Мегуми Огата
PROFILE • Voice of Shinji Ikari, Birthdate: Чэрвеня 6
Appearances includeYuu Yuu Hakushou” і “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S”, etc.

Every time a new script arrivedevery time I turned a new page
I was torn apart by a new pain.
Even though they were fresh wounds, with fresh blood spilling out,
It felt like I was peeling off old scabs which remained on my skin.
Sometimes slowly, sometimes with a quick jerk,
The claws of a merciless ‘Creatorpeeled away the layers of my heart
I would be happy if I were able to touch the “Синдзи” inside everyone.
The “Синдзи” inside me is waiting for the time of complementation.

Мегуми Хаясибара
PROFILE • Voice of Rei Ayanami, Birthdate: March 30
Appearances includeSlayers” і “Saber Marionette J”, etc.

Why did you come here
What were you seeking
And, did you find what you sought here…?
У, what you seek cannot be found inside other people; cannot be received from other’s hands.
It is inside of you.
I cannot touch you.
The only one who can touch your heart is you.
Happy things, sad things, difficult things, painful things….
These are all born from within you.

I feel this is what I learned from Eva.

Юко Miyamura
PROFILE • Voice of Sohryu Asuka Langley, Birthdate: December 4
Appearances includeAi Tenshi Densetsu- Wedding Peach” і “Boku No Marie/My Dear Marie”, etc.

Калі ласка, peopleLet’s try to be a little happier!!

Kotono Mitsuishi
PROFILE • Voice of Misato Katsuragi, Birthdate: December 8
Appearances includeBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon” і “??Tetsuwan Buddy??”, etc.

I am truly glad to have met the woman named Misato. Although she doesn’t easily speak her true feelings, which often gave me some trouble, I truly like her bright manner by which she hides the loneliness and darkness deep within her heart. After the TV series had ended, I listened toCruel Angel’s Thesisagain and was struck by the phraseAlthough I cannot become a goddess, I will live on.Surely this must be the voice of Misato’s heart. I look forward to watching Misato in this cinema edition, as well as seeing who and how Shinji fights.

Yuriko Yamaguchi
PROFILE • Voice of Ritsuko Akagi, Birthdate: November 21
Appearances includeFood by the Bucket”, etc.

“Неверагодны. She’s lost again.

Those were my, and Ritsuko Akagi’s, first words in Eva.
From a close-up shot of her back sitting at pool side in her wet suit, Ritsuko rises slowly and speaks while removing her goggles with one hand. Blond, beautiful, and even a beauty mark/mole under one eye. Wow — what an incredible woman.
Gazing at this picture during rehearsals, I found my voice, and thereafter Ritsuko Akagi’s voice, becoming a sexy voice that I would not normally speak under any conditions.

It was sinfully pleasurable.

Miki Nagasawa
PROFILE • Voice of Maya Ibuki, Birthdate: ліпеня 11
Appearances include “(Yuusha Shirei) Dakuon” і “Nadesico”, etc.

The characters appearing in Evangelion are each unique individuals, and strive to live amidst the unique world-view of this story. Against this backdrop, Maya Ibuki gives the impression of a completely normalgirl next door”. Honest and frank, her straightness sometimes seems almost comical or even awkward at times. I can’t help but love the way she tries so hard.

Evangelion is an incredible work.

Takehito Koyasu
PROFILE • Voice of Shigeru Aoba, Birthdate: Май 5
Appearances includeSaber Marionette J” і “(Yuusha Shirei) Dakuon”, etc.

Май 5. The profession most suited for a person born on this date is that of teacher. To make fullest use of the ability to work steadily on researching one thing alone, this person might join a company in the capacity of R&D. If he likes sports, he might become an instructor. He is also suited for computer-related work as a programmer or systems engineer. Ды, Shigeru Aoba’s profession is also the one that suits me the most. Isn’t that great?

Гм? What’s that? I forgot something….?

Hiro Yuuki
PROFILE • Voice of Makoto Hyuuga, Birthdate: Лютага 13
Appearances includeHaou Taikei Ryuunaito” і “Future GPX Cyber Formula ZERO”, etc.

When the TV series started I had no idea that it would become this popular. На самай справе, I still can’t believe that it has become a cinema anime film…. At first I thought that the Makoto Hyuuga I played was just an operator with a name, but I soon realized that there were personal portions amidst his sparse lines. (or maybe I just made it that way…) I like the way he remains positive amongst so many characters with a dark(?) past.

Fumihiko Tatsuki
PROFILE • Voice of Gendou Ikari, Birthdate: April 29
Appearances includeIron Leaguer” і “Food by the Bucket”, etc.

Was I drawn to him by a powerful fate? How long has it been since plunging into the memorable voice-over work for the 1st episode of the TV series? Years? Months? Days?

Although the answer to most of the rumors is “ДЫ”, I vacillate between ! ¤ ? with each episode on whether I like or hate Evangelion and Gendou Ikari.
Аднак, I can’t help but feel an endless fascination at the way Eva’s story unfolds, tinted by an infinite amount of information amidst drama with needlessly excessive ‘fan-service’
I am so shallow that I could never imagine the direction Eva will take. But no matter how it turns out, there will probably never be another character like thehereticGendou, and I want to be proud at having been hisvoice actor”. *cough*Spring always makes me stuffy

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