorry about that.

ميساتو: Then if you’ll excuse us, we will leave. Please do your best
transporting everything to Shin-Yokosuka.

Touji: Wasn’t this a date?



Captain: Shit! Those kids are gonna save the Earth?

First Officer: Times change. I heard the Assembly has put their hopes
on that robot.

Captain: On that toy? Idiots! If they have the money to pay for that,
they should be paying us more!


ميساتو: What are you doing here?!

Ryouji: Accompanying her. I’m on a business trip from Germany.

ميساتو: I’m getting carelessI should have expected this situation

ميساتو & اسوكا: Hey, don’t push!

Ryouji & Touji: We can’t help it!


Announcement: Squadron 3, take off as scheduled. Squadron 7, on duty
to second deck

Ryouji: Are you seeing anyone?

ميساتو: And that has something to do with you?

Ryouji: يا, you wound me

شينجي: What?

Ryouji: Are you living with Katsuragi?

شينجي: Umm, yes.

Ryouji: Tell me, is she still so wild in bed?

ميساتو: Whwhwhat are you implying!

Ryouji: She hasn’t changed, Ikari Shinji-kun?

شينجي: Um, yes. آه, how do you know my name?

Ryouji: It’s no wonder I know you. You’re famous in my circle–ال
Third Children who used Eva in combat without training.

شينجي: I got lucky.

Ryouji: That luck is a part of your destinyit’s your talent.
Well, see you later.

شينجي: Okay.

ميساتو: This has to be a bad joke. في, a nightmare

Ryouji: What do you think of Ikari Shinji-kun?

اسوكا: A dull boy! That’s the great Third Children? I’m disappointed!

Ryouji: But without training, in actual combat his synchro-rate still
easily exceeds 40 percent.

اسوكا: That can’t be true!

Touji: That captain is the sort of person I hate!

ميساتو: He’s a proud man. He can’t help but be cynical towards us.

شينجي: He seems to be rather livelyKaji-san, I mean.

ميساتو: He’s always been like that, the iiidiot!

اسوكا: الأطفال الثالث!

شينجي: What?

اسوكا: Come with me.


شينجي: هم, Unit Two is red. I didn’t expect that.

اسوكا: That’s not the only difference.

اسوكا: After all, Units Zero and One are prototypes, test models in the
development process. The fact that it synchronized with you, an
untrained boy, is good proof of that. ومع ذلك, Unit Two is not
the same. This is a true Evangelion, the first on Earth built
for actual combat, the official model.

شينجي: آه, what’s happening?

اسوكا: Shock wave in the water…!

شينجي: آه!

اسوكا: Something exploded nearby.


اسوكا: gggg

شينجي: What’s that…?! Is thatan Angel?

اسوكا: Is that a real…?

شينجي: What do I do? I’ve got to get back to Misato-san.

اسوكا: A chance!


# Eyecatches / Commercials



Announcement: All ships, check distances between other ships, and avoid

First Officer: Status report!

Voice: (???), sinking. Titus Andronicus, still can’t confirm the

Captain: Damn it! What’s going on?!

ميساتو: Hi, Nerv Delivery! You ordered data on and countermeasures
against this invisible enemy, right?

Captain: In battle! Authorized personnel only!

ميساتو: From what I can tell, this must be an Angel attack.

Captain: All ships, fire at will.

ميساتو: That’s useless.


Ryouji: That kind of attack won’t penetrate its AT-Field.


ميساتو: Funny! Why’s the Angel here? Did it come for Unit Two?


شينجي: Hey, where are we going?

اسوكا: Hey! Wait here a second.

شينجي: What’s she doing…?

اسوكا: Don’t peep, you jerk!

شينجي: Sorry!

اسوكا: Why are boys such perverted idiots!

شينجي: آه!

اسوكا: اسوكا, let’s go.


Captain: Why won’t it sink?

Touji: I knew itonly Eva can beat it.

Captain: mmmm


شينجي: WOW!

اسوكا: Hey, let’s go!

شينجي: Eh?

اسوكا: You have to come with me, too!


شينجي: Hey, why are we changing into plug suits?

اسوكا: Are you stupid? I’m gonna beat it with my Unit Two.

