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The 1st half of the episode has our characters recap events to Ikeda—forcing Yukimura and Himuro to report their most intimate feelings to a room full of people.
The eponymous hero of the Orphen light novel and anime series is a good-looking guy, but what better way to bring out his charms than to get a certified...
Jacki Jing and Lynzee Loveridge watched all the anime so you wouldn't have to! Here are the top five best anime premieres of Winter 2020!
3 new OADs to ship in March, July, November
New series premieres on February 2
Satoshi Kon awarded Winsor McCay Award, Masao Maruyama accepts on his behalf
Alright folks, it's that time of the season again. With the Overhaul arc finally making its exit, it's everyone's favorite quarterly Xmas presents: new opening and ending themes!
Darwin's Game is starting to show more signs of utilizing shortcuts, especially explanations of action that happened off screen instead of just showing it.
When Nene's friend Aoi, and several of Kou's classmates, all go missing in the proximity of the stairs to the art room, Hanako is ready for a jaunt to the spirit realm
We last left Ikuto staring down the spotlights of Hajime's runway show as he has to figure out how to reinterpret a dress designed to fit a much taller model onto Chiyuki's tiny frame.
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