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“Genesis Evangelion Neon: Episode 6
Translated Speech Script.

Written by Onizuka Kentaro
Revised by Craig Green

Avant title.

Staff: High-energy reaction detected within target.

Misato: What the hell?!

Staff: Radially acceleratingConverging

Ritsuko:That means

Misato: Ar, dodge it!

Shinji: Waaa

Misato: Retrieve it! Hurry!

Staff: Target is silent.

Misato: How is Shinji-kun?

Staff: He’s alive.

Announce: Unit One scavenged. Carrying it to the 7th cage.

Misato: I’m going to the cage. Take over for me

Announce:Eva Unit One secured.

Staff: Pilot’s brain waves are erratic.
Heart beat is very weak.

Ritsuko:Heart support system to maximum.
Begin cardiac stimulation.

Staff: Roger.

Staff: Pulse recognized.

Ritsuko:Force eject the plug. Hurry!

Ritsuko:LCR emergency exhaust.

Staff: Roger.

Ritsuko:Hurry, open the hatch! Hurry!


Final battle Third New Tokyo City.
Fyenal battle therd Tokyo Sitie.

Pennod 6.

Announce:Enemy’s particle accelerator firing.
Drone vapourized.

Misato: Next.

Announce:12th type automatic mortar cannon annihilated.

Misato: Okay, I’ve got it!

Staff: According to the data we’ve collected so far, it is presumed that
the enemy automatically attacks objects within a certain range.

Staff: The particle accelerator cannon will always target and fire at
any object invading this area.

Staff: Closing for combat in an Eva is too risky.

Misato: AT-field status?

Staff: Active. A strong enough field is present to make it visible by
its phaseshift space.

Staff: Inductive cannon bombing or similar attacks would only be an
exercise in futility.

Misato: Both offense and defence are very slick
The thing’s a flying fortress.
And the enemy Shield?

Staff: The target is just above us, penetrating the Tokyo-3 City Zero Area.
A gigantic Shield with a diameter of 17.5 meters is heading for
Nerv head office in the geofront.

Staff: The enemy is going to attack Nerv headquarters directly

Misato: Shit!
And what’s its ETA?

Staff: Just past midnight, at 0:06:54, it will have breached
all 22 levels of defensive armour and will penetrate Nerv

Misato: Less than 10 hours left

Announce: Enemy Shield has contacted the first defensive armour.

Misato: What’s the condition of Unit One?


Ritsuko:The defensive chest armour was melted up to the third layer.
It’s a bad hit, but luckily the central control unit was not

Staff: In three more seconds it would’ve been completely out

Announce: Part replacement will be completed in 3 hours.

Misato: Roger. Status of Unit Zero?

Staff: No problems with restarting it, though a detectable error in
feedback remains.

Ritsuko: So, an actual battle is

Misato: –impossible?
How is the pilot of Unit One?

Staff: No physical damage.
Nerve pulses are 0.8 higher than normal, but within acceptable

Announce: 9 hours, 55 minutes until the enemy’s arrival.

Misato: A difficult situation

Staff: Do you want to show a flag of truce?

Misato: Before that, I’ve one itty-bitty thing left to try

Fuyutuki: Long-distance direct firing from outside the target’s range?

Misato: Ydw.
A single point attack with a high energy convergence unit, without
first neutralizing the target’s AT-field. There’s no other way.

Fuyutuki:And what do the Magi say?

Misato: Two of the Magi supercomputers say it can work, while the
third gives a conditional affirmative.

Fuyutuki:The probability of success is 8.7%.

Misato: That’s the highest value.

Gendo: There’s no reason to reject it. Proceed, Captain Katsuagi.

Misato: Yes sir!

Ritsuko:You know you’ve devised an insane operation, don’t you,
Planning Manager Katsuragi?

Misato: Don’t be rude! It’s not insaneit can be carried out within 9
hours and has the highest chance of success.

Ritsuko:The plan will work? Really?

Special Positron Cannon for Eva.
Cyclotron Prototype 20.

Ritsuko:Our positron rifle cannot handle that much power.
What are you going to do?