شينجي: That’s going too far. What about Misato-san’s permission?

اسوكا: I’ll get permission after I win.


اسوكا: Here I gonow you’ll see how skillful my piloting is.

شينجي: MM?

اسوكا: Just don’t disturb me.


ميساتو: CuriousIt seems to be looking for something.


Ryouji: I never expected an Angel attack here. This isn’t like you said
it would be.

Gendou: Unit Two is there in case this happened, and I added a second pilot
as a reserve. If the worst happens, escape by yourself.

Ryouji: I know.

اسوكا: Erst Erfullung, Anfang der Bewegung, Anfang des
Nervenanschlusses, Also lose sie es von links kleidung,
Single start!

شينجي: An error? What happened?

اسوكا: Thought noise. I told you not to disturb me.

شينجي: What did I do?

اسوكا: You think in Japanese, right? Just think in German.

شينجي: All rightBabaumkuuhen

اسوكا: Idiot! Fine, stop trying. Switch the base thought language to

اسوكا: Evangelion Unit Two, start!

Voice: Message received from Othero: Evangelion Unit Two is starting.

ميساتو: Nice, اسوكا!

Captain: في, halt the start sequence. Reset it!

ميساتو: I don’t care! اسوكا, launch!

Captain: What?! Both Eva Two and its pilot are under our control.
I won’t relinquish command to you!

ميساتو: What are you talking about? This is an emergency!
The official arrangements don’t matter!

Captain: يا! في! Leave, leave!

ميساتو: في! Hey! آه!

First Officer: You aren’t serious? Unit Two is still carrying B-equipment.

ميساتو: Eh?

شينجي: If this falls into the sea, it’s over.

اسوكا: And if it doesn’t fall, we’re fine!

ميساتو: Shinji-kun, are you there?

شينجي: Yes.

Captain: Kids! Two kids

ميساتو: Can I examine

ميساتو: اسوكا, take off!

شينجي: Coming!

اسوكا: Go!

Crews: WOW!

اسوكا: Where?

شينجي: That direction!

شينجي: Only 58 seconds left.

اسوكا: I know!
ميساتو, prepare the emergency power socket on the deck.


ميساتو: I understand.

Captain: What are you doing?

اسوكا: Here we go! Jump!

شينجي: Jump?!


Deck Officers: Run!


Voice(male): Spare socket ready.

Voice(female): Direct reactor connection complete.

Announcement: Clear the flight deck.

Announcement: Prepare to receive Eva.


First Officer: All personnel, brace for impact.

Captain: Nonsense!

اسوكا: Eva Unit Two, landiiing!

شينجي: يا, no!


ميساتو: يا!


كنسوكي: What a waste!

Voice: Target is rapidly approaching this ship!


شينجي: It’s coming from portside, 9 o’clock.

اسوكا: Transfer to the external power source completed.


شينجي: But we have no firearms.

اسوكا: The Prog knife will do.


شينجي: The thing’s damn big!

اسوكا: I kinda figured that.


Captain: What will you do?

ميساتو: Close range combat is the best way to defeat Angels.


ميساتو: اسوكا, you did it!

Captain: This isn’t a JOKE! The flight deck sustained heavy damage.


اسوكا & شينجي: WOW!


Touji & ميساتو & Kensuke and others: WOW!


Captain: It’s fallen!


ميساتو: اسوكا–


ميساتو: –underwater battle is impossible with B-equipment.

اسوكا: You never know until


اسوكا: –you try


كنسوكي:What a waste

ميساتو: Cable length?

First Officer: 1,200 remaining.

Captain: What will you do?

ميساتو: We can deal with it.


اسوكا: mmmm

شينجي: We must deal with it.


ميساتو: Out of cable. Brace for shock.


اسوكا: Damn it!


Voice: Eva missed the target.

كنسوكي: Change disks

كنسوكي: آه…! A Forge 38 Advanced!


Ryouji: Hey, Katsuragi!

ميساتو: كاجي!

Ryouji: I’ve something to deliver, so I’ll be leaving now

ميساتو: يا, no!

Ryouji: Take off!

Ryouji: هكذا, do your best, Captain Katsuragi!

Touji: He escaped.

Voice: Target again approaching Eva!

شينجي: It’s coming again!

