Literal Translation Series

Episodio 11 El Día de Tokio-3 se detuvo
Seishi-shita Yami-no Naka-de
(In the still darkness)

Escrito por WADA Mitsuhiro (Wada-kun)
based on the script written by MATSUOKA Kenji
Revised by Craig Green (


“Neon Genesis Evangelion (título japonés: Shin Seiki Evangelion-)” es
la marca nuevo anime de Gainax. El primer episodio de la era
emitido en Tokio Japón de octubre 4, 1995.
Anyway get it and see it right now!!


*In the street. Children’s voices are heard from somewhere.

Niños: Ha ha h

Niños: Ahaha. Try to hit it!

Niños: Eh.

Niños: (laugh)

Niños: Sí, I hit it! I hit it!

*Shigeru buys a drink can at a vending machine.
*”Coin Cleaning – Abierto 24 hours

*Maya and Ritsuko are in the shop.

Cleaning Machine: Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

Ritsuko: Cleaning doesn’t come cheap

maya: I’d at least like some time to do some washing myself, don’t you

Shigeru: We’re better off because at least we can do this back home.

*A subway ticket gate

*A train is coming to the station

*Kozo reads a newspaper

*Ritsuko, Shigeru and Maya

Ritsuko: The Sub-Commander.

Ritsuko: Good morning.

Shigeru & maya: Good morning, señor.

Kozo: Bueno. Morning.

Ritsuko: You’re so early today.

Kozo: I’m headed to the upper town for Ikari.

Ritsuko: Veo. The committee’s regular meeting is today, I suppose.

Kozo: A silly business. Ikari is always forcing his trivial duties on
me and I wouldn’t know how to do them without Magi.

Ritsuko: An election for the city council will soon be taking place in the
upper town.

Kozo: The city council is pure decoration. In actual fact, it’s the Magi
who are in charge of this city.

maya: Magi? You mean the three super computers?

Kozo: It’s run by the majority rule of three types of computers.
The system is exactly based on the democratic fundamentals.

maya: Does the council follow Magi’s decisions exclusively?

Kozo: It’s an effective government that can minimize wastes.

maya: As the purely scientific city it is. This is an era when the science
is omnipotent.

Shigeru: Old-fashioned words.

Kozo: Come to think of it, you have an experiment set for Unit One,
don’t you?

Ritsuko: Sí. The second experiment for extending its activation time is
to take place at 10:30 today.

Kozo: I’m expecting good news.

*The panel showsEmergency

*Ritsuko at the laboratory for the experiment

Ritsuko: Detener el experimento. Cut the circuits.

*Eva-00 in the cage

maya: Switching the circuits.

Male Staff: Power supply is getting operating.

Ritsuko: As I thought, that is a problem.

maya: Sí. I’m worryied that the converson efficiency is no less than
0.008 below the theoretical value.

Male Staff: The value is correct up to the largest error in measurement.
What will we do?

Ritsuko: Lower the interconversion by 0.01 and try it again with the same

maya: Roger.

Ritsuko: Bueno, we’re starting the reactivation experiment.

In the still darkness.

Episodio 11

*Misato in the elevator

*Ryoji is running to the elevator

Ryoji: Hey! Just a moment!

*Misato push the button to close the door

Ryoji: Ouch!

Misato: Mierda!

*Misato and Ryoji in the elevator

Ryoji: Sí. I was running and running. Él. You seem to be in a bad mood

Misato: ‘Cause I saw you right after I got here.

*Shinji at a payphone

Telephone Operator: Sí. Hold on, Por favor.

Gendo: Qué?

Shinji: es… Err… Bueno, Father

Gendo: Qué pasa? Be quick!

Shinji: Haa

Shinji: Err, wellToday at the school I was told to inform my parent
that a career guidance interview will be taking place, pero…

Gendo: I entrusted Katsuragi-kun with such concernsdon’t call me
with foolish news.
Don’t pass phone calls like that on to me.

Shinji: ¡Ah!!

