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Jewelpet Twinkle's Takashi Yamamoto directs anime
"Blue Lynx" posts story by Run With the Wind's Shion Miura, Yōko Tanji before unveiling 1st film
Ami Aimoto, Mai Narumi, Minako Hosogawa, Sayaka Tsuzuki, Ryō Mamiya star in 2021 anime
1st 2 episodes now available, with new episodes on Wednesdays
Blue Spring Ride creator's shōjo manga gets May 2020 anime film by A-1 Pictures
"The subject matter might be entirely different, but Fairy Gone is still two for two on delivering completely middle-of-the-road table-setting episodes that don't do much beyond dish out new plot beats."
"An eventful finale to a fun mini-arc, Boruto's latest adventure offers plenty of action, a steady dose of heart, and a sprinkling of laughter."
"Waiting for reinforcements takes on a whole other meaning when you're Fairy Tail."
"The themes of this episode do nominally raise the stakes for the story, but the plot is so rigidly boxed into a pattern of character vignettes that it ultimately feels like the series at its most average."
Paul finds out if this disappointing anime adaptation of Capcom's exciting game series has anything to offer Phoenix Wright fans, plus our full breakdown of all this week's new blu-ray releases!
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آگهی های دیگر توسط گوگل
آگهی های دیگر توسط گوگل