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Blizzard spills the beans on how the Cataclysm will change one of Azeroth’s most iconic zonesthe Barrens. Can Chuck Norris and Mankrik’s wife save it from the apocalypse?

End of Nations has set itself a mighty goal: Break ALL known conventions when it comes to real time strategy games. Our exclusive look at EoN comes by way of Joe Bostic, Steve Copeland and John Fitzgerald. This ain’t your mama’s RTS game, folks. Read on!

There has been a lot of stir in the MMO community with the arrival of Rift: Planes of Telara. WarCry caught up with Trion Worlds COO Scott Hartsman to find out what makes Rift so special. Check out this comprehensive and informative interview! It’s a dandy!

Alganon relaunched itself yesterday after a tumultuous four months in the game’s development cycle. WarCry caught up with Alganon’s Derek Smart about Alganon’s relaunch and its first day. Check it out!

Land of Chaos Online is a hybrid between roleplaying, real-time strategy and first person shooter games. WarCry was lucky enough to score an interview with Product Manager Hendrik Loga. Learn what sets Land of Chaos Online apart from the pack (and grab the link to the awesome LOCO site) after the jump.

Erebus: Travia Reborn has just launched the game’s closed beta. WarCry had the opportunity to sit down with Outspark associate producer Ben Berens to find out a bit more about Erebus and what sets it apart from other MMOs. Check it out!

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