*Elevator suddenly stops

Misato: Bueno.


Ryoji: A power failure?

Misato: That’s impossible. It can’t happen.

Misato: Something’s strange. An accident?

Ryoji: Maybe Akagi screwed up an experiment?


*In the laboratory

maya: The Main power supply is non-operational. The voltage reads zero.

Ritsuko: En. I did nothing.


*In the elevator

Ryoji: What do you think?

Misato: The power should be switched to the Standby supply soon.

*In the control room

Shigeru: En. The Standby circuit isn’t operating.

Kozo: That can’t be. How are the operating circuits?

Female staff: 1.2 percent in all. Sólo 9 circuits from No. 2567.

Kozo: Use all operational power supplies to maintain Magi and Central

Shigeru: But that will interfere with life-support in the entire building.

Kozo: That’s fine. This is a top priority issue.

*Makoto in the town with Misato’s laundry

Female Announcement: Remember Takahashi Nozomu, Takahashi Nozomu.
Thank you for your support.

Makoto: She really is a careless person. I think that Katsuragi-san
ought to take her own laundry herself. Qué?

*Shinji, Rei and Asuka on the street

Asuka: That’s only ’cause Commander Ikari was just too busy.

Shinji: I was wondering about that. I think that there was a failure
rather than him just hanging up on me.

Asuka: As a man, you shouldn’t worry over every little detail, don’t you

*At the entrance of Nerv Headquarters

*The gate doesn’t work

Shinji: Qué?

Asuka: Wha’cha doin’? Hey, take my place. Hmm. ¡Ah!? Hmm, hmm, hmm
Maldita sea! It’s gotta be broken!

*Male staff tries to open the door by force

Personal: Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho.

*Ritsuko and Maya go through the open door

*Ritsuko and Maya walks on the passsage.

Ritsuko: De todas formas, let’s hurry to the control center. I can’t believe
that the power supply has not yet been restored.

*In the elevator Misato repeatedly pushes a button

Misato: It’s an emergency.

Ryoji: What’s the power supply system like?

Misato: Main, Sub, and Standby. Three systems. I can’t believe that all
systems failed simultaneously.

Ryoji: Eso significa…

*Gendo’s face in the control room

Gendo: We have to believe that the breakers were activated by someone
rather than them working correctly.

Kozo: No matter what caused it, we’ll be in serious trouble if an
Angel appears at a time like this.

*Fuchu Overall Headquarters of UN Force

*General Watch & Control Room

Male Operator: An unidentified object has been detected by the search

Commander C: It may be the eighth Angel.

Commander A: Sí. It has to be Angel.

Commander C: What shall we do?

Commander B:

Commander A: De todas formas, its destination is Tokyo-3.

Commander C: I agree. There’s nothing we can do.

*Angel is coming in a lake

*In the Fuchu UN Headquarters

Male Operator: The Angel has landed.

Female Operator: It’s still approaching.

Commander C: Status of Tokyo-3?

Female Operator: It has remained silent.

Commander A: What on Earth are the Nerv personnel doing?

*Ritsuko and Maya climb up the wall

Ritsuko: I thought that a trap was simply an old-fashioned ornament. En
never imagined that I would use one.

maya: Providing is preventing.

*Asuka, Shinji and Rei try to push buttons to open the doors

Asuka: Hmm… This doesn’t work, ya sea.

Rey: No facilities work. Strange.

Asuka: Has something happened in the Geo-front?

Rey: It’s logical to think so.

Shinji: De todas formas, let’s try to contact Nerv Headquarters.

*In the elevator

Misato: Huh. En. Even the emergency phone doesn’t work.

*In the control room

Shigeru: En. Line 77 isn’t operating, ya sea.

*Rei and Asuka try to call

Rey: En. I can’t connect.

Asuka: Me, neither. Neither the wire one nor the emergency line are out
of service.

Shinji: Bueno. What shall we do?

Asuka: ¡Ah!. Nn, nn

Shinji: ¿Qué estás haciendo?

