Буквален превод Серия,

“Neon Битие Еванджели: Episode 14
Translated Speech Script.

Written by Kentaro ONIZUKA
Ревизиите от Крейг Зелената
Revision Level 1.1

Avant title

It was in 2015 АД.

The third Angel

Sachiel’s attack

The performance of conventional weapons
against Angels
was seen to be insufficient.

The U.N. force,
having failed to carry out the plan,

transfered all the authority to command
to the special institute NERV.

The same day midnight,
the Angel arrived
above NERV headquarters.

The same day, acquired was

The Third Qualified Child,

Ikari Shinji,

who was accepted to pilot

Evangelion Unit One
and sortied for the first time.

experienced its first actual battle,

the first battle in Tokyo-3.

Eva Unit One
took damage to the head component
and lost control.

Complete silence.



Urban combat in Tokyo-3
interim report.
The commanding officer:
Chief of Strategy Captain Katsuragi Misato.

Misato: Although the resultant damage was terribly large,

The A.T. Fields of

Misato: the challenge to a first battle against an unknown target
by an inexperienced boy,


the third Angel and Unit One
were detected.

Misato: and the fact that he carried out said challenge
are indeed admirable accomplishments for Ikari Shinji.

Unit One
eroded the target’s A.T. Field.

Misato: въпреки това, for the Strategic section, it was a hard
battle that further revealed more problems and many
points requiring improvement.


Angel, annihilated.


Intercept installation, slight damage.
Eva Unit One, middle scale damage.


The sufferers in the incident
were not made public.


Excerpted from Suzuhara Touji’s notes/diary

Touji: Sis is in primary school, her second year.
She got hurt in that snafu’d incident,
but it ain’t ‘cuz of the enemy. В, it’s ‘cuz o’ на
nutty robot on our side.
There’s no way I can fogive such a damn-fool pilot.
I wanna make those adults who made the robot feel Sis’s
pain and my anger

The fourth Angel


At that time,
the performance ratio of
the surface-to-air intercept system:

The operation ratio of the
Tokyo-3 battle formation:

Douki Hikari’s notes/diary (exerpts)

Hikari: Since I’d often experienced evacuation training together
with my classmates, this was just like an everyday matter.
I did not truly realize the full extent of the situation.
The boys were making noise as if they were on a school excursion
and us girls were not afraid of anything.

The Angel
arrived above Toyko-3.

The second battle in Tokyo-3.

Despite an accidental severing of
the power-supply,

Angel, annihilated.

NERV obtained a sample
of an Angel retaining its original shape,

yet the final report
of the analysis
was never published.


The Fifth Angel

Ramiel’s attack

this difficult opponent,


Captain Katsuragi’s proposition,
Operation Yashima,
was approved.


The First Qualified Child


The Exclusive Pilot of Eva Unit Zero


Ayanami Rei


sortied on the unsealed
Eva Unit Zero for the first time.


The same day midnight,
a component of the Angel
invaded the Geofront.


executed Operation Yashima.


Excerpted from Aida Kensuke’s personal material

Kensuke:Ikari says nothing, but I am sure at that time, Unit Zero
protected Unit One with her life against the enemy’s
accelerated-particle-cannon attack.
I am certain about this, и
it is due to a single reason.
It’s Ayanami.
I have the impression that Ayanami regards herself as
having a very tenuous existence.

Operation Yashima,

Kensuke:It’s different from pessimism,

Kensuke:But she already has something like that.

Eva Unit Zero, heavily damaged.

въпреки това,
the pilot survived.

Kensuke:She seems more matured than the rest of us who are 14 years old.

The sixth Angel


was encountered.

Committee:This incident is slightly outside the scenario.

Ikari: Yet the result was within the predicted range.
It’s possible to revise.

The Second Qualified Child

The Exclusive Pilot of Eva Unit Two

Souryu Asuka Langley

sortied on Eva Unit Two
for the first time.


With a close-range battle on the sea




the first underwater combat


in the battle around the Old Ito region,


Angel, annihilated.

Committee: In the battle, the U.N. Navy lost one third of its entire fleet.

Committee: The ships lost are those of your country.
It is negligible.

Committer:Well, yes. It was quite fortunate that once again that the
damage was minimal.


The Seventh Angel




It had the capability of
separation and combination.


въпреки това,
By a synchronized, two-point heavy assault
by Eva Units One and Two,


Angel, annihilated.


The Eighth Angel




Discovered inside the
crater of Mt. Asamayama.

ordered Special Command A-17

and carried out the capture operation
under ultimate priority conditions.

The target was momentarily imprisoned
in an electro-magnetic light wave cage.

the electro-magnetic barrier was broken.
The operation was aborted.

