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World-famous anime director Makoto Shinkai has a new movie out - Weathering With You - so what better time to discuss this record-breaking artist's best work? Make sure to list your favorites in the comments!
A lot of the rest of the episode is just assorted guest appearances, such as Touma's homeroom teacher Tsukuyoki in her cheerleader get-up or Mikoto's mother popping up.
Irregular series of stop-motion shorts debuted in 1995
Kachidoki Studio animates shorts
Kachidoki Studio animates shorts
Our heroes are still human too, and that fact comes crashing down in the final scene of this episode.
The volleyball boys are back but despite defeating Shiratorizawa, Hinata finds himself not selected for a prestigious training camp. Time to crash the place.
Dance sequence calls back to 8th OP
Putting up with an abusive work environment is treated like a trial by fire; if you withstand it you'll earn the respect of your mentors. Assuming you don't die from overwork first.
Death game anime are like roller coasters. You know when you strap in that you're going to get thrown around at high speeds, but the best roller coasters are the ones that catch you off guard.
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