Asuka: Are you stupid? An emergency manual.

Rey: Anyway let’s go to Nerv Headquarters.

Asuka: Good idea. Bueno, let’s elect a leader for our group before we
do anything else.

Shinji: ¡Ah!…

Asuka: Naturally, I must be the leader. You have no objections, Vos si?
Let’s go!

Rey: We can get to Geo-front through Route-07 over there.

Asuka: ¡Ah!!

*Door R-07

Shinji: But the doors don’t work. ¡Ah!, a manual door.

Asuka: Hey, Shinji, it’s your turn.

Shinji: (Nn,nnnn) You only rely on me in situations like this

*At the Fuchu UN Headquarters

Commander A: Mierda, the Joint Staff Councilthey only rely on us at the
front line in situations like this.

Commander B: What’s the government saying?

Commander A: Huh. The people in Tokyo-2? I heard they’re preparing to

*Angel is coming in the mountain

Female Operator: The Angel is still coming here.

*At the Fuchu UN Headquarters

Commander B: Anyway contact the people of Nerv.

Commander C: But how?

Commander A: Go yourself.

*A plane is flying

Announcement from an airplane: This is the Third District Japan Air
Self-Defense Force. An unidentified object is now approaching
this location.

Announcement from the airplane: Residents, please go to your designated
shelters as soon as possible.

*Makoto on the moving pavement (which isn’t currently moving)

Makoto: Big trouble! I must inform Headquarters. But how?

*A car is coming

Announcement from a car: Remember Takahashi, Takahashi Nozomu, who
isn’t perturbed even in such an emergency.

Makoto: ¡Ah!, I’m lucky!

*In the elevator

Misato: It’s rather hot.

Ryoji: The air conditioners don’t work.

Ryoji: If you don’t the heat, you could take off your shirt

Misato: Eh? (Nnn)

Ryoji: There’s no need to be shy now.

*Misato continues to wear her jacket

Misato: Don’t think improper things, even in a situation like this.

Ryoji: Fin, fine.

*Ritsuko and Maya use fans in the control room

Ritsuko: Things are getting worse. And the air is getting staler. These
facilities should be the best fruits of modern science.

maya: Those are like Commander and Vice-Commander. They’re probably
bothered by this heat.

*Gendo puts his legs into a bucket of water

Kozo: It’s lukewarm.

Gendo: I agree.



El Día de Tokio-3 se detuvo

*A car is driving

Announcer: Due to the state of special emergency in this district, una
emergency vehicle is going… Hey, this is a dead end, ya sabes.

Makoto: That’s fine. Drive into there!

Announcer: Eh, my!

Makoto: De todas formas, this is an emergency.

Driver: Roger.

Help! Para!


Kozo: This Geo-front was designed to be a self-sufficient colony if it’s
ever isolated from the outside. Theoretically this cannot happen
to all the power supplies.

Ritsuko: That means that someone did it intentionally.

Gendo: I would guess that their purpose is to research this place.

*In the control room

Ritsuko: You mean that they want to guess the structures of Headquarters
from the recovery procedures.

Kozo: That’s damn annoying.

Ritsuko: I’ll run dummy programs on Magi to make it difficult for them to
understand the whole.

Gendo: I’ll leave it up to you.

Ritsuko: Sí.

Kozo: That the first damage to Headquarters should be caused by people
no less human than we are. I cannot bear the thought.

Gendo: En el extremo, humanity is its own enemy.

*Shinji, Rei and Asuka walk in the dark

Shinji: It usually takes only two minutes to get there. Are you sure that
this is a passage?

Asuka: If we get there, I’m sure we’ll be able to enter the Geo-front.

Shinji: I’ve heard the same words for some time already.

Asuka: You do care too much about details! You’re so hung up on minor

Rey: Be quiet.

Asuka: What a good girl

Rey: A voice.

Makoto: An Angel is coming, repeat

*A light is coming

Shinji & Asuka: It’s Hyuga-san. Hey!

Shinji: Hey!

