• “DEATHis a re-edit of the TV series Evangelion together with a large number of new cuts. The composition for DEATH was prepared by script writer Akio Satsukawa under the supervision of Chief Director Anno. Production was then done by Director Masayuki performing the cutting according to this composition.

• In addition to selecting the used episodes and scenes, the series of image scenes where Shinji and the others play instruments in the school gymnasium, and linking the various scenes in a shuffled manner rather than simply arranging them in order were also the ideas of Akio Satsukawa.

• The images used inDEATHwere taken from the following TV series episodes: Ep. 1 “Анёл атакі (Shito, shuurai),” Ep. 2 “An Unfamiliar Ceiling (Mishiranu, tenjou),” Ep. 3 “A Phone that doesn’t ring, (Naranai, denwa)” Ep. 4 “Дождж — After Running Away (Ame, nigedashita ato),” Ep. 5 “Кароль, Beyond Her Heart (Кароль, kokoro no mukou ni),” Ep. 6 “Battle in New Tokyo-3 (Kessen, Daisan Shin-Toukyou-shi),” Ep. 8 “Asuka Comes to Japan (Asuka, rainichi),” Ep. 9 “A Moment of Accord (Sunkan, kokoro, kasanete),” Ep. 10 “Магма Diver (Maguma daibaa),” Ep. 12 “The Value of a Miracle (Kiseki no kachi wa),” Ep. 15 “Lies and Silence (Uso to chinmoku),” Ep. 18 “A Choice of Life (Inochi no sentaku wo),” Ep. 19 “A Man’s Battle (Otoko no tatakai),” Ep. 21 “The Birth of NERV (Nerufu, tanjou),” Ep. 22 “At Least be Humane (Semete, ningen rashiku),” Ep. 23 “Tears (Namida),” and Ep. 24 “The Final Messenger/The Last to Die (Saigo no shisha).”

• Approximately 30 minutes ofDEATHwere newly produced. These contents can be divided into the following three patterns. First is the series of image scenes where Shinji and the others play instruments in the school gymnasium. This is original film shown only inDEATH”. Second is retakes of the TV series film. Third are the scenes scheduled to be added as new cuts to the video release versions of episodes 22 to 24.

• The second typeretakes of the TV series filmwere done to improve the image quality. This included not only redoing the drawings, but also repainting the backgrounds and filming again. There are many subtle revisions, and many cuts where probably not even hard-core fans would notice that it is a retake.

• All of the sketches shown on these pages are original drawings done for the retake of the TV images. Director Masayuki himself undertook the art direction work for these retakes. Chief Director Hideaki Anno and Character Designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto also participated in the original drawing work for these retakes. Incidentally, the sketch of the fallen Rei was done by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.

• The third type was the scenes scheduled to be added as new cuts to the video release versions of episodes 22 to 24. Work proceeded on these cuts separately from this cinema edition. These include the scene where Yui talks with Fuyutsuki while appeasing the infant Shinji, Asuka’s monologue in the bathroom, Kaji and Asuka’s dialog before meeting Shinji and the others, etc.

• The voice acting forDEATHessentially used the audio footage from the TV series. New recording consisted only of the afore-mentioned gymnasium image scene, the scenes scheduled to be added as new cuts to the video release versions, and scenes where the lines had to be redone due to editing.


• Production ofREBIRTHinitially started as a remake of episodes 25 і 26 of the TV series Evangelion, that is to say as the conclusion to Evangelion. Аднак, the content grew much larger than planned during the course of production, with the two episodes together totaling almost 70 minutes in length. Therefore, it was decided to start with a theater release of the first half corresponding to episode 25.

• The script forREBIRTHwas written by Chief Director Hideaki Anno, and Directors Kazuya Tsurumaki and Masayuki then drew the storyboards based on this script. All work from the direction onward was handled by Kazuya Tsurumaki.

• There were two art directors forREBIRTH”. Kazuya Kouse of PRODUTION I.G served as art director for the characters, and Yuu Honda handled the art direction for mecha scenes. Kazuya Kouse is an animator known for cinema productions such asPatLabor 2 the Movie” і “Ghost in the Shell”, and he also worked twice as art director in the TV series. Yuu Honda is a GAINAX in-house art director whose sharp drawing style is quite striking.

• After the storyboard work forREBIRTHhad been finished, Chief Director Anno started work on Part 2 of the movie edition corresponding to TV episode 26. A separate team was also assembled for the artwork of episode 26, and work proceeded in parallel with episode 25.

• The title of the second movie edition has been decided asTHE END OF EVANGELION”.

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