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"It's a promising beginning to this highly anticipated adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's classic story."
"Tsurune didn't tell your usual amped-up sports story. But when it whispers its message through music and visuals alone, it can be poetry."
"I like how these two fighters are now so in tune with their futures that they're finishing each other's sentences, but ultimately this episode is yet another buffer before we get to the real meat of the story."
"The Fabrications' numbers continue to thin as Boruto and company keep fighting their way through the endgame."
"This week gives us a level of scariness from Kitaro we haven't really seen since the Ghost Train episode, and you know that can't be a good sign for the human he meets."
Anime include Inazuma Eleven, Yo-kai Watch, Yamishibai, more
"Lucy's not the only Fairy Tail member in dire straits this week."
"Fortunately, ENDRO has shown enough flashes of ambition that I have hopes for the ways it might be able to surprise me, while also enjoying spending more low-stakes time with these characters."
"This sequel to Hand Shakers isn't the anime that we wanted or needed, but maybe it's the anime we deserve."
New Star Fleet release includes original X-Bomber series
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