Literal Translation Sèries,

“Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 9
Translated Speech Script.

Written by Onizuka Kentaro
Revised by Craig Green

Neon Genesis Evangelion

A momentary mixing of minds

Student: Did you see that?

Student: Yes! Yes!

Student: What?

Student: Don’t you know that foreigner?

Student: Foreigner?

Student: Yeah, that transferee to 2nd year Class A last week.

Student: She’s cool!

Student: I hear she’s called Soryuu Asuka Langley.

Student: Definitely cute.

Student: Since she’s returned to her homeland after living abroad, maybe
she’s more mature than us?

Student: Don’t be silly.
I’d guess someone broke her heart and now she’s trying to forget
him here, in a different land.

Students: WOW!

Kensuke: Even the cats are saying, “Asuka, Asuka.

Touji: Everyone is peaceful!

Kensuke: Thank you!

# Kensuke is giving /selling Asuka’s photos which he took on the

Touji: Those pictures don’t show what her personality is really like.
Asuka: Hello, Shinji!

Shinji: gggg

Asuka: Guten Morgen!

Shinji: Guuguuten morugenn.

Asuka: Again! Your face is always gloomy in the morning.
This is _me_ that’s saying hello to you,
and you should feel glad because of it.
And there must be one more

Shinji: Who?

Asuka: Silly boy!
I’m talking about the First Children.

Shinji: Oh, Ayanami is..

Asuka: Hello! You are Ayanami Rei, the pilot of the prototype unit.
I am Asuka, Souryuu Asuka Langray, the pilot of Eva Unit Two.
Let’s be good friends!

rei: Per què?

Asuka: ‘Cuz it’d be convenient for various reasons.

rei: If ordered to, I will.

Asuka: Strange girl.

Touji: That makes sense. I mean, that strange people would be selected as
Eva pilots.

Ritsuko: Hmm…?

Ritsuko: You’ve become thinner?

Ritsuko: Is that right?

Ryouji: You’re in a sad sort of love.

Ritsuko: And how do you know that?

Ryouji: Because those with a mole along the path of tears are destined to
live a life full of them.

Ritsuko: Are you trying to seduce me? It won’t workthat horrible lady is

Misato: uuuu.

Ristuko: Long time no see, Kaji-kun.

Ryouji: Yeah, long time no see.

Ritsuko: malgrat això, you’re being rather silly.

Misato: He’s always been silly.
Your mission to bring Unit Two here is complete.
You have to return home!

Ryouji: I received an official notice of transfer this morning, so actually
I have to stay here. I’m lucky that we can be as we once were.

Misato: Who’d want to with you?

Shigeru: Report from Cruiser XX on watch:
Gigantic underwater object discovered off Kii Peninsula. Sending

Makoto: The received data has been analyzed.
Wavelength pattern, blue.
It’s been identified as an Angel.

m 9
eflash uniting hearts
Misato: The interception system of Third New Tokyo City was heavily damaged
in the previous battle. Only 26% has been restored. The amount of
operable equipment in an actual battle is almost nil, so we must
destroy the target before it lands on the waterfront. Unit One
and Unit Two, countinual attacks in turn. Close-quarter combat!

Shinji & Asuka: Roger!

Asuka: Since this is my first battle in Japan, why aren’t I allowed to
fight it alone?

Shinji: No way, this has all been planned.

Asuka: I’ll tell you this: don’t do anything to disturb me.

Shinji: Fine.

Asuka: Why were you ever selected as a pilot?

Asuka: It’s not the way of the warrior to attack in pairs.
It’s not my preference.

Misato: We haven’t got the reserves to choose another way, just one:

Shinji: Ah!, it’s coming!

Misato: Start the attack!

Asuka: Okay, here I go! Cover me!

Shinji: Oh, I’m covering you?

Asuka: It’s ladies first!

Shinji: Damn it! The newcomer shouldn’t be leading me.

Asuka: I’ve got it!

Shinji: Oh!

Shinji: Oh, no!

Shinji: GOOD JOB!

Asuka: Did you see that, Third Children!
Combat must always be elegant and without waste.

Shinji: Oh!

Asuka: What?

Misato: That’s unfair!

* The angel separated into two parts and each attacked each Eva.

Maya: 10:58.15 A.M. today.
Unit One was attacked by one of halves, say A, of the separated target,
and sank at a point 2 kilometers from Surugawan Bay.
10:58.20 A.M. Unit Two ceased operation after an attack by the other
half, say B.

Maya: Now for comments by the people responsible for the operation.

Ritsuko: It looks bad.

Asuka: It’s because of you that my debut battle was severely ruined!

Shinji: You can’t say that! It’s Souryuu who was being foolish!

Asuka: Foolish?! How can such an awkward boy say that?
That’s too rude!

