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“Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 25
Translated Speech Script
with Many Translated Subtitles

Translated by Kentaro ONIZUKA
From the script captured by Kenji MATSUOKA
Edited by Matthew Opel

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Neon Genesis Evangelion
Эпізод 25: The World Ending

The reason to exist, La raison d’etre

The reason to be allowed to be here.

Ikari Shinji. In his case,

The boy wished to die.

The other boy accepted this wish.

The Final Angel disappeared.

Yet, Ikari Shinji is anguished.

Why did you kill?

Why did you kill?

Why did you kill?

Why did you kill?

Why did you kill?

Синдзи: There was no other choice!

Why did you kill?

Синдзи: Because Kaoru-kun was an Angel!

Although he was human as well?

Синдзи: У! An Angel!
He was our enemy!

Although he was human as well?

Синдзи: NO! NO! I SAID NO!

Кароль: He was a human the same as me.

Синдзи: NO!
He was an Angel!

Кароль: So you killed?

Otherwise, we would’ve been killed.
Everybody would’ve been killed.

Кароль: So you killed?

Синдзи: I didn’t want to kill him.
Але, there’s no other choice!

So you killed.

Синдзи: Help!

So you killed.

Синдзи: Help!

So you killed.

Синдзи: Help!

So you killed.

Синдзи: Somebody help me!

So you killed.

Синдзи: Калі ласка! Is anyone there?! Somebody help me!

Синдзи: Ды. It’s Kaoru-kun who should have survived.
He was much better than I am.
He should have survived.

Мисато: У.
A survivor must have the will to survive.
He wished to die.
He abandoned the will to live, And depended on false hope.
You weren’t wrong.

Синдзи: Is that really true?


Синдзи: Was that what I wanted?


Синдзи: I don’t know.
What should I do?
What Should I DO?!

What do you fear?

Синдзи: What?

What do you fear?

Синдзи: Me.

What do you fear?

Синдзи: To be disliked.

What do you fear?

Синдзи: By whom?

What do you fear?

Синдзи: Who?

What do you fear?

Синдзи: My father!
He deserted me!
I was disliked.
What shall I do if I’m not liked?
What shall I do?

Синдзи: Where am I?
Where should I go?
Nothing visible.
Nothing intelligible.

Мисато-Сан -?
Мисато-Сан -!
Гэй, where are you?
Гэй, where should I go from here?
Мисато-Сан -!
Tell me,
What I should do?!

Синдзи: Evangelion Unit One.

Синдзи: I have to pilot this, after all,
killing the one who I loved,
obeying the words from my father and the others.
You say I have to fight in this?
Mom! say something! answer me!

Why do you pilot Eva?

Синдзи: ‘Cause People ask me to pilot it.

So you pilot it?

Синдзи: Isn’t that OK? It’s for the sake of humanity! Isn’t it OK?

You pilot Eva for the sake of others?

Синдзи: Ды!
It’s a good thing.
It’s a very good thing.
Everyone praises me, then.

Asuka: That’s a lie.
Синдзи: What?

Asuka: Are you an idiot?
After all, it’s for your own sake.

Синдзи: Eh?

Asuka: And you make excuses for yourself, as usual.

Синдзи: Do I?

Asuka: To think that you are doing your best for the sake of
others, is itself an easy way to live.

Синдзи: Is that so?

Asuka: In other words, you’re lonely, Синдзи.

Синдзи: Is that so?

Asuka: It’s nothing but a dependent or symbiotic relationship.

Синдзи: That might be.

Asuka: All you want is for people to depend on you.

Синдзи: That might be.

Asuka: All you do is to wait for someone to bring you happiness.
False happiness.

Кароль: That’s exactly what YOU do.

Asuka: ah.

Soryuu Asuka Langley.
In her case,

Asuka: I’m in Eva without wanting to be.
I’m forced to be here.
This junk won’t move!
Ох, no, it’s me who’s junk.

I’m useless.
No one needs me.
No one needs a pilot who cannot pilot Eva.

Кароль: You are trying to find yourself within others.

Asuka: Shut up!

Separation Anxiety.

