Murder on the movie set featuring Daikaijū Gomera, Masked Yaiba characters
Yu Kobayashi plays feline samurai in time-travel story from TV show's staff
"I get the impression this episode is meant to be a moment of relief after the recent spectacle, but the few moments of intrigue and tenderness don't completely save it from being rather boring."
"These kids, along with the rest of humanity, are lost no more, and the cosmic ocean awaits."
Game collection launches for Switch, PC in West on October 18
Azumi Waki, Reina Ueda perform theme song
Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle premieres on October 7, Stars Align on October 19
Voice actress and singer Shoko Nakagawa is a huge Pokémon enthusiast. She's guest starred in 12 consecutive Pokémon anime films, is the host of Pokémon...
Game launches on October 8 for PS4, Xbox One, PC
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