Shinji: You stop being rude! You were too hasty to fight it, and it’s the
result that matters.

Asuka: What was that? Something like floating corps in the sea!
It was dishonourable!

Shinji: You can’t say that to me!

Maya: Nerv aborted the operation at 11:03 A.M.
Command was passed to the U.N. Second force.

Fuyuzuki: They’re humilitating us.

Maya: At 11:05, the target was attacked with an N2 bomb.

Fuyuzuki: We have to update the map.

Maya: They succeeded in destroying 28% of the component substances.

Asuka: They’ve finished it off?

Fuyuzuki: The U.N. just kept it from immediately walking to Nerv HQ.
Its next attack is simply a matter of time.

Ryouji: Well, we’ve earned time to prepare. That’s fortunate.

Fuyuzuki: Listen to me! Do you know what your task is?

Asuka: To pilot Eva.

Fuyuzuki: En! To defeat Angels.
Nerv’s doesn’t exist so you can perform such dishonourable
deeds. Therefore, you must co-operate and

Shinji & Asuka: Why do I have to co-operate with this kind of person?!

Fuyuzuki: Stop!

Asuka: Why are you getting angry?

Ryouji: Adults don’t like being humiliated.

Shinji: Excuse me, but where is Misato-san?

Ryouji: Settling things. The responsible officer bears all responsibility.

Ritsuko: These papers are protests and reports of damage from the
ministries concerned. And this is the claimed payment from the
UN. And these are complaints from the publicity section.

Misato: Hmmm.

Ritsuko: You have to read through these.

Misato: I know what they’ll say without reading them.
They say, “In battle, fight here.

Ritsuko: Good guess.

Misato: After this Angel has been taken care of, I’ll do my fighting
here, orders or not. I will kill this Angel!

Ritsuko: The vice-commander is furious!
There’s no doubt you will be transferred if you humiliate him again.

Misato: Then there’s good luck hidden in the misfortune of Commander
Ikari’s absence.

Ritsuko: You would have been fired even before he’d read these

Misato: But you’re kind enough to bring me some clever idea to help me
avoid being fired

Ritsuko: Only one.

Misato: You’re wonderful! Dr. Akagi Ritsuko, it’s good to have a kind,
old friend!

Ritsuko: You are mistaken. It’s not me who is helping an old friend out of
a tight spot. This idea is Kaji-kun’s.

Misato: Kaji’s…?

Shinji: Hello, I’m backBut no one’s here
WOW! What are these?
Asuka: Don’t be rude! This is my luggage.

Shinji: WhatWhat made you put it here?

Asuka: Why you are still here?

Shinji: Still here?

Asuka: You’ve been kicked out.

Shinji: Eh? Ah!!

Asuka: Misato is going to live with me.
Well, it’s the natural choice considering which of us is better.
In truth, though, I wanna live with Kaji-sanJapanese-style
rooms are rather tinythey’re not large enough for half of my

Shinji: Ah!!! Oh, no!

Asuka: And why are Japanese people so reckless?
How can you can live in a room without a lock?

Misato: The Japanese way is kindness and guessing other’s wishes.

Shinji & Asuka: Misato-san!

Misato: How are you! You two are getting along well.

Shinji: What do you mean?

Asuka: What?

Misato: This is the preparation for the next operation.

Shinji & Asuka: Per què?

Misato: The seventh Angel has only one weakness: a concentrated, two-point
attack to the core during separation. That’s the only way.
In other words, an attack by two Evas with completely syncronized

Shinji & Asuka: Well

Misato: Tan, you two are going to live together from now on.

Shinji & Asuka: Oh, no!

Asuka: En! I won’t accept that. You know that men and women must not
live together after the age of seven. That’s the proverb.

Misato: The angel is proceeding with self-restoration.
The second attack is predicted to be in six days.
We have no time.

Asuka: This is nsane!

Misato: Well, the only way to accomplish this nsanity is to master an
attack pattern harmonized to this music, as soon as possible
within the six days!

Shinji: Well

Asuka: En!


Touji: I’m worried about how Shinji is doing

Kensuke: He’s been absent from school for the last three days.

Touji: Oh, it’s the Class Representative.

Hikari: Two of the Idiot Trio.

Touji: Why is the Class Rep here?

Hikari: I’m going to inquire after Soryuu-san.
I’m wondering why you are here.

Kensuke: To inquire after Ikari-kun.

Three: What are you doing here?!

Shinji & Asuka: Hi!

Touji: You’re betraying us!

Kensuke: The two of them look like a they’re a couple.
I must be imagining things

Shinji & Asuka: This is being forced on us by Misato-san, who insists that
Japanese should begin with pattern.

Hikari: You two are acting impure!

