Series was originally slated to premiere this year; more information to be announced on July 28
VOFAN to host panels, workshops, signings at November 15-17 event
Gorō Kanbe's Dirty Darling, more licensed
Theme song music video also streamed for film opening on August 30
Junpei Mizusaki, Michael Arias, Koji Morimoto, more work on film based on Sturgill Simpson's songs
"As Tohru and the boys casually return to their status quo, the show's attention shifts instead to a different trio."
"Given emerges as one of the season's most emotionally resonant offerings, thanks to its aesthetic musicality and strong chemistry between its central guitar boys."
Words can't actually describe the heartbreak and loss the entire anime industry felt this week - so the best we can do is talk about the art Kyoto Animation made that we loved.
"This is the kind of show that makes me want to see how far its ambitions can go."
Training school opened in April 2018.
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