Software already in limited use in Evangelion: 3.0+1.0, with full adoption afterward
Yōko Hikasa, Yōji Ueda, Masashi Ebara, Marika Kōno, more join October anime
Crunchyroll to stream series, which premieres on October 22
"If there's anything I'm sure about Cop Craft at this point, it's that it will always find a new way to mystify me."
BD to include Megazone 23, Part II, 100-page art book, additional content
"As long as the series keeps dishing out power displays, and at the reasonable pace that the series has been maintaining, it should do fine by fans."
"The stone world villagers all have their own ideals and ways of life, which finally gives Senku something—or someone—new to bounce off of."
"This episode pulls out even more spectacular stops for a skyrocketing sisterly smackdown between Anna and Ernesta."
"Though no action takes place in this episode, it nonetheless has its visually impressive moments."
"It may be a predictable component of Demon Slayer's entire schtick, the way it humanizes the demons right as they're killed off, but those beats still end up being incredibly satisfying."
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