Norwalk, CT, ліпеня 9, 2007: The New York Anime Festival (NYAF) today announced it will host the North American Premiere of the anime film CATBLUE Dynamite at its inaugural event this December in New York City. CATBLUE Dynamite, set in the 1970s, is the story of a girl named Blue who gets mixed up with the mob over a missing Frank Sinatra album. But while going up against an army of hitmen might make a normal woman shake, Blue’s anything but normal. Blue has all the agility and finesse (and ears and a tail) of a cat, and when her reflexes alone aren’t enough, she can also count on an undead sidekick. Sinatra, catgirls, and ghosts are just the start of the psychedelic motion picture that is CATBLUE Dynamite.

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