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Studio cites difficulty in screening & judging after July 18 fire
Boruto's Toshiro Fujii directs story of lonely girl who gets used motorcycle
Fragtime's Takuya Satō directs Liden Film on story by Wandering Son/ Sweet Blue Flowers creator
Film opened in Japan on October 26, ranked #5
Manga about high school aerial combat launched in 2013
Shotan to launch Isekai Senpai ー Tejina Senpai wa Kono Sekai de mo Ponkotsu na Yō Desuー manga
Manga about historical figure Charles-Henri Sanson launched in 2013
New Game!'s Yoshiyuki Fujiwara directs anime at Doga Kobo
Amazon Prime Video streams all episodes in Japan on that day
10 episodes to air across 2 Saturdays, followed by typhoon-delayed 2nd half of season 2
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