اسوكا: I’ll beat it this time!

اسوكا: What?! It’s not working!

شينجي: With B-equipment

اسوكا: What can we do?

شينجي: What can we do?!

اسوكا: How sloppy! You’re the Third Children, ليست لك?

شينجي: Here it comes!

اسوكا: A mmouth?

شينجي: ‘Cause it’s an _Angel_

اسوكا & شينجي: WOW!

Voice: Eva Unit Two has entered target’s body.

Touji: Does that mean Eva was eaten?!


Touji: It’s just like fishing

ميساتو: Fishing…? Yes, fishing!


شينجي: Well, we’re in another tight spot.

اسوكا: Shut upHey, get off me, jerk!

شينجي: But we have to free ourselves!

ميساتو: اسوكا, can you hear me?


ميساتو: Don’t release it!

اسوكا & شينجي: What?


ميساتو: Captain.


ميساتو: I beg your cooperation.


Captain: Point blank shooting by the remaining two battleships?

ميساتو: Yes. We evacuate two battleships and sink them along the axial
line of the Umbilical Cable to form a trap.
Meanwhile, Eva Unit Two will open the mouth of the target. ال
ships will then rush into the opening, fire with their bow
turrets, and then self-destruct. That way the target will be
totally defeated.

Captain: That’s absurd!

ميساتو: Absurd, maybe, but I’d say not impossible.

Captain: I understand.


Announcement: All personnel, abandon ship. كرر, all personnel abandon
ship. Each (?) to the lifeboats.


Captain: But what about Eva?

ميساتو: Don’t worry about those two.


اسوكا: Hey, don’t operate my Unit Two without permission!


ميساتو: Do you two understand the operation?


شينجي: I’ll do my best.

اسوكا: mmmm

ميساتو: I’m counting on you.

شينجي: WOW.


Voice: All ships have opened the Kingston valve and started sinking
toward Z-point.


ميساتو: Roger

ميساتو: Cable, reverse!


اسوكا & شينجي: WOW


Voice: Eva has started surfacing. 70 to contact.


اسوكا: Hey, you’re still touching myMove!

شينجي: But if we can’t open the mouth soon, we’ll be destroyed, too.


Voice: 60 to contact.

ميساتو: Status of Angel’s mouth?

Captain: Still closed.


Voice(female): Two battleships sinking toward target.

Voice(male): Eva surfacing. 50 to contact.

شينجي: في!

اسوكا: No time


Voice(female): Target passed the bottom of Tempest.

ميساتو: Hurry or you’ll be too late!


اسوكا: Don’t think strange things!

شينجي: What?

اسوكا: Never mind, just concentrate.

شينجي: I know.

Voice: 20 to contact.

اسوكا & شينجي: mmmm


Voice: 15 to contact.

شينجي & اسوكا: Open, open, open, open!

ميساتو: Fire!

Sign: Shin-Yokosuka (AKA Odawara, pre-S.I.)

Ritsuko: That was some show!

ميساتو: I had to improvise the underwater combat.

Ritsuko: It’s rare to hear you say that. Is this self-reflection?

ميساتو: Don’t say it. We collected precious data.

Ritsuko: Right.

Ritsuko: ميساتو…

ميساتو: هم…?

Ritsuko: It truly is precious.
Touji: PPairlook!

كنسوكي: I feel sick!

Ritsuko: They boosted their synchronization values, didn’t they?

ميساتو: In only 7 seconds. It might have been like a surge of strength in
a burning house

اسوكا: Hey, where’s Kaji-san?

ميساتو: He escaped earlier and must already have arrived at HQ.
That bastard!

Ryouji: Well, that was an eventful journey!
Was it caused by this, I wonder?

Ryouji: It has already been restored to this. Despite being held with the
durbakerite, I’m certain it’s still alive.

Ryouji: That is the point of the Instrumental Project of Mankind,
isn’t it?

Gendou: Yes. This is the first human being, ADAM.


Touji: Really, she was a disgusting girl, despite her lovely appearance.

كنسوكي: Well, we’ll never see her again.

Touji: But, Sensei, you can’t avoid meeting her because of your job.
I really pity you.

اسوكا: Greetings. I am Souryuu Asuka Langley.

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