Makoto: An Angel is coming, repeat, an Angel is coming now!

Shinji&Asuka: An Angel is coming!

Rey: We can’t waste time. We should take a shortcut.

Asuka: I’m the leaderdon’t take the initiative without my permission!

*Asuka, Shinji and Rei crawl through a duct

Asuka: Maldita sea! This might be a shortcut, but we’re getting filthy.

Shinji: Escucha, what do you think Angels are?

Asuka: What’re you babbling about at a time like this?

Shinji: Ángeles, messengers of the God. Our enemies with Angel names.
Why are we fighting against them?

Asuka: Are you an idiot? Unidentified things are invading us, ya sabes.
It’s natural that we’d have to deal with a lot of difficulties
falling unexpectedly on our heads.

*Shinji, Rei and Asuka stands in front of two branches

Asuka: Bueno… to the right.

Rey: I think it’s to the left.

Asuka: Don’t bother me! What do you think, Shinji?

Shinji: Hmmm, No lo sé.

Asuka: Hey, come on! Since I’m the leader, you’d better just follow me.

*Shinji, Rei and Asuka go through the passage

Shinji: Something seems to be strange, just as I expected. The road
leads up.

Asuka: Whaddya mean ‘as I expected’? You always talk too much!
¡Ah!! Mira! This time I’m certain.

*Asuka open a door with her kick and meets the Angel

Asuka: (Deaa! Ii! Uh! Hii! Nnnn. Huh.) We just saw the Angel with our
naked eyes. I’d say we gotta hurry up, don’t y’think?

* A car is rushing into the control room

Personal: (Uwaa!)

Makoto: Angel is coming now. I suggest that Eva be readied for a launch.

maya: This is serious.

Gendo: Fuyutsuki, I’m leaving everything to you.

Kozo: Ikari.

Gendo: I’m going to the cage to prepare the Evas for a sortie.

Kozo: You mean that you’ll operate them manually?

Gendo: We have a diesel one for an emergency.

Kozo: But we have no pilots.

*Shinji, Rei and Asuka

Shinji: Again.

Rey: Over here.

Shinji & Asuka: Eh?

Asuka: (Nn?)

Shinji: ¡Ah!!

Asuka: You’re the favorite with Commander Ikari, ¿no es así? The good girl
is loved differently than us.

Shinji: Don’t argue now.

Asuka: You’re always such a smug-looking girl.

Asuka: (Kuu)

Asuka: Hey, just ’cause you’re favored doesn’t mean you can make a fool
de mí.

Rey: I’m not making a fool of you. I’m not favoredI know that well.

*The staff pulls the entry plugs from Evas with ropes at the cage

Personal: Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho….

Personal: Roger. Termination signal plugs have been removed.

Gendo: Bien. Prepare to insert entry plugs into all three Evas.

Personal: But we have no pilots.

Ritsuko: No se preocupe. I’m sure they will come.

*Shinji, Rei and Asuka

Shinji: I can’t open this door by hand.

Rey: That can’t be helped. Let’s break out of the duct and move ahead
past it.

Asuka: I shouldn’t fight with First. She’s the type of person who
stops at nothing to achieve her aims. She’s what is called

*Gendo and the staff pull ropes

Personal: Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho….

*Ritsuko and Maya

maya: We’re ready to insert the plug.

Ritsuko: We only have to wait for them.

*Shinji, Rei and Asuka crawl through a duct

Asuka: Don’t look forward for any reason. If you look, I’ll kill you.

Shinji: Eh?

Asuka: Idiot!

Shinji: Uh!

Asuka: Jerk! Stupid!

Shinji: Uh!

*Ritsuko and Maya in the cage

Asuka: I told you not to look.

Shinji: I can do nothing but look. If I can’t see forward, I can’t

*Shinji and Asuka fall from the duct. Rei jumps down to stand on the floor.

Shinji & Asuka: (Wa, Uwaa!)

Shinji: Uh!

Asuka: Ouch!

Shinji: Maldita sea!

Asuka: ¡Ah!!