Кароль: You fear being alone.

Separation Anxiety.

Кароль: You’re afraid because you’d be erased along with others.

Separation Anxiety.

Asuka: So you pilot.

Separation Anxiety.

Asuka: Shut up!

Action of attachment.

Asuka: Shut up! Shut up!
I don’t wanna be told that by a doll like you!

The third character

Ayanami Rei, in her case,

Кароль: Who am I?

Кароль: Ayanami Rei.

Кароль: Who are you?

Ayanami Rei

Кароль: You are also Ayanami Rei?

Кароль: Ды. The thing called Ayanami Rei.

Кароль: All these are the things called Ayanami Rei.

Кароль: Why are all of these me?

Кароль: Because others call us Ayanami Rei.

Кароль: Why do you have a false mind and a false body?

Кароль: Not false, for I am I.

Кароль: У. you are a human whose false soul was made by a
man named Ikari Gendou.
You are a false object which is pretending to be a human.
Глядзець, you have a dark, invisible, and unintelligible mind
within you, where the true you exists.

Кароль: I am I.
I’ve become me through the instrumentality of the links
between me and others.

Кароль: I’ve been formed by interaction with others.

Кароль: The interaction with people and the flow of time change
the shape of my mind.

Those are bonds?

Кароль: Ды. Those have formed me so far, the thing called Ayanami Rei.
And, those will form me from now on.

Those are bonds?

Кароль: Але, there’s someone else who is the true you.

Кароль: You don’t know her.

Кароль: Because you don’t want to see that, you are trying to run away.

Because of fear.

Кароль: Because she might not have a human shape.
Because the present me might disappear.


Кароль: One is afraid that the self will disappear.

Кароль: Fear?
That doesn’t make sense.

Кароль: The Self’s world will disappear.

Aren’t you afraid?

Кароль: The Self will disappear.

Aren’t you afraid?

Кароль: У, I’m glad.
I am the thing that wishes to die.
All I need is despair.
I want to be nothingness.

Кароль: У, you can’t.
You can’t be nothingness.
That person won’t let you be nothingness.

Кароль: Still not allowed to return.

Кароль: I’ve existed because he’s needed me.

Кароль: Але, in the end.
I’ll be useless.
I’ll be deserted by him.

Кароль: I’ve hoped for this day, although I’m now afraid.

Gendou: Let’s go.
You’ve existed for the sake of today, this day, Кароль.

Кароль: Ды.


The complementation
by the Instrumentality of Man

Эпізод 25:
The World Ending.


А ты мяне любіш?
Shinji Again.

Синдзи: What feeling is this?
That I feel like I have experienced before.
My body seems like it’s disappearing.
I feel like I’m spreading, and becoming large,
to here, there and everywhere.

That was the very beginning
of the complementation of the people
by the instrumentality of man.

the thing people lost.

the lost minds.

complimenting the vacuum in the mind.

The complementation
by the instrumentality of minds and soul begins.

All things return to nothingness.

The complementation
by the instrumentality of man
has just begun.

Gendou: У,
It’s not that everything returns to nothingness.
It’s nothing but returning everything to the beginning.
Nothing but returning things to the mother which
has long since been lost.
All the minds become one mind, obtaining peace forever.
Nothing but that.

Мисато: Is that the Instrumentality of Man Project?

Рицуко: Права.
We always have a vacuum, something lost in our minds.

That creates the starvation within minds.

That creates anxiety and fear within minds.

Рицуко: Everyone fears the darkness within their minds,
which they try to escape, try to erase.
That’s how people live.
Але, nobody can ever escape from it.

Мисато: So you unify people’s minds and
make them compliment each other?
On your own accord?
You are poking your nose into other’s business.
That’s nothing but cheap friendship.

Рицуко: Yet, you are the one who has wanted that.

Мисато: На самай справе?


Мисато: Where am I?

(PART 1)

In the case of Katsuragi Misato

Синдзи: This is the me within your mind.

Мисато: At the same time, it’s my mind within you, ці не так?

Синдзи: In order for me to find me, I have to feel many kinds of people.
I have to gaze inside of me.
I have to gaze into the Misato-san within me.
What do you want?