The objective of the operation
was changed to
Angel annihilation.

Eva Unit Two
carried out the operation.

Angel, annihilated.

Eva Unit Zero was fully restored from damage
and had upgrades completed.

It was returned to operational status.

The Ninth Angel


By the first simultaneous
operation of three Eva Units

Angel, annihilated.


The Tenth Angel


Against the target dropping
from stratosphere,

through direct interception
by three Eva Units,


Angel, annihilated.


The Eleventh Angel

Its attack is not currently being acknowledged.


A rumour states NERV headquarters
was directly invaded.

Committee: That is very bad.


The Instrumentality of Man Committee,
Special Meeting

Committee: Too early.

Committee: Well, yes. It does not agree with the prediction that an Angel
should invade the headquarters of NERV.

Committee: In addition to that, you allowed it to invade Central

Committee: If contact had taken place, the entire plan would be in vain.

Ikari: The report to this committee was false.
There’s no truth behind the Angel’s invasion.

Committee: Then, Ikari, you’re saying, the Eleventh Angel’s
invasion is not fact?

Ikari: Yes.

Committee: You should watch your speech with care, Ikari-kun.
A perjurer before this committee shall die.

Ikari: I will allow you to investigate the records of Magi.
Nothing concerning the incident was recorded.

Committee: Don’t make us laugh!
Concealing facts is one of your specialities.

Ikari: The time schedule is proceeding according to the description in
the Dead Sea Scroll.

Committee: All right. This time, we won’t accuse you of crime and
responsibility. въпреки това, you don’t have to write a new scenario.

Ikari: I understand.
Let all things go according to Seele’s scenario.

Епизод 14
E, the throne of souls.

Commercial film.


Епизод: 14

Цар: Mountain. Heavy are the mountains,
Something that changes through ages.
Sky. Blue sky. Something visible, something invisible.
Sun. Something unique.
Water. Something agreeable. Commander Ikari.
Flowers. Many of them alike, many of them useless.
Sky. Red, red sky. Red colour. Red colour that I hate.
Water flow. Blood. The smell of blood. A woman that does not bleed.
Made from the red soil are humans.
Made by Man and Woman are humans.
Town. Something that humans made.
Eva. Something that humans made.
Humans are what? Something that God made.
Humans are things which humans made.
The things I possess are my life and mind.
The vessel of a mind. Entry plug, the throne of a soul.

Цар: Who is this? This is me.
Who am I? What am I? What am I? What am I? What am I?

Цар: I am myself. This object is me, the figure which forms me.
This is the me that is visible, though it feels as if this is not me.
A strange feeling.
My body seems as if it is melting.
I cannot see myself. My figure is fading away.
I am aware of someone else.
Who is there before me?
I know this person. Major Katsuragi.
Dr. Akagi.
People, my classmates.
The pilot of Unit Two.
Commander Ikari.
Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?

Ritsuko: So, Цар, how is being in Unit One for the first time?

Цар: It smells of Ikari-kun.

The first mutual compatibility test.
Examinee: Ayanami Rei

Ritsuko:The synchro-ratio is almost the same as that with Unit Zero.

Maya: A similar personal pattern is shared between Unit Zero and Unit One.

Ritsuko: That is why synchronization is possible.

Maya: Error plus minus 0.03.
Harmonics are regular.

Ritsuko:No detectable problems in the compatibility between Rei and Unit One.

Ritsuko: Okay, test complete. Цар, your job is over.

Цар: Yes.

The 87th Unit synchronization test.
Examinee: Souryu Asuka Langray

Announce: Data-bank of Unit Two, complete.

Announce: Harmonics regular.

Announce: Pilot, nothing abnormal.

Asuka: Obviously.

The first mutual compatibility test.
Examinee: Ikari Shinji

Ritsuko:Personal data of Unit Zero?

Maya: Rewriting already completed. Currently verifying.

Ritsuko:Examinee’s status?

Staff: Slightly strained, but no problems in the nerve pattern.

Misato: He’s in Unit Zero for the first time, and since it’s a different Eva,
that’s reasonable.

Asuka: He’s a fool! He should relax and ignore stuff like that.

Misato: He’s not a kid to do that, not Shinji-kun.

Asuka: I know. That’s why he’s a fool.

Misato: (laughs)

Asuka: By the way, about the other two’s Unit compatibility test,
won’t I have to participate in it?

Misato: You woudn’t want to use anything other than Unit Two.

Asuka: Yeah, obviously I wouldn’t.

Misato: I’ve never heard anything about Unit Two’s compatibility

Announce:Entry started.

Announce:LCL injected.

Announce:Start first stage connection.