Shinji: Oh!

Ritsuko: It’s you guys.

*Gendo at the cage

Gendo: Be ready for each entry!

Personal: Roger. Open the hatches manually.

*Shinji approaches Ritsuko

Shinji: The Evas?

Ritsuko: They’re ready.

Shinji: How? Even though nothing works?

Ritsuko: By human hand. This idea was from the Commander.

Shinji: Father’s.

*Gendo pulls the rope with the staff to open the door of the entry plug

Personal: Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho….

Ritsuko: Because you would come here, Commander Ikari has been preparing
things for you.

Personal: Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho….

*Entry plugs are inserted

maya: Insert the plugs.

Ritsuko: All are ready for activation with the auxiliary power sources.

*Gendo, Ritsuko and Maya

Gendo: Remove the first lock bolt.

*The staff break pipes with axes

Personal: (yell)

*Hydraulic locks are released

Operator: Release hydraulic locks 2 a través de 32.

maya: Pressure zero. Situation free.

*Gendo and Ritsuko and Maya

Gendo: Todos los derechos. Todo el mundo, remove the bindings by force.

*Evas try to remove the bindings

*Makoto cry through a speaker

Makoto: The target has halted just above us.

Ritsuko: Hurry the preperations!

maya: Emergency batteries have been installed in them.

Ritsuko: Bueno. They’re ready. Lanzamiento!

*Evas crawl throught a duct

Asuka: I look too disgusting!

Rey: We’re getting to the pit.

*Eva-02 kicks and opens a door to a pit

*Evas climb up the pit

Asuka: Oh, my! I look so ugly again. (Él!)

Rey: Watch it! Dodge!

Asuka: Qué? Oh! En! Uh!

*Evas fall down

*Evas stop falling down

*Angel put its solvent liquid through the pit

*Evas escape to a tunnel

Rey: The target is trying to directly invade Headquarters using a
strong solvent liquid.

Shinji: What shall we do?

Asuka: We’ll destroy it, por supuesto!

Shinji: Por supuesto, but how are you gonna do it? I dropped my rifle and the
batteries on our backs are empty. We’ll able to move for no more
than three minutes.

Asuka: I have a plan. Defense stays here, neutralizes the AT-field and
also protects Offense from Angel’s solvent liquid. Backup goes
down, picks up the dropped rifle and gives it to Offense. Offense
then destroys the target with a burst from the rifle.

Rey: Veo. I’ll be Defense.

Asuka: Lo sentimos, but I’m doing it.

Shinji: But it’s so dangerous.

Asuka: That’s the reason. I’ll feel funny unless I get even with
you for the last battle. Shinji is Offense. The good girl is
Backup. Todos los derechos?

Rey: Entiendo.

Shinji: Uh!

Asuka: Let’s go! (Geehn)

Asuka: (N,n,n)

Shinji: Ayanami! Asuka, clear the way!

Asuka: I’ve gotten even with you.

*In the elevator Misato is on Ryoji’s shoulder

Misato: Maldita sea! Why doesn’t it open?! It’s an emergency! I’ve gotta go to
the toilet before I have an accident! Uh! Hey! I told you not to
look up!

Ryoji: Bien, okay!

*Power is recovered

*The door opens

Misato: (Ya ra a) Hey! Ahhh!

Ryoji: Oh. Oops….(Uwaa)

Ritsuko, Maya and Makoto: Huh…

Misato: (N, n, nn

Ryoji: (N, nn)

Ritsuko: (n, nn)

maya: Dirty

*Shinji, Rei and Asuka lie on the hill

Shinji: It’s ironic that without the artificial electric lights, the stars
are very beautiful.

Asuka: But it doesn’t feel as if any people live there. Mira, I feel easy
with this.

Rey: We fear darkness and, to survive, chase it away with flames.

Asuka: Philosophy!

Shinji: For that reason I wonder if humans are special creatures. And so
the Angels attack us.

Asuka: What are you, stupid?! I can’t see that they have any reasons

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