Misato: It’s been taken care of. I’ll borrow one.

Ritsuko:You’ll borrow…? You mean…?

Misato: Yeah. The SSDF (Strategic Self Defense Force) Lab’s prototype.

Requisition Order

….panese government allows Special Institute Nerv (say, A)….
….o use the prototype automatic positron cannon (say, C)….
….owned by The Strategic Self Defense Force Tech. Lab(say, D)..
….n order to carry out the present mission, requisit C ….

Misato: For this reason, we, the Special Institute Nerv, hereby requisition
this automatic positron cannon from 15:00 today.

Staff: Oh, noYou might want it, but it’s simply insane!

Misato: We will do our best to return this in its original condition.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Misato: Okay, brenin, take this.
It’s a delicate machine, so be careful

Staff: But the power required to penetrate the AT-field is at least
180 GigaWatts.
Where are you going to get that much electric power?

Misato: That’s settled! From all over Japan.

TV: We apologize for interrupting regular programming but an
Emergency announcement follows. From 11:30 AM today until early
tomorrow morning, a large scale…}

Heli: …electric power blackout is predicted for all of Japan.
We kindly ask for your cooperation.

Announce: I repeat. From 11:30 AM today until early tomorrow morning,
a large scale electric power blackout is predicted for all of Japan.
We kindly ask for your cooperation.

Announce: Enemy Shield has broken through the 7th defensive armour.

Misato: What is the status of the energy supply system?

Report: We are currently 3.2% behind schedule, but we will be finished
by 23:10 today.

Misato: Positron rifle status?

Staff: The third section of tech development is doing its best to
assemble it within 3 hours.

Misato: And for defense?

Ritsuko: Well, there’s nothing to do but use a shield.

Staff: This is the shield?

Ritsuko:This was a SSTO (Single Stage To Orbit) rocket.
Its bottom armour was originally super-electromagnetically coated
and second section assures us it can withstand the enemy’s
particle cannon for 17 seconds.


Misato: The attack point is…?

Staff: Considering the position of the target, the distance, the
geographical features, and the power supply installation,
this point is best.

Misato: Excellent!
All right, the attack will be from the top of Mt. Futagoyama.
The operation will commence at 0:00 AM, midnight.
I’m naming thisOperation Yashima.

Staff: Roger.

Misato: The only remaining problem is the pilots.

Staff: The pilot of Unit One has returned to consciousness.
Health readings show nothing wrong.

Misato: Okay, then the operation is going according to plan.

Staff: Roger.

Misato: Butwill he really get into Eva?

Misato: Final battle on Mt. Futagoyama, hurry!

Shinji: Ayanami

brenin: I’m here to inform you of the schedule of Operation Yashima.
It will begin at 0:00 AM, midnight.
The two pilots, Ikari and Ayanami, will scramble at the cage at 17:30
At 18:00 PM, ready Units One and Zero.
At 18:05 PM, launch.
At 18:30 PM, arrive at the Emergency Base on Mt. Futagoyama.
Wait there for further instructions.
When the day changes, the operation starts.

brenin: Here is the new one.

brenin: Don’t come with that appearance with sleepy head.

Shinji: Oh, sorry!
I’ve been apologizing a lot since yesterday

brenin: Meal.

Shinji: I don’t want to eat.

brenin: We will depart in 60 minutes.

Shinji: Do I have really have to get into Eva again?

brenin: Ydw, you do.

Shinji: Your words can be so cold because you’ve never experienced
horrible things in it. I never want to experience such things

brenin: Then stay in bed.

Shinji: In bed?

brenin: I will get into Unit One.
Dr. Akagi is ready to rewrite the personal data in Unit One.

Shinji: Ritsuko-san is…?

brenin: I’m leaving. Captain Katsuragi and Dr. Akagi are waiting for me.

Shinji: Oh

brenin: Good bye.

Touji: I’m tired of waiting. It’s time to go to the shelter.

Kensuke:I secretly read my father’s data.
There’s no doubt about the time.

Touji: But they haven’t appeared!

All: Oh!

