Буквален превод Серия,

“Neon Битие Еванджели: Episode 17
Translated Speech Script.

Written by Kentaro ONIZUKA
Edited by Matthew Opel

Kihl: You rejected the interrogation of the only person directly involved
in this incident, the pilot of unit one.
Major Katsuragi.

Misato: Yes.
He is emotionally very unstable.
I do not think it’s a good idea to have him stand here right now.

A: Then, I ask you, as his deputy, Major Katsuragi.

B: In this incident, didn’t the Angels try to contact a human

Misato: The report from the person involved does not suggest that.
Presumably, it was an irregular incident.

C: If he remembers correctly.

Misato: No external tampering to his memory was detected.

C: Eva’s AC recorder was not operating.
There is no way to confirm that.

A: Was the Angel interested in the human spirit and mind?

Misato: I am not able to answer that question.
Do Angels have a concept of mind?
Do they understand human thoughts?
This is absolutely unknown.

D: This incident reveals a new aspect: the Angel tried to possess
What of the possibility of this aspect linking to the predicted
13th Angel?

Misato: Considering the pattern so far,
there is no systematic organization among the Angels.

B: That’s right.
It is obvious that their actions have been independent, so far.

Misato: What does that mean?

Kihl: You are not permitted to question.

Misato: Understood.

Kihl: That is all. Leave.

Misato: Yes.

– –
Kihl: What do you think, Ikari-kun?

Gendou: The Angels are getting more and more intelligent.
The time left is

Kihl: Very short, you mean to say?

Епизод 17
The fourth
Qualified Person

– —
NurseA: The patient in the twelfth room?

NurseB: You mean that first aid case from Incident E?
She’s been hospitalized here for a long time.

NurseC: Her injuries present a very difficult case.

NurseB: She’s still a primary student.

NurseA: Has that boy come today?

NurseC: Yeah.
He never misses visiting twice a week.
He’s a very good brother, thinking so much about his sister.

NurseB: Right!
Nowadays, that kind of boy is rare.

– —
Gendou: Цар, are you are alright today?

Цар: Yes.
Tomorrow, I will be at Dr. Akagi’s.
The day after tomorrow, school.

Gendou: How is school?

Цар: No problems.

Gendou: Виждам. Very well.
– —
Hikari: Stand up. Bow. sit down.

Teacher: Oh, Ayanami and Aida are absent, as usual?

Shinji: Kensuke, how come?

Teacher:And, today, Teacher Koike is absent.
Therefore, Modern Japanese class is self-study.
The person on duty today is,

Touji: New Yokosuka.
He’s following battleships today, as usual.
I hear that theMyoukouor something is in port.


Touji: Ах, Ye, Yes!

Teacher:Take the class bulletin to Ayanami’s later.

Touji: Yes.
– —
Makoto: So, the status of the first branch is OK?
No need! the data from the reconnaissance plane will be
confirmed by Magi.

Shigeru: …

– —
Kouzou: Vanished?
Did the second branch really vanish?

Shigeru:Yes. Everything has been confirmed.
It vanished.
– —
Misato: Now I’m finished!

Makoto: The Administrative Department and the Inspection Department
upstairs are in an uproar.
The General Affairs Department is in a panic.

Misato: And, the cause is?

Ritsuko: Still under investigation.
The only clue is this image from a stationary satellite.
Nothing else remains.

Maya: Ten minits, Eighto, Seben, Shix, Fibe, Sree, Tsoo, Wan, Contacto.
# This must beTen secondsbut Maya clearly saysTen Minits
– –
Misato: Terrible!

Maya: Evangelion Unit Four, together with
all the installations involved within a radius of 89km
from the center were annihilated.

Ritsuko: Including thousands of people.

Shigeru: From the time-schedule, the accident seems to have
occurred during the experimental installation of the
S2 engine.

Maya: The possible causes range from insufficient quality of material
to a mistake in the initial stages of design.
The total number of combinations is 32,768.

Misato: There’s a chance of sabotage.

Makoto: But, it wasn’t an explosion, but a disappearance.

Ritsuko: Probably, it was swallowed by the Sea of Dirac, just like Unit One

Misato: Then, the S2 engine has also

Ritsuko: Vanished.
And our dreams have vanished, too.

Misato: It’s because they force us to use something we don’t really understand.

Ritsuko: Eva is also something like that.

