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Voice Actress: Megumi Hayashibara
English Dub Voice Actress: Wendee Lee

Faye Valentine (フェイ・ヴァレンタイン, Fei Varentain, born August 14, 1994) is the female bounty hunter of the Bebop crew. For the most part, her past and even her real name remain a mystery even through the end of the series. What little we do know of her comes mostly from videos of her past that appear a little over halfway in the series. She is often seen smoking, although nowhere near as much as Spike. Her everyday clothes are bright yellow hot pants and a matching, revealing top, showing off her voluptuous figure. Her violet hair and brilliant green eyes complete the look. Her purple hair is most likely a natural color because, after watching beta tapes she made as a child before the Gate Accident, her younger self also had purple hair. However, in the "Cowboy Bebop" manga, while describing a wanted serial killer they are hunting, she states that she fits his preferences as an "Asian Beauty" with "straight black hair" (though it should be noted that manga is it’s own story and not part of the anime’s continuity). Not much is known about the main outfit she wears on a daily basis, but it is not her only set of clothing. In Session 5, Ballad of Fallen Angels she dresses in a formal gown to attend the opera where she hoped to find Mao Yenrai. In Session 10 Ganymede Elegy she dons a bikini and spends most of the day tanning herself on the deck of the Bebop while they are docked on water. While she appears to be in her early 20’s, Faye is really closer to 77.

Born on Earth, presumably somewhere around Singapore, it is believed she came from a wealthy family (see Session 18; video of her past includes a shot of the Merlion and of her living in a large mansion). She spent 54 years in a cryogenic coma after an accident when she was 20. She woke up in the hospital with amnesia, not remembering much about herself or the circumstances that brought her to her current state. The surname “Valentine” was actually given to her by the doctor that woke her. She soon discovered she had incurred a very large debt due to her years of medical care which she deemed as “unfair.” She fell in love with a con artist who faked his own death to escape his own debts, leaving them all to Faye. She turned to gambling in an attempt to quickly erase her debts, which causes her even more trouble.

Her first appearance in Bebop is as a Blackjack dealer in a casino. She was cornered into taking part in an illegal smuggling operation by the casino owner. Spike and Jet just so happen to be at the same casino. Faye mistakes Spike for the contact that is supposed to give her a special poker chip as a tip after losing all his money. When Spike doesn’t comply, a brawl ensues with the casino security. Faye escapes, only to be caught by the Bebop and ends up cuffed to the toilet. Spike and Jet reveal that Faye has a 6 million Woolong bounty. Faye manages to escape again, only to later be picked up by the Bebop once more when her ship runs out of fuel. After more hijinks and another failed bounty attempt, Faye decides to make herself at home aboard the ship, much to the consternation and disapproval of the two men, both of whom have their own reservations about women in general. Faye herself is brash, egotistical, and quite lazy, despite taking plenty of time to pamper and care for her own appearance. Faye has been arrested several times in the series and has spent time in handcuffs on the ship.

She, at times, expects the boys to take care of bounties for her, while she sits by idly to reap the benefits and eat all their food, another source of conflict. Seemingly little more than a thorn in her partners’ sides, Faye is actually a well-rounded member of the team. She can handle herself exceptionally well for a woman of her slight appearance, displaying at least once in the series (in "Cowboy Funk") that she has a powerful punch. When not traveling on the Bebop, Faye is in her Red Tail. The Red Tail is a Personal MONO Transport. Its weaponry, which may surpass the standard features of a MONO Transport, includes Dual Turret-Mounted Machine Guns, a Heat Seeking Missile Launcher, an Autocannon and External Pinchers for grappling other ships and items in space. Several additional features of the Red Tail include Remote Auto-pilot, Anti-Missile Devices, Enhanced Agility, and the ability to take-off and land in a vertical position. Adept at flying, Faye has stood her ground just as well as Spike has in an aerial dogfight in her ship Red Tail, and at times even against Spike in an aerial dogfight (though Spike eventually proved the better pilot). She also excels with guns, and is first seen in the series completely disabling a shop with a Heckler & Koch MP5K, though she is immediately apprehended afterward. In the movie, she is seen with the same gun, in addition to her normal companion: a Glock 30.

Faye has an almost unstoppable attitude, and even her sometimes innocent smile can be seen as dangerous. She has many bad habits, such as drinking, habitual gambling, smoking cigarettes and occasionally cigars, becoming unnecessarily violent, and turning on partners when the profits seem too skimpy. Sarcastic and presumptuous, she rarely appears weak or in need of support. She brags and takes care of herself, never trusting others, cheating and lying her way from one day to the next. She also shows herself capable of unpredictable behavior, as when she kissed Ed on the mouth to snap Ed from one of her "autistic" moments.

Throughout the series, though she retains her sarcastic demeanor and unpleasant nature up until the very end, it is easy to see her grow as a character. She learns to value her comrades, coming back to the Bebop when she realizes that it is the only home that she has left, naming it as the “only place I could return to”. She grows to understand the disadvantages of being a loner, and that even though her "family" is somewhat dysfunctional it is still a place where she will always belong. Though she grows to care for Jet and even Edward in her own way, it is her relationship with Spike that remains a cause for consideration by most. In one episode Spike teases her and asks if she will come to help him if he gets into trouble, and though she scoffs at his remark, she eventually does. Faye even points her gun at him in a threatening gesture in the last episode, as Spike is walking away to what she and Jet both realize is his death. When asked, Watanabe stated in an interview,

"Sometimes I’m asked the question, ‘What does Spike think of Faye?’ I think that actually he likes her quite a bit. But he’s not a very straightforward person so he makes sure he doesn’t show it."

As Spike said in Session 9, Faye is a woman with an attitude. She maintains a tough exterior because of the people she often associates with both in bounty hunting and her former life as a confidence woman and scam artist. When she is after a bounty head Faye often acts cocky and overconfident (Session 9, 14, and 22). She puts herself into situations where men lust after her (Sessions 8, 12) however as evidenced by Session 12, Jupiter Jazz Part 1 she may get a thrill out of being desired. There are only few instances (Session 15) when Faye has shown an interest of love in a man. There are times when Faye can be soft-spoken, sentimental and vulnerable. When Faye originally came out of her cryogenic sleep, she had anxiety about her future but did not respond with anger or violence. She did, however, attempt to run away from her problems which has become a common solution for her when life seems difficult.

Faye shares a complicated relationship with Spike. Despite being often antagonistic and confrontational, they frequently share verbal jibes at one another.Yet at other times, they show an uncommon concern and compassion for one another; saving each other’s lives multiple times throughout the series. If Spike is injured (as he frequently is) Faye will scold him for his recklessness. She once lightly tormented him (while he is wrapped in bandages) by teasing him with an orange, before leaving him with nothing but the peel. Ultimately, Spike and Faye develop strong feelings for one another, and perhaps, in a different universe, they may have fallen in love and lived happily ever after. However, Spike’s demons prove too much for him. The allure of his lost first love, Julia, and the need to avenge her proves too strong for Spike and his burgeoning feelings for Faye. Evidence of Faye’s feelings for Spike were shown when Faye attempted to persuade Spike to walk away from his past.

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