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The latest in WarCry’s series of Mythos Developer Diaries concerns the small burg, Greenreach. Greenreach is the starting town for Mythos but dark times have fallen and it shows. Greenreach needs a hero. Read on!

To celebrate a decade of devotion to Battleground Europe, developer Cornered Rat Software has sent WarCry a pair of exclusive screenshots from the game. Check them out by clicking below!

AlRafterCorey, Executive Producer & Marketing Manager at Cornered Rat Software, has written the first in a series of developer diaries about Battleground Europe, also known as WWII Online. For those not in the ‘know’, Battleground Europe is closing in on a decade of gaming excellence. Now -that’s- devotion. Read on!

WarCry is your connection for a Heroes in the Sky closed beta key. Heroes in the Sky is an upcoming MMO flight sim from Games Campus and it is the hot game to look forward to this summer. Click below for the link!

AdventureQuest Worlds developer, Artix Entertainment, routinely asks for and responds to player ideas to improve the game which is already a huge hit. Don’t believe it? Read on then BATTLE ON!

AdventureQuest Worlds players were recently introduced to the newest class in town, the ever-importantif not somewhat sneakyBard. Find out how to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony by clicking below!

The portal to the Land of Chaos Online is about to open. Be one of the first to step through it with a limited closed beta key! WarCry has your back for a beta key. All you need is either a WarCry or Escapist site membership (they’re free!) and a key is yours for this exciting hybrid-action MMO. Read on!

End of Nations has set itself a mighty goal: Break ALL known conventions when it comes to real time strategy games. Our exclusive look at EoN comes by way of Joe Bostic, Steve Copeland and John Fitzgerald. This ain’t your mama’s RTS game, folks. Read on!

There has been a lot of stir in the MMO community with the arrival of Rift: Planes of Telara. WarCry caught up with Trion Worlds COO Scott Hartsman to find out what makes Rift so special. Check out this comprehensive and informative interview! It’s a dandy!

Players of the MMO AdventureQuest Worlds can finally journey to the music capital of Lore! The fertile valley of Mythsong Canyon is made famous for its naturally acoustic geography along with the legendary Singing Crystals, each playing a unique tune when touched (they really do work-you should try it out!). Keep reading!

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