Ritsuko:Shinji, how do you feel in the entry plug of Unit Zero?

Shinji: I feel something strange.

Maya: Do you feel any incompatibility?

Shinji: В… I mean, it smells of Ayanami

Asuka: What’s he smelling? He’s just perverted!

Announce:Data received. Verifying

Announce:Pattern green.

Announce:Main power-supply connection complete.

Announce:All restraints nominal.

Ritsuko:Roger. The mutual compatibility test will proceed to the second

Maya: Unit Zero entering the second contact.

Misato: How is it?

Ritsuko: As I expected, a smaller synchro-ratio than with Unit One.

Maya: Harmonics all in normal position.

Ritsuko:But these are good readings.
This means we can carry out the plan.

Maya: The Dummy system, you mean?
Senapi, I dare say that I’m not really

Ritsuko:I understand why you don’t want this.
въпреки това, preparation is always necessary in order for one to live.

Maya: I respect you, senpai, and I will do my job,
but I’m not entirely convinced.

Ritsuko:One with mysophobia always feels difficulty in living among people.
When you get dirty, you will discover this.

Announce:Third connection started.

Announce:Self-psycho-graph, stable.

Asuka: What’s it like, Shin-chan! Mama’s breast? Or inside the womb?

Ritsuko:Asuka! No interruptions! Noise would penetrate.

Asuka: Yeah, fine.

Asuka: What the hell? Everyone pampers Shinji

Ritsuko: A10 Nerve connection started.

Announce: Harmonics Level plus 20.

Shinji: Ах, what’s this?
Something’s directly entering my mind. What is it?
Ayanami? Ayanami Rei? It’s Rei, this impression is hers.
Ayanami? Isn’t it?

Misato: What’s wrong?

Announce:Pilot’s nerve-pulse is irregular.

Maya: Psychological contamination taking place.

Ritsuko:Impossible! This plug depth could not trigger that.

Maya: В, it’s not from the plug. The invasion’s from Eva.

Maya: Unit Zero, out of control!

Ritsuko:Cut all circuits! Cut power-supply!

Announce:Eva switched to backup power source.

Announce:Still operatioinal.

Misato: Shinji’s status?

Staff: No carrier on the circuit. Monitoring is impossible.

Ritsuko:Unit Zero is rejecting Shinji-kun?

Maya: В! Auto-ejection non operational.

Ritsuko:The same incident as last time?
Is it trying to possess Shinji-kun?

Misato: Цар! Get back! Цар!

Announce:Unit Zero, 10 seconds to operation halt, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0

Announce:Unit Zero has ceased operation.

Misato: Rescue the pilot! Hurry!

Misato: No way! Did Eva just try to kill Rei?

Misato: Is this incident related to the last time it ran wild?
That incident with Rei?

Ritsuko: There is little I can say at the moment. The one thing I can
currently say is that after returning the personal data of Rei to
Unit Zero, another synchronization test between Rei and Unit Zero
will be necessary.

Misato: As Chief of Strategy, I request that you do it immediately,
before it interferes with our job.

Ritsuko:I understand, Major Katsuragi.

Ritsuko: Unit Zero must have tried to attack me.
That must be it.

Shinji: Uh.

Радио: The next astonishment in the world is a doggy who can calculate.
Hi! Here you go, the genius doggy, Kanna-chan!
Good greetings!
Do you understand language?
Oh, that’s right!
Then please solve this problem:
325 minus 324 is
Oh! Great! That is correct!

# Japanese dog barksWAN, WANinstead ofBOW WOW”, thusone one

Shinji: В… I hate this ceiling.

Staff: Shinji-kun has recovered consciousness.
No after-effects remain from the pollution.
He himself remembers nothing.

Misato: Really

Радио: The problem of Nansha islands

Asuka: Both Misato and Kaji-san tell me nothing.
Shinji knows nothing.
What kind of a girl is First?

Fuyuzuki:About that Angel’s invasion which deviated from the plan.
The Instrumentality of Man Committee found the facts and are pushing.
They are ill-tempered people. To complain is their only job.

Ikari: All the trump cards are ours. They can do nothing.

Fuyuzuki:That does not mean you should irritate them.

Ikari: Everything is going according to the scenario. There are no problems.

Fuyuzuki:What about Unit Zero’s accident? That was not in my scenario.

Ikari: It’s not interfering.
The synchro test between Rei and Unit Zero after that
was successful.

Fuyuzuki:He’s taking care of Rei too much. Ikari…

Fuyuzuki:What’s the status of the Adam Project?

Ikari: No problems. The delay is less than 2%.

Fuyuzuki:Then, how about Lancea Longini?

Ikari: Going according to the plan.
The operation is being carried out by Rei.

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