Literal Translation Sèries,

Episodi 3 una Transferència
Naranai, Denwa (Unringing telephone)

Translated Speech Script with some comments

Written by WADA Mitsuhiro (Wada-kun)
Comentaris per WADA Mitsuhiro (Wada-kun)
Les revisions efectuades per Craig Green (
Revision level 1.2
Revisions based on Ver. 1.0 (Quick’n Dirty Version)

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*Shinji is in the entry plug of Eva Unit One.

*He is being trained by Ritsuko, qui està a càrrec del desenvolupament d'Eva.

*Ritsuko instructs him from the operations room.

Ritsuko: Good morning, Shinji-kun. How are you?

*Shinji’s face has no animation and his speaks in a monotonous voice. He
*seems totally lifeless.

Shinji: I’ve gotten used to itI think I have nothing wrong.

Ritsuko: That’s fine.
Appearance positions, emergency power sources, locations of
weapon depots and recovery spots–has memoritzat tots?

Shinji: Potser…

Ritsuko: Well, then I’ll review the lesson again. Eva usually runs on
electric power supplied from the cable. If Eva uses its internal
battery in an emergency, at full strength it will run for one
minute, or for up to five minutes otherwise, even with gain.
Do you understand?

Shinji: Yes.

Ritsuko: Ara, let’s resume the ‘Induction Modelesson where we left off

*The panel shows information on the internal battery of Eva:

#Japanese words are with English. “ACTIVE TIME REMAINING” ,
#”INTERNAL” , “MAIN BATTERY SYSTEM” . Eva usually can move with
#the internal battery for only 5 minutes.

*Eva aims the rifle at the Angel which appeared in Episode 1.

*The targeting display

Ritsuko: Aim at the target in the center of the sightsswitch on!

*Eva fires the rifle, missing the target.

Ritsuko: Stay calm. Aim at the target in the center.

Shinji: Switch

*Eva fires the rifle again and defeats the Angel.

Ritsuko: Next!

*Eva with some cables attached is seen through the windows of the
*operations room.

*Eva continually fires the rifle, again and again.

Maya: But I wonder how Shinji-kun brought himself to pilot it

Ritsuko: He just obediently goes along with what others say
That is how he is getting on with his life, isn’t it?

*Shinji looks haggard and vacant. He repeats his instructions like a zombie.

Shinji: Aim at the target in the center, switch
Aim at the target in the center, switch
Aim at the target in the center, switch
Aim at the target in the center, switch
Aim at the target in the center


EPISODI 3: A transfer

*The apartment where Misato and Shinji live together.

*Female voice is coming from a radio.

*Shinji knocks on the FUSUMA of Misato’s room and slides it open.

*Misato has tucked herself into her FUTON(bed).

#A fusuma is a papered sliding door which is used to partition
#off rooms in a Japanese house.

Shinji: Misato-san, it’s morning already.

*Misato answers him by tucking deeper herself into her FUTON. She seems
*very sleepy.

Misato: I was on night duty until a little while ago and today I’ve only
gotta be at the office in the evening so just let me sleep!

Shinji: Then, I

Misato: Is today Thursday? Put out the burnable garbage, please.

Shinji: Yes.

Misato: Are you used to the school yet?

Shinji: Yeah.



#someone who belongs to the place leave there. We always say
#’ITTEKIMASUwhen we leave home (or the place where we belong
#to,like the office).


*Shinji puts the garbage in the collection area for the residents of the

#JAPANESE SOCIAL RULES LESSON: We must separate garbage.
#Thursday is the day for burnable garbage collection in the area
#where Misato live.


*There is a phone call for Misato.

*Misato’s room is still very untidy, but cleaner than it was.

*She picks up the receiver. She is still under the covers in her futon.

Misato: Yes? Hello. Oh, it’s you, Ritsuko?

Ritsuko: How have you been? Are you getting along with him?

Misato: Him? Ah!, Shinji-kun. It’s been two weeks since he transferred to
the school. He’s the same as always. He hasn’t gotten any
phone calls.

Ritsuko: Phone calls?

*The cellular phone which she gave him is on his desk.


*Shinji is walking to school alone.

Misato: I gave him a portable phone out of necessity a while ago.
It seems he hasn’t used it, and no one has called him.
I’m not sure, but I think he has no friends.

*Ritsuko is calling from her desk in the office.

Ritsuko: He seems to have a personality unsuited to making friends,
doesn’t he? Do you know the story of theHedgehogsdilemma”?


*Shoes boxes of the school.
Misato: Hedgehogs? The thorny ones?