Touji: That mountain is moving

Kensuke: There they are! Evangelions!

All: WOW!

All: Great!

All: Hang in there, Evangelions! We believe in you!

Announce: Enemy Shield has broken through the 17th defensive armour.
3 hours, 55 minutes until its arrival at the head office.

Announce: Electric power supply from Shikoku and Kyushu Aria complete.

Announce: Starting tests of each cooling system.

Ritsuko:This is precision machine. Be careful.

Shinji: This was not meant for field battle. Will it really work?

Ritsuko:There’s no other way. This is an emergency use.

Shinji: Will everything be okay?

Ritsuko:Theoretically, yes.
However, I don’t know if the accelerator and cannon will withstand
the blast. It’s the first time firing with so much power.

Misato: Here are the arrangements for the operation.

Shinji: Ydw.

Misato: You will be the gunner.
brenin, you will defend him with Unit Zero.

brenin: Ydw.

Ritsuko:This arrangement is due to the fact that Shinji’s synchronization
ratio is higher and we need more precise operation this time.
Since the positron beam is influenced by the magnetic field,
gravity field and the revolution of the Earth, it will not fire in
a straight line. Don’t forget to adjust for that erroryou must
hit the core precisely.

Shinji: But I’ve never practiced!

Ritsuko: Don’t worry, it’s just like in the textbook.
When the marks get together in the middle, fire.
The computers will do the rest automatically.
For a second shot, you will have to wait a little while to
replace fuses, cool down, and reload the rifle.

Shinji: And if I miss and the enemy shoots at us?

Ritsuko:Don’t think like that.
You must hit and destroy it with one shot.

Shinji: We’re in a tight pinch

brenin: II will protect Unit One.

Ritsuko: Ydw.

brenin: I understand.

Misato: It’s time. You two change clothes.

Two: Ydw.

Shinji: We may die

brenin: Why do you say that?

brenin: You won’t dieI will protect you.

Shinji: Why are you doing this?

brenin: Because it’s my link.

Shinji: Link?

brenin: Ydw, link.

Shinji: Link to my father?

brenin: To all people.

Shinji: You are strong, Ayanami.

brenin: I have nothing else.

Shinji: You have nothing else…?

brenin: It’s time.
Here we go.
Good bye

Announce: It is now midnight.

Staff: The operation starts.

Misato: Shinji-kun, you’re using energy from all over Japan.
Hang in there!

Shinji: Ydw.

Misato: Start first connection.

Staff: From first through 80th tank, start power supply.

Announce: Voltage up. Powering up the water exchange unit.

Staff: All cooling systems at full power.

Announce: Temperature stable. No problems.

Staff: Positron charge is nominal.

Misato: Second connection.

Staff: Start all accelerators.

Staff: Start converger.

Announce: All power supplies to the submission station on Mt. Futagoyama.
No problems.

Misato: Release all final safety systems.

Staff: pull sear up.

Announce: Adjustment for the gravity field and revolution of the Earth is
minus 0.0009.
0.2 to the critical voltage.

Staff: 7th, 10th connection.

Announce: All energy to the positron rifle.

Staff: 8, 7, 6…

Staff: High energy reaction detected in the target.


Staff: 3, 2, 1…

Misato: Fire!

Ritsuko: Oh, no!

Misato: We failed?

Announce: Enemy Shield has penetrated the Geofront.

Misato: Hurry for a second shot.

Staff: Exchanging fuses. Recharging.

Staff: Cooling of the rifle has started.
Another high energy reaction detected in the target.

Misato: This is bad!

Misato: Shinji-kun

Shinji: Ayanami!

Ritsuko:The shield cannot hold for…!

Misato: Ready yet?

Staff: 10 more seconds!

Shinji: Hurry!

Misato: Okay!

Shinji: Ayanami!

Shinji: WOWO


Shinji: Ayanami, are you all right? Ayanami!
Don’t sayI have nothing else.
Don’t saygood byewhen we launchit’s too sad.

brenin: Why are you crying?
I’m sorry.

brenin: I’m sorry. I don’t know what to feel at times like this

Shinji: I think you should smile

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