– —
Misato: Then, how is Unit three coming?

Ritsuko:We are about to receive it.
The U.S. administration does not seem to have lost the first branch.

Misato: With Unit three and four, they insisted the rights
of construction, and demanded to build them.
But, now, they force us to accept this.
They’re pushing their luck.

Ritsuko: After that tragedy, anyone would lose courage.

Misato: Then, how will we do the booting test?
Using Rei’s dummy?

Ritsuko: I will decide.
– —
Ritsuko:This is the prototype dummy plug.
Rei’s personality was transfered,
although the human mind and spirit are not digitalizable.
This is nothing but a fake, a copy
which imitates the pilot’s thinking. It’s nothing but a machine.

Gendou: It transmits a signal pattern to Eva.
Eva considers a pilot to be in it and synchronizes with this.
That’s what we need.
Install the data to Unit One, and Two.

Ritsuko: It still has some problems.

Gendou: I don’t care.
If Eva moves, that will be fine.

Ritsuko: Understood.

– —
Gendou: The transportation of the Unit is being left entirely to the UN.
It will arrive this weekend.
Then you will take care of things.

The adjustment and the booting test will be done at Matsushiro.

Gendou: The test pilot is?

Ritsuko: The Dummy plug is still too dangerous.
One of the present candidates will be

Gendou: appointed as the Fourth.

There’s one child whose core will be ready immediately.

Gendou: I’ll leave all of it to you.


Gendou: Цар, we’re finished.

Цар: Yes.

Gendou: Let’s eat.

Цар: Yes.

– —
Hikari: Stand up. Bow.

Students: Phew!

Touji: WOW, it’s time for lunch.
It’s the greatest pleasure of school life.

Asuka: Oh, You didn’t bring our lunch boxes?

Shinji: La, Last night, I was busy with homework, so I didn’t have time to cook.

Asuka: So, because of that, I have to go without lunch?!

Touji: Oh, a husband-wife quarrel?

Students: (Laugh)

Shinji&Asuka: NO WAY!

– —
Misato: What? You look so serious.

Ritsuko: In the booting test of Unit three at Matsushiro,
we will use the Fourth as the pilot.

Misato: The Fourth?
The fourth children was found?

Ritsuko: Yesterday.

Misato: I haven’t received a report from the Marduk Institute yet.

Ritsuko:The official documents will arrive tomorrow.

Misato: Dr. Akagi, are you keeping secrets from me, again?

Ritsuko:В, nothing.

Misato: Well, OK.
And, who is the selected child?

Misato: Уау, it’s THIS child?

Ritsuko:We had no choice.
The candidates have been gathered in one place,
and are being protected.

Misato: It’s hard to tell.
Asuka will be fine. She’s proud of piloting Eva.
Rei is exceptional.
She has not problems with Eva and our work.
Shinji knows the most about these things.
I don’t want him to be pained any more.

Ritsuko: въпреки това, we need children of that kind,
in order for all of us to survive.

Misato: You’re saying to me, “don’t avoid complications!”

– —
Students: See ya!

Hikari: Suzuhara, you are on duty for today. Do your job.

Touji: What are you talking about?

Hikari: The class bulletin! “Take these.said the teacher.

Touji: What’s that? Class Rep, There must be someone else on duty.

Hikari: Ayanami-san is absent today.

Touji: Ayanami and me?
Well, there’s no choice.
But, I can’t go to a woman’s place alone.

Hikari: Then I’ll go with

Touji: Shinji, walk home with me, OK?!

Hikari: Ах,

Hikari: (sigh)

– —
Shinji: Ayanami, I’m coming in.

Touji: You can’t enter a woman’s apartment without permission.

Shinji: There’s no other choice.
She won’t read them if we put them in here.
– –
Shinji: Excuse us.

Touji: Oh, is this a woman’s room?
Not very charming.

Touji: Oh, no, don’t touch that, or she’ll get angry.

Shinji: I’m only cleaning up.

Touji: I won’t help you.
It’s not a man’s job.

Shinji: OK, but Misato-san dislikes guys like that.

Touji: mmmm, I don’t care!
It’s my policy.
– –
Touji: Changed a lot.

Shinji: What?

Touji: You, Shinji.

Shinji: hmm?

Touji: When I first saw you, I really thought you were a jerk.
You didn’t seem like a guy who’d do something for the sake of
other people.
I guess it’s that of you’re reserved.