*Classmates are talking and playing in the classroom.
Ritsuko: If a hedgehog wants to give his warmth to other hedgehogs, la
closer he approaches, the more they injure each other. It’s the
same with some people. Because he is frightened by the aches in
his heart, he now seems so cowardly.
*Shinji enters the classroom silently.
*Rei is sitting alone at her desk, staring outside.
Misato: He will realize in time that in growing up, people learn to get a
sense of distance for each other’s hurt feelings.
*Misato’s and Ritsuko’s conversation ends.
*A boy is playing with a model airplane. Kensuke records a picture of the
*model with his video camera.
Boy: Gyuunn, Dogyugyuyuuun
Kensuke: What, Class Rep?
*Hikari has a class journal.
#Horaki Hikari is a class representative(IINCHO). Kensuke calls
#her ‘IINCHO’. I’m not sure if there are the similar title of
#schools outside Japan.
Hikari: Yesterday’s printdid you give it to Suzuhara, as I asked?
#A print is a piece of paper which is written the information or
#messages from the school to the parents of the students.
Kensuke: Ah!, uh, there didn’t seem to be anybody at Touji’s house.
Hikari: Aida-kun, you’re on good terms with Suzuhara, aren’t you? Per què
don’t you want to see him?
Kensuke: I’m not sure, but could he be badly hurt?
Hikari: Really? In that robot incident? The TV news said that nobody was
*The center of the explosion
Kensuke: Impossible! You saw the center of the explosion, didn’t you?
The units of not only Iruma and Komatsu, but of Misawa and
Kyushu were mobilized. I’m sure there were more than 10 o 20
people injured. Probably some were killed
*Touji enters the classroom.
Kensuke: Touji!
Hikari: Suzuhara!
Touji: The number of students has dropped drastically.
Kensuke: Evacuation, evacuation. Many have transferred to other schools.
It’s not surprisingthere was a real war in this city.
Touji: You’re the only one who’s pleased to see real battles.
Kensuke: Sorta. How have you been? You’ve been absent for a while.
Were you involved in that incident?
Touji: My younger sistermy younger sister was buried under a heap
of rubble. She
escaped death, but she’s been in the hospital ever since. My
father and grandfather work for the research center and can’t
desert their posts now. If I didn’t stay with her, she would’ve
been left all alone. Even so, that robot’s pilot was crappy! It
makes me furiousit was our robot defender that destroyed the
city! What was he doing?!
Kensuke: By the way, did you hear the rumor about the transfer student?
Touji: Transfer student?
Kensuke: It’s him over there. He transferred to this school while you
were gone. You realize that it was just after the incident?
Don’t you think it’s strange?
*A teacher comes in.
Hikari: All rise!
#At the beginning and the end of a lesson, we stand up, bow and
#sit down to the shouts of a student like ‘All rise!, ‘Bow’ i
#’Sit down’.
*An empty classroom
*A blackboard
*Portable computers on the desks of the students

Teacher: The hardest trials of the human race began then. In the last year
of the 20th century, a meteorite from outer space fell on
the Antarctic Continent. It caused the continent’s ice to melt in
an instant. Consequently, the water level in the oceans rose, la
Earth’s axis fluctuated, and abnormal weather patterns throughout
the world threatened the existence of all living things.
*calling sound from Shinji’s computer
Teacher: Economic collapse, racial disputes and civil warsthose who
survived them suffered new kinds of hellish situations.

*The following message on Shinji’s display

E-mail: “Is it true that you’re the pilot of that robot? Y/N

*Shinji is surprised and tries to find the sender.

Teacher: But for 15 years after thatin only 15 years we have greatly
restored the world. This is not only due to the superiority
of the human race

*The next message comes to prompt him to answer.

E-mail: It’s true, isn’t it?

Teacher: –but also to the efforts, to the blood, sweat and tears of your
fathers and mothers.

*Shinji inputsYES”.

*Many students stand and gather around him.

Students: Ehhh!!

*The teacher stands beside the windows and looks outside through them. He
*is too old to hear the noise the students make.

Teacher: In those days, I lived in Nebukawa. It is already

*Hikari stands up and shouts

Hikari: Listen, everyone! We are still in class, aren’t we? Take your

*Rei has no interest in the fuss and as before continues to stare outside.

Girl: Ah!, you always try boss us around!

Boy: Ignore it. Ignore it.

Hikari: I won’t ignore it!

*Shinji, surrounded by the students, is pelted with questions.

Girl: How were you selected?

Girl: Were you put through any tests?

Girl: What’s the cockpit like?

Girl: Were you frightened?

Shinji: Ah!, uh, I’ve gotta keep it secret

Girl: What’s the robot called?

Shinji: I’m not sure, but they called it Eva, or Unit One

Girl: Eva?

Boy: What’s its deadliest attack?

Shinji: There’s some knife, and vibrationslike an ultrasonic wave

Girl: Amazing! He’s the pride of our school, isn’t he?

Boy: Incredible!

*The chime which tells the end of the lesson rings.

Teacher: –consequentlyWhat?

