• The TV anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion” salió al aire a partir de octubre 1995 a marzo 1996. The planning, original story and production were done by GAINAX, which was known for anime works such asWings of Honneamise (Real Fuerza Espacial)”, “Gunbuster” y “Fushigi no Umi no Nadia (Nadia – El secreto del agua azul)”. From the initial planning stages, this series has evolved around its director Hideaki Anno, and it could be said that all aspects from the basic concept to the conclusion bear the mark of Anno’s creative individuality.

• The series featured high-quality artwork, attractive and varied characters, intriguing SF settings, escenas de batalla dinámicos, a pedantic flavor from incorporating Christian motifs and psychoanalytical jargon into a dramatic work, y un super-intensivo cantidad de información. Evangelion excedió los límites de la animado convencional sobre todos estos aspectos, por lo que es verdaderamente digno del título “Neon Genesis”. The series enjoyed the enthusiastic support of numerous fans, and also spawned discussions on various topics.

• Evangelion became centered on the theme of “corazones de la gente” from around the middle of the TV series. Como culminación de esta tendencia, the climax of the series, episodios 25 “Owaru sekai (Ending World)” y 26 “Sekai no chuushin de ai wo sakenda kemono (La bestia que gritó “Me encanta” en el centro del mundo)”, took an experimental and shocking approach in that the story developed within the inner worlds of the main characters. While this climax may have fulfilled the basic thematic requirements, it left the mysteries presented thus far mostly unsolved, and gave a strong impression of having ended with the story incomplete.

• This ending became an intense issue, and by that meaning could be said to have spurred on Evangelion’s popularity. The voice of the fans grew stronger and stronger as they demanded a proper ending to the drama, explicaciones de los misterios, o incluso una nueva historia. In order to meet these expectations, a cinema edition was plannedthis is “EVANGELION DEATH AND REBIRTH”.

• This movie consists of two parts: “MUERTE” y “RENACIMIENTO. “MUERTE” is a re-edit of the TV series from episodes 1 a través de 24, that is to say the contents from the start of the story to just before the climax, together with a large number of new cuts.

“RENACIMIENTO” is Part 1 of theConclusionwhich retells TV episodes 25 y 26 as a new story. It was originally intended that Evangelion would conclude only with “RENACIMIENTO”, but the story content increased as production progressed, so “RENACIMIENTO” is being released as only Part 1 de la conclusión. Evangelion will conclude by showing “RENACIMIENTO” together with Part 2 of the Cinema Edition which is scheduled for release this summer.

• The chief director of “EVANGELION DEATH AND REBIRTH” is Hideaki Anno, with Masayuki and Kazuya Tsurumaki acting as directors. The movie was produced by GAINAX and the group of tight-knit staff that supported the TV series. The animation production was handled by PRODUCTION I.G.

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