Shinji: Ах?

Touji: Please excuse us.

Цар: What?

Touji: Those are the class bulletins that have piled up.

Shinji: Sorry, I cleaned up on my own accord.
I didn’t touch anything except garbage.

Цар: Th..Thank you.

– —
Touji: Well, Eva pilots are all strange, alright.

– —
Цар: “Thank you,” the words for gratitude. Those words for the first time.
I’ve never even said them to that person.


Kouzou: The city is a paradise that humans made.

Gendou: Driven out from paradise,
Human beings fled to the earthly world, near death.
Created by those weakest of living things, created by the sapience
acquired because of that weakness, was a paradise of our own.

Kouzou: To protect us from the fear of death,
to satisfy ourselves with pleasure,
we created a paradise ourselves
This city is indeed a paradise.
This city, equipped with weapons to protect us.

Gendou: A city for those cowards fleeing from
the outside world, full of enemies.

Kouzou: Cowards live longer. That’s one good thing.
Third New Tokyo City, NERV’s camouflaged intercept
fortress city.
The Long-delayed seventh construction will be over soon.
At last it will be complete.

Kouzou: How are you going to report to the committee on the accident
with Unit four?

Gendou: With the facts: the cause is unknown.

Kouzou: Anyhow, it was a terrible loss, this time.

Gendou: I don’t care about Unit four and the second branch.
We lost the prototype S2 engine, but we still have the data in
Германия. Unit one and this installation are enough.

Kouzou: But the committee is in a panic.

Gendou: Of course, because it’s an unscheduled accident.

Kouzou: Seele must be busy revising the schedule.

Gendou: Incidents missed by The Dead Sea Scrolls may occur.
That will teach the old men a lesson.

– —
Announce: The transformation of the Third Area and the prototype weapon
test will be done as scheduled.
Dr. Nishizawa of Third Engineering Section, Dr. Nishizawa,
Connect the Second Development Section immediately.

Ryouji: Although our intercept system will finally be complete,
no celebration party is scheduled.
NERV is such a strict organization.

Maya: Because Commander Ikari is like he is.

Ryouji: How about you?

Maya: Is this OK, Kaji-san?
I’ll tell Katsuragi-san and Senior Akagi about this.

Ryouji: Before you talk, I’ll cover your mouth.

Misato: How is your work coming?

Ryouji: Oh, well, normally.

Maya: I have a job to do. Excuse me
– –
Misato: Although I can’t say anything about your private life,
Please don’t seduce young girls, in this situation.

Ryouji: It’s not your business to decide that.
And, is it OK, if it is you, Katsuragi.

Misato: It depends on the answer you’re about to give me.
You must know the secrets of the Marduk Institute and thatADAM,”

Ryouji: What?

Misato: Don’t bother pleading ignorance.

Ryouji: It’s not like you to ask help from someone.

Misato: I don’t care at all what people say about me.
I’m not feeling very reserved at the moment.
The Fourth children was found just in time.
What is the hidden reason for that?

Ryouji: I’ll tell you one thing.

Ryouji: Malduk Institute does not exist.
Nerv alone is pulling the strings.

Misato: Nerv alone?
Commander Ikari?

Ryouji: Code Seven Zero Seven. Investigate it.

Misato: Seven Zero Seven?
Shinji-kun’s school?

Shinji: Misato-san.

Misato: What?

Shinji: Ritsuko-san expects you at the meeting for tomorrow’s business trip.

Misato: Alright, thanks.

Misato: See you later.

Ryouji: hmm.

Ryouji: How going out for tea with me?

Shinji: I’m a guy.

– —
Shinji: I thought you’d be more serious, Kaji-san.

Ryouji: You’re saying that to someone as reliable as me, Shinji-kun?

Shinji: Oh, sorry.

Ryouji: I’m sorry too.
I didn’t mean to say something so rude.
Oh, I’ll show you something good.

– —
Shinji: Are these water melons?

Ryouji: Don’t you think they’re cute?
This is my hobby.
Keep this secret from the others.
Making something or growing something is wonderful!
We can see and learn many things through it.
It also brings pleasure.

Shinji: Also pain.

Ryouji: Do you hate pain?

Shinji: I don’t like it.

Ryouji: Did you find something pleasurable?