Teacher: Well, that’s all for today.

Girl: Where do you live, Ikari-kun?

Girl: Do you live in the old section of the city?

Hikari: All rise! Bow! …Come on, everyone! It’s the end, do it right


*Touji hits Shinji behind the school building in the schoolyard. Shinji
*falls to the ground.

Touji: Sorry, transferee, but I have to hit you. I won’t be satisfied
’til I’ve hit you.

Kensuke: Sorry, but his younger sister was hurt in the battle. That’s the

Kensuke: But that’s how life is

Shinji: I’m not exactly doing this by choice, you know.

*Touji comes back and hits Shinji again.

*Rei comes and says:

rei: An emergency callI’ll go on ahead

*Rei runs away.


*A siren

Female Voice: A state of special emergency has now been declared for all
of Kanto and Chubu districts near the Tokai district. Please take
refuge in the designated shelters. Repetir. Avui…

*An Angel approaches.

Eye Catch




*Fuyutsuki commands.

Male Voice: The target has been sighted. It has invaded the
territorial waters.

Fuyutsuki: All hands to battle stations!

Female Voice: Roger. Prepare for anti-aircraft interception!

Male voice: Tokyo-3 transforming to battle mode.

Female Voice: Cache the central block!

*The complete view of Tokyo-3

*Many tall buildings sink and are put underground.

*The buildings hang down from the ceiling of the underground city.

Female Voice: The central block and Districts 1 through 7 have been cached.

Male Voice: The government and all concerned ministries have been notified.

Female Voice: The present effective rate of the anti-aircraft interception
system is 48%.

Misato: Status of noncombatants and civilians?

Shigeru: Reports indicate evacuation complete.



#334th Underground Shelter

#Tokyo-3 Disaster Prevention Section

#Total Floor Space 2000 square meters

#Total Accommodation 250

*Many students are in the shelter but they aren’t very serious.

Female Voice: Primary and junior-high school students, please group
yourselves by class. Residents, please group yourselves by block.

*Display (Probably similar messages on all TV channels)

#At noon today, a state of special emergency was declared for
#the Kanto and Chubu districts near the Tokai district. More
#detailed information will be reported as soon as it is received.

*Kensuke is operating his video camera.

Kensuke: They’re at it again.

Touji: Words are the only thing on the screen again.

Kensuke: It’s a news blackout. They won’t show us civilians anything at
all, even though this is such a big event

*Flying Angel shown on the screen.

Misato: So the fourth Angel is coming with Commander Ikari absent. It’s
here sooner than I had expected.

Makoto: The last one came after a 15 year interval. This one appeared
after only 3 weeks.

Misato: They never consider our feelings, do they? They’re the type that
women simply hate.

*Normal weapons heavily assault the Angel, but have no effects.

Fuyutsuki: They’re wasting tax money.

Shigeru: The committee is demanding that we mobilize an Evangelion again.

Misato: Damn, they’re annoying! I’d launch it even if they didn’t ask!


Maya: Entry has commenced.

Maya: Inject LCL. Release Arrival/Departure Lock.

Shinji: My father isn’t here, so why am I still piloting it?

Shinji: Even though I was hit


Kensuke: Hey, I’ve got something to tell you

Touji: What is it?

Kensuke: Yeah, wellyou know.

Touji: If you want to.

Touji: Class Rep!

Hikari: What?

Touji: Both of us are going to the toilet.

Hikari: Come on! Why didn’t you go before?


Touji: Well, what is it?

Kensuke: I want to see it, at least once before I die.

Touji: The battle above?

Kensuke: I’m afraid that if the next enemy comes soon

Touji: Kensuke, what kind of man are you!

Touji (mimicking Kensuke): “If I miss this chance, I might never…”

Kensuke: Tan, please help me unlock the gate.

Touji: If you go out there, you’ll be killed.

Kensuke: I’m not sure we’ll survive even here in the shelter. Since I
might be killed anyway, I want to see it before then.

Touji: You’re a fool! What do you think Nerv is for?!

Kensuke: And what do you think Nerv’s fighting machine is?! Its the robot
that the transferee pilots! Last time he protected us, and you
punched him for it. Twice!

Kensuke: If he didn’t want to pilot that robot, we’d all be killed. Touji,
you have an obligation to watch his struggle, don’t you?

Touji: There’s no other choice. You’re truly faithful to your desires,
aren’t you?

Kensuke: Ahaha


Misato: Shinji-kun, time to launch! Are you ready?

Shinji: Yes.

Ritsuko: Develop an AT-Field according to plan, all right? Are you okay?

Shinji: Yes.

Misato: Launch!

*Eva is launched.

*Kensuke and Touji are running up the stone stairs of the shrine in the

*Eva is going up.

*Angel flies in to stand in the city.

Kensuke: Amazing! It’s well worth the struggle to get here. Wow, this is
what I’ve been waiting for!