Shinji & Asuka: It’s a misunderstanding!

Hikari: It’s neither a mis-UNDER-standing nor a mis-OVER-standing!

Misato: Ah!, welcome!

Touji: Please, tell us what’s going on here!

Touji & Kensuke & Hikari: (Laughter)

Touji: You should have said that in the first place!

Hikari: And the attempt at unison is going well?

Misato: Just as you see here.

Touji & Kensuke & Hikari: Hmm

Asuka: It’s a simple fact! It’s impossible for me to be as low-level
as Shinji is!

Misato: Then you’re giving up?

Asuka: There’s no one else.

Misato: rei!

rei: Yes.

Misato: You try.

rei: Yes.

Asuka: Ah!…

Asuka: Aha

Touji & Kensuke & Hikari: Hmm

Misato: Then we’d better change the plan so you’ll have to pair up
with Rei.

Asuka: En! I can’t go on!

Shinji: Oh.

Hikari: Ah!, Asuka-san!

Touji: Tears in a demon’s eye

Hikari: Ikari-kun!

Shinji: Well

Hikari: You have to go after her!

Shinji: What?

Hikari: You’re responsible for her tears.

Shinji: Well, umm..

Asuka: Don’t say anything.
I knowI know I must pilot Eva.
I willI will do it.

Asuka: I must triumph over them! I must!

Shinji: Oh, no, wanting to triumph over them is not good

Asuka: Even for a man, you’re being too simplistic!
I want revenge for my injured pride!

Shinji: WOW..

Asuka: Where’s Misato?

Shinji: At work. An overnight job, she said on the phone.

Asuka: Then we’ll be alone tonight.

Shinji: WOW! Oh, no!

Shinji: What?

Asuka: This is the unbreakable wall of Jerico.

Shinji: What?

Asuka: If you invade my side over this wall, you shall be executed.
A child must not be awake late at night. Go to bed!

Asuka: Who do Japanese sleep on the floor? Unbelievable!

Shinji: Ummm

Shinji: Hmmm

Shinji: Oh

Asuka: Ah!…

Shinji: Wow!

Asuka: Mom! Mommy!

Asuka: Hmmm

Shinji: You are a child as well

# Shinji tried to kiss Asuka, but stopped, because she utteredMom


Misato: En, someone is staring.

Ryouji: Who?

Misato: Who? Oh, mmm

Misato: En. We’re no longer together.
I beg you not to do this again.

Ryouji: Your lips don’t saystop”…

Misato: uuuu

Ryouji: Your lips or your wordsWhich should I trust?

Misato: mmmm

Misato: mmmm

Ritsuko: Here you go.

Misato: Thanks.

Ritsuko: At night, it’s rare to see you sober.

Misato: Mmm, there’s this tiny thing

Ritsuko: Business? Or a man?

Misato: Well, many things.

Ritsuko: Hmmm, still in love?

Misato: Bahh, don’t say such things. Who could love that kind of guy!
No matter how young I was, it’s still the biggest taint on my

Ritsuko: I was talking about Kaji-kun. You seem moved.

Misato: You were

Ritsuko: Your anger proves I touched a nerve.

Misato: Hmm

Ritsuko: You should be more frank. Things have changed from that time
eight years ago.

Misato: Nothing’s changed. He’s still immature.
Here I go: business, business. Tomorrow is the day of final battle!

Staff: Target has broken through the final defensive line at Gora.

Misato: That thing is coming! We won’t fail this time.
When the music starts, expand the AT-field and
then just follow the plan. You two ready?

Shinji & Asuka: Roger!

Staff: Target invading the mountain region.

Maintain areaor something is better. The place with many mountains.

Asuka: Are you all right? Full power and full performance from the start!

Shinji: I know. Everything will be over in 62 seconds.

Staff: Target arriving at Zero Area!

Misato: External power….

Misato: anar!

Music and Dance

Staff: Eva One and Two recognized.

Misato: Oh, no!

Ritsuko: Ugly!

Shinji: Hmm, què?

Asuka: What are you doing on my Unit Two?

Shinji: En! You hit me first!

Asuka: It’s you that first lost the timing.
You’re always so dull!
What were you doing last night if not sleeping!

Shinji: I was image training for today’s battle!

Asuka: You’re lying! You tried to kiss me on the lips!

Shinji: Not fair! You were awake at the time?

Asuka: That’s horrible! I meant it as a joke! You really did it?
You kissed me?

Shinji: En, I didn’t. I stopped.

Asuka: Ha! Mean! Fool! Despicable, crazy boy! Unbelievable!

Shinji: gg ah!

Spectators: (Laughter)

Shinji: And you’re so childish, you cried forMommy”!

Fuyuzuki: They’re humiliating us again

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