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WarCry ваша сувязь за герояў у небе закрытага бэта-ключ. Героі ў небе маючай адбыцца MMO сімулятар палёту ад гульняў Campus і гэта гарачая гульня з нецярплівасцю чакае гэтага лета. Націсніце ніжэй для спасылкі!

The portal to the Land of Chaos Online is about to open. Be one of the first to step through it with a limited closed beta key! WarCry has your back for a beta key. All you need is either a WarCry або Escapist site membership (they’re free!) and a key is yours for this exciting hybrid-action MMO. Read on!

WarCry has partnered with Wizard101 to find homes for a few lonely Gobblers. If you’ve room in your heart, you’re going to want to hop through the jump and find out how to get YOUR Gobbler!

Alganon 2.0 has been in the news a lot lately and is poised to be released on April 28th. Suzie Ford had the opportunity for a one-on-one tour of Alganon led by CSGM Steven Kasparek. Find out if the new features and fixes measure up!

GalaNet is looking for player input into their stable of games. There are a ton of awesomenext-genprizes to be had simply for participating including an iPad among others! Check it out!

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