*Eva appears.

Kensuke: It’s come out!

*Shinji repeats murmuring the instructions like a spell.

Shinji: Aim at the target in the center and switch, aim at the target
in the center and switch

Misato: Develop an AT-field just like the plan, okay?

Shinji: Yes.

*Eva shoots the rifle at the Angel.

Misato: Fool! The enemy is hidden in the smoke of the explosion!

*The Angel suddenly attacks Eva with its feelers.

Touji: Look, he’s already beaten.

Kensuke: It’s okay.

Misato: I’m giving you a reserve rifle. Take it!

*The door of the building is opened.

*Shinji is trembling with fear.

Misato: Shinji-kun, Shinji-kun

Kensuke: Oops! I wonder if being hit hurts it as badly as I expected.

Touji: Shshshshut up!

*Angel attacks heavily and severs Eva’s power supply cable.

*The display which shows the active time remaining of Eva.

Shigeru: Umbilical cable has been severed!

Makoto: Eva has switched over to the internal battery.

Maya: Active time remaining is 4 minutes and 53 seconds!

Shinji: Ah!!

*Angel grasps Eva’s ankle and throws it at the mountain where Kensuke and
*Touji are.

Kensuke: It’s flying right at us!

*Eva falls near Kensuke and Touji.

*Shinji is badly shocked at finding his classmates near Eva.

Misato: Shinji-kun, are you all right?! Shinji-kun!

Misato: Any damage?

Makoto: There’s no problem. It’s still operational!

*Information on Kensuke and Touji is shown on the display of the operation

Misato: Shinji’s classmates?

Ritsuko: What are they doing there?

*Angel flies toward Eva and attacks. Eva grabs one of the Angel’s feelers
*but doesn’t attack it.

Touji: Why won’t he fight?!

Kensuke: Because we’re herehe limited in his movements.

Maya: Unit One, active time remaining is 3 minutes and 28 seconds!

Misato: Shinji-kun, let ’em into the cockpit. After they’ve been picked
up, retreat. You can go back later!

Ritsuko: What makes you think you can let civilians into the entry plug
without permission?!

Misato: I’m permitting it.

Ritsuko: You are exceeding your authority, Captain Katsuragi.

Maya: Unit One, Active time remaining is 3 minutes!

Misato: Make Eva hold with the current orders, then eject the entry
plug! Hurry!

*The entry plug is ejected.

Misato: You boys, get in it! Quick!


Touji: What? It’s water!

Kensuke: Camera. Oh, my camera!

*Ritsuko and Maya check the information on the status display.

Maya: Trouble in the nervous system!

Ritsuko: It’s due to the insertion of foreign bodies. Noises have been
detected in the nerve pulses.

Shinji: Uh…

*Angel moves away from Eva.

Misato: Ara, retreat!

*Eva slowly stands.

Misato: The recovery route is Number 34. Return to the east side of the

Touji: Transferee! She told you torun away,” transferee!

*Shinji begins to murmur the same phrase like a spell.

Shinji: Don’t run away, don’t run away, don’t run away

*Eva removes a Progressive Knife from the shoulder section.

Makoto: Progressive Knife equipped!

*Shinji looks so haggard and vacant.

Misato: Shinji-kun, obey my orders! Retreat, Shinji-kun!

*Shinji goes berserk! Eva makes a dash for the Angel!

Shinji: Uhaah!

Misato: What a fool!

*Angel stabs Eva’s body with the feelers.

Shinji: Uhaaah!

*Eva(Shinji) madly stabs the red area in the center of Angel’s body with
the Progressive Knife.

Maya: Unit One, active time remaining is 30 seconds, 28, 27, 26, 25…

*Sparks fly out.

Maya: …14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Maya: Eva Unit One has ceased all action.

Makoto: The target is completely silent.

*Shinji is heavily sobbing in the pilot seat.

*It’s raining.

*Kensuke is using a computer.

Touji: Including today, three days have already gone by

Kensuke: We were really raked over the coals for that

Touji: Since he’s been at school, I mean.

Kensuke: Who’she”?

Touji: I’m talking about the transferee, the transferee! How’s he
been doing since that battle?

Kensuke: You’re worrying about him?

Touji: I wouldn’t say I’m worrying

Kensuke: After being so tactless, you sure are stubborn, aren’t you?
If you had just told him that you were sorry after the battle,
your conscience wouldn’t have tortured you for three days.

*Kensuke hands a piece of paper to Touji.

Kensuke: Look, that’s the transferee’s phone number. If you’re so worried
about him, try calling him.


Shinji can’t overcome the weakness in his mind and he even runs away from
Misato. malgrat això, the organization takes him back easily and there aren’t
any kind words. Next time, “Rain, after he runs away”. Next time, of
course, service, service!

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