You wanna be a good child.

Мисато: Must I be a good child?


Мисато: Since I don’t have a daddy
Since I have to help mom, I have to be a good child?
Але, I don’t wanna be like you, mom.
When daddy’s away, mom is always crying.
Don’t cry!
Don’t depend!
Так, must I be a good child?
Так, don’t I want to be disliked by daddy.

Мисато: But I hate my father.
Так, I hate good children.
I hate them!
I’m tired of
keeping myself pure,
keeping myself pretending to be pure.
I’m tired.
I want myself to get dirty.
I wished to see myself dirty.

Рицуко: Так, did you let him hold you?
Так, did you let that guy hold you?

Мисато: NO!
Because I loved him, I let him do it.

Мисато: You truly loved him?

Мисато: Of course!
He accepted what I truly was.

На самай справе?

Мисато: He was gentle.

Мисато: NO!
Don’t show this to Shinji-kun!

Ryouji: You don’t have anything to be ashamed of now.

Мисато: I am ashamed of it.

Мисато: Why are you ashamed?
You can show this to the guy you love,
Moreover, you want to show it.

Мисато: NO! Stop!

Мисато: You should be happy to show this to Shinji.

Мисато: NO!

Мисато: I wonder if,
It’s your father who you wanna show this to.

Мисато: NO!

Мисато: You tried to find peace in Kaji-kun’s face.

Мисато: NO!

Мисато: You tried to find a peace in Kaji-kun’s kindness.

Мисато: NO!

Мисато: You tried to find your father in Kaji-kun’s arms.

Мисато: NO!

Мисато: ДЫ.
I found my father within Kaji-kun back then.
So fled from him.
I was afraid.
He was just like my father.
Але, it was because I was happy,
It was joy.
It was truly a wonderful joy!
So I hated.
So I left.

Ryouji: No reason to begin a love, but a reason to end a love.

Мисато: You are kind enough,
You are kind enough to, I hope, make me dirty.

Ryouji: Don’t hurt yourself only because you hate yourself now.
That’s only to cheat yourself by temporarily punishing yourself.
Don’t do that.

Мисато: And you’re saying, “you must take care of yourself?”

Мисато: Guys always do that.
And Guys work, and Guys go to their own world,
leaving me behind.

Мисато: Just like my father.

Мисато: Always trying to escape from the hardships of reality.
Hardships of reality?
It’s me?
It’s me.
Ды. It’s me.
It’s inevitable.

Синдзи: Stop it, Мисато-Сан -.

Мисато: I’m desperate about myself.
I hate myself!

Мисато: Impure.

Рицуко: Sloppy.

Мисато: Mean! Dirty!
Is that the intercourse of adults? I hate it!

Макото: Congratulations for you promotion. Major Katsuragi.

Мисато: The me appreciated is the me who is
playing to be appreciated.
It’s not the true me.

Мисато: The true me is always crying.

Мисато: Ды. I am happy!

Am I happy?

Мисато: I am happy.

Am I happy?

Мисато: I am happy….?

Am I happy?

Мисато: NO!
This isn’t happiness!

What’s happiness?

Мисато: This is not the true me!
I am only trying to think that.

Синдзи: Otherwise, we cannot live?

Синдзи: We are unstable unless we are together.

Кароль: Unstable.

Рицуко: Unless someone is in the same bed.

Asuka: Are you afraid to sleep alone?

Майя: Are you lonely when you sleep alone?

Ryouji: You cannot stand the loss of minds.

Макото: Затым, Anyone will do.

Мисато: NO!

Мисато: ДЫ, you wish to find some simple joy.
You’re trying to heal your mind with temporary escapes.
You’re using MEN.

Мисато: NO NO O WAY!

At last, what does she want?


Asuka: Where am I?

Синдзи: It’s my mind within Asuka.

Asuka: Затым, it’s my mind within Shinji.

In the case of Soryuu Asuka Langley.
частка 1

Синдзи: What do you want?

Asuka: I can live alone.
I don’t need daddy or mommy.
I’ll live alone.
I won’t cry anymore.