Ryouji: That’s good.
But, one knowing many pains is kinder to others.
That’s different from weakness.

Ryouji: Hello,

Ryouji: From Katsuragi. The syncro-test will begin soon.

– —
Maya: Plug depth fixed to 3.2.
LCL concentration
Harmonics level is minus 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 1.9..
The present reading is 0.2.
Level 3 Data deleted.
The rest saved to Melchior.

Ritsuko: It’s true.
Shinji-kun’s syncro ratio is getting worse.

Misato: What does that mean?

Ritsuko:I can’t say.
But, I suppose something happened in the last accident,
something mental.

Misato: It’s even more difficult to tell about Unit three’s pilot.

Ritsuko: The pilot himself will be officially notified tomorrow.

Misato: hmmm.

– —
Hikari: Stand! Attention! Bow!

Touji: Phew, Lunch, lunch!

Announce:Suzuhara Touji of second year A Class, Suzuhara Touji.
You are expected in the Director’s room immediately.

Touji: What’s that?

Kensuke: Did you do something?

Touji: В, nothing I remember.

– —
Touji: Excuse me, I’m Suzuhara Touji.

Ritsuko:You are Suzuhara Touji-kun?

– —
Shinji: How was your excursion to New-Yokosuka, yesterday?

By the way, I obtained some slightly disturbing information.

– –
Shinji: Eva Unit Three?

The one under construction in the states.
Is it completed?

Shinji: No idea.

Kensuke: I know you have to keep it secret, but
please tell me.

Shinji: I’ve never heard about that.

Kensuke: Don’t you know the rumor that the booting test will be
held at Second experiment installation in Matsushiro?

Shinji: I didn’t know.

Kensuke: The pilot hasn’t been selected yet?

Shinji: I don’t know about that.

Kensuke: Misato-san could let me pilot it.
Hey, Shinji, please ask her.
I really want to pilot Eva.

Shinji: Really, I don’t know.

Kensuke: Then the story that Unit Four was lost?

Shinji: What was that?

Kensuke:You really don’t know about that?
The second branch was destroyed.
My daddy’s section was in a panic.

Shinji: Really?

Kensuke: Presumably.

Shinji: I never heard anything from Misato-san.

It doesn’t concern the pilot at the end of system.
If she doesn’t tell you, you don’t to know about it.
Sorry for asking strange questions.
hmm, Anyhow, Touji hasn’t come back yet.

– —
Teacher: We, humanity, survived the hell called Second Impact,
and got up afterwards.
Currently, the number of children is decreasing, year by year.

Hikari: Oh,,

Touji: Sorry for being late.

Teacher:I’ve heard your story. Take a seat.
Well, those young generations who are the torchbearers of
the future are

– —
Kensuke:Hey, let’s go home.

Shinji: What about Touji?

Kensuke: He’s gonna be late,
‘cose he’s on duty.
– —
Announce:It’s time to go home.
Those students remaining in the class rooms are strongly urged
to go home immediately.
# Oh, Almost the same phrase appeared in GunBuster Episode 1.

Hikari: Suzuhara.

Touji: Ах?

Hikari: You are on duty.
You must straighten the desks, and write up the daily record.

Touji: I haven’t had lunch yet.
When I finish, I’ll do it.

Hikari: Suzuhara, your lunch is always a lunch box from the school shop.

Touji: There’s nobody who cooks for me.

Hikari: Suzuhara…-kun.

Touji: hm?

Hikari: I have two sisters, One is Kodama, the other is Nozomi.
I always make lunch boxes for them.

Touji: That’s a lot of work for you.

Hikari: So, I’m really good at cooking, though you might not think it.

Touji: hmm.

Hikari: So, I always waste materials for lunch boxes.

Touji: Waste

Hikari: Oh!

Touji: I’ll help you with any amount of leftover disposal.

Hikari: Oh, really,
Please help.
– —
Asuka: (humming)
– –

Asuka: Kaji-san.

Ryouji: Oh, Asuka?
Sorry, I’m very busy now.
Can you wait?

Asuka: hmmm, but you have time to see Misato.

Ryouji: Ах!
Not now!

Asuka: Oh, this is our syncro-data.
Four people?
What! What does this mean?
Who made this guy the Fourth children?
В, I don’t understand, what is this?
– —
NERV First Branch USA.

– —
Hikari: (humming)

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