Asuka: (crying)

Asuka: Yet, I’m crying.
Why am I crying?

Step mother: It’s difficult for me to deal with that child.

Asuka’s father: You’re worried? It’s not like you, a doctor.

Step mother: A Doctor is a human,
as I said before.

Бацька: Well, still it’s not like you against a kid.

Step mother: She is quite adult in some ways, with a total rejection,
with a tension, that I’m often afraid of.
Don’t you think so?

Бацька: Well,
you are Asuka’s mother, after all.

Step mother: I became your wife before that.

Бацька: Didn’t you become them at the same time?

Step mother: Ды, from a social standpoint.
Аднак, I can stop being her mother at anytime, though
you cannot stop being her father.

Бацька: That might be true.

Asuka: NO! STOP!
Don’t stop being my mother!
I’m going to be a good child, whom you’d love.
Так, don’t stop being my mother.
Так, look at me!
Stop MOM, don’t kill me!

Kyouko: Your daddy now hates mommy.
Your daddy deserted me.
Or, I knew, he’s never loved me from the very beginning.
He has never needed me, I guess.
Так, die together with mommy.
Daddy does not need us.

Asuka: Am I in the way?
Am I useless?

Kyouko: Калі ласка, let’s die together.

Asuka: NO!
I’m not your doll.
I can think by myself, I can live by myself.

Asuka: At that time, Mom was hung from the ceiling.
She looked very happy.

Asuka: But I hated her face then.
I don’t wanna die.
I don’t wanna let myself disappear.
I don’t like boys.
I don’t like daddy and mommy.
I don’t like anybody!
Nobody protects me.
Nobody is with me.

What does she want?

Asuka: So I’ll live alone.
But I don’t want that.
It’s painful.
I don’t wanna be alone.
I don’t wanna be alone.
I don’t wanna be alone!

Синдзи: Don’t leave me.

Мисато: Don’t desert me.

Asuka: Don’t kill me.

Синдзи: What’s this?

Мисато: This is the Instrumentality of Man project that your
father has been working on.

Синдзи: This is?

Мисато: It’s part of them, I think.

Asuka: The truth is still unknown to us.

Рицуко: The things you perceive are the truth.

Кароль: Things within you.

Фуюцуки: And the things recorded in your memory will be your truth.

Рицуко: There is a truth that changes through the time.

Синдзи: This is the truth.
The result of everything, is this?

Asuka: Out of many truths, this is one.

Мисато: That’s the result you wanted.

Синдзи: I wanted?

Кароль: Ды.
Destruction, the world where nobody was saved.

Синдзи: NO. It’s that nobody saved me.

Рицуко: Nobody can save you.

Ryouji: This is what you wanted.

Asuka: Destruction, смерць, the return to nothingness,
All of these did you wish for.

Мисато: This is reality.

Синдзи: What’s reality?

Кароль: Your world.

Макото: With time, with space, with other people, a world of
your own.

Шигеру: The world where how to accept things and how to
perceive things is absolutely up to you.

Майя: It’s your world, only given to you now,

That is reality.

Мисато: Your world, which nobody else can deal with.

Синдзи: It’s the world where everything is already created,
ці не так?

Рицуко: У, it’s the world that you are creating.

Фуюцуки: The world that you are trying to create.

That is reality.

Мисато: The will to live.

Asuka: The mind that wishes to die, which you yourself want.

Синдзи: This darkness, this incomplete world
Are you saying, I wished for all of these?

Asuka: Ды.

Ryouji: The closed world where nobody but you are confortable.
That is the very world you wished for.

Макото: To protect your weak mind.

Шигеру: To protect your joy.

Майя: This is the result.

Мисато: In a closed space with nobody but you in it,
Nobody can live.

Asuka: But you wanted this world, a closed world for yourself.

Рицуко: Excluding what you hate, you wanted a world of solitude.
A mind all your own.

Кароль: This is your world delivered, with a small haven in your

Asuka: This is one of the conclusions.

Мисато: The end of the world that you have lived in.

And the way to the complementation,

will be continued.

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