Adam is the name of the first Angel that appeared in Antarctica and is said to have been the cause of Second Impact. Ryohji Kaji also said that the embryo-like object he carried in the attaché case as he returned from Germany was “Le premier humain — Adam”.

It hardly needs be said that Adam is the first human recorded in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. L'étymologie du mot “Adam” est actuellement peu claire, mais il y a des théories qu'il est lié à “Terre”, “rouge” et “créer”.

The Evangelion normally operate on electrical power received from a cable called the umbilical cable. The Evangelion have a short active time using internal power, but can remain active for longer periods when supplied with electrical power from an external source. “Umbilical cable (corde)” signifie que les vaisseaux sanguins qui se prolongent à partir du nombril du bébé au placenta de l'utérus de sa mère. Ainsi,, like a fetus receives nutrients through this umbilical cord, the Evangelion receive electric power through the umbilical cable.

[À. Champ]
The Angels and Eva use the A.T.Field (ABSOLUTE TERROR FIELD) as a form of barrier during battles. Ce champ a une énorme puissance défensive, and can almost completely neutralize humankind’s current weaponry. The last Angel, Nagisa Kaworu, described it asthe light of the soul” ou “la barrière du cœur que tout le monde a.” Perhaps the A.T.Field is a form of mental/spiritual power deployed as physical power.

Le nom officiel est “All-purpose Humanoid Fighting Machine Evangelion” (HANYOU HITOGATA KESSEN HEIKI EVANGERION). Special Agency NERV spent 14 years of time and astronomical sums of money to build the Evangelion in order to protect humankind from the Angels. The Evangelion also seem to play an important role in the Instrumentality Project (HCP). The only people who can pilot Evangelion are 14-year old boys and girls who lack mothers. 3 Evangelion units are stationed at NERV: EVA-00, EVA-01 and EVA-02.

[S ^ 2 Moteur (S ^ 2 Kikan)]
L' “S^2in S^2 engine is the abbreviation of SUPER SOLENOID. Most of the Angels apparently use this S^2 engine as their power source. The Evangelion operate on electrical energy and can only remain active for a short time on internal power, so they must often rely on external electrical power supply. Equipping the Evangelion with S^2 engines is currently under investigation, and the explosion at the 2nd US NERV Branch was caused by an accident during an S^2 engine mounting test. EVA-01 succeeded in taking an S^2 engine directly into itself when it devoured the 14th Angel Zeruel.

When the Eva pilots are inside the Eva, they are protected by an amniotic fluid called L.C.L. Before being electrically charged, L.C.L. is a yellow, viscous fluid that smells like blood. L.C.L. performs a number of functions such as linking the pilot and the Eva, supplying oxygen directly to the lungs, and protecting the pilot from both mental attacks and physical shocks.

[Entry Plug]
The cockpit in which the Eva pilot sits. Il a la forme d'une longue, mince capsule, and the pilot boards the Eva by having the entry plug inserted into the Eva. The entry plug is inserted to what on a human would be the nape of the neckright at the position of the cervical vertebrae. In an emergency the plug also serves as an escape capsule, et est équipé d'un parachute de roquettes et d'éjection à cet effet.

The former investigative agency of the Instrumentality Committee. Gehirn avait des branches partout dans le monde, et ses membres initiaux inclus Gendo et Yui Ikari et Naoko Akagi. Fuyutsuki, Ritsuko and Misato also joined this organization later. Gehirn was disbanded on the very day that Dr. Naoko Akagi terminé MAGI 2010, et l'organisation a été transféré dans son intégralité à l'Agence spéciale NERV, qui devait mener à bien les différents projets. Yui once said that SEELE and Gehirn were organizations for preventing Third Impact. [Note du traducteur: Yui dit “la tragédie finale”, pas “troisième impact”.]

The Angels have a giant red sphere inside their bodies. This is the core, and is said to be the only weak point of the Angels. During the battle with the 14th Angel Zeruel, the existence of a similar core-like object was also confirmed inside EVA-01, but it is unclear whether this same object also exists in EVA-00 and EVA-02.

[Dead Sea Scrolls (Shikai bunsho)]
SEELE appears to have built the Evangelion and fought the battles against the Angels based on writings called the “Secret Mer Morte”. L' “Dead Sea Scrolls” are actual documents that were excavated from a cave near the Dead Sea in Israel in 1947. Their contents include the Old Testament of the Bible and its Apocrypha, ainsi que d'autres documents religieux non bibliques. Most of these are said to have been written by the Essenic branch of Jewism from the 3rd century B.C. to the 1st century A.D. La relation entre le réel “Dead Sea Scrolls” et Seele de “Secret Mer Morte” ne sait pas.

[Angels (SHITO)]
The group of supernatural weapons that assault New Tokyo-3. They have varying appearances and abilities, ranging from gigantic creatures to a computer virus Angel, une “ombre” Ange sans forme tangible, and even a human-sized Angel. Although their constituent elements differ, the signal arrangements and coordinates of the characteristic waveform patterns unique to Angels closely resemble human genes. Their objective appears to have been the giant deep underground below NERV headquarters.

If we are to believe Kaworu’s words, the other Angels were born from the 1st Angel Adam. Plus loin, according to Misato inREBIRTH”, humans areThe 18th Angel, who were born from a being called Lilith, who is the source of life just like Adam.

[Instrumentalité Projet / Projet complémentation humaine (HCP)
(Jinrui Hokan Keikaku)]

Comme son nom l'indique, c'est un projet pour compléter l'humanité et les parties qui veulent ya atteindre un “parfaite existence”. This project was being advanced by the Instrumentality Committee as well as Gendou Ikari and NERV.

Dans “REBIRTH”, Misato says that it is a project toartificially evolve Humankind, qui a atteint sa limite en tant que colonie d'entités défectueuses et séparées, en un seul être parfait.” Cependant, it appears that the complementation of humankind envisioned by the elders of SEELE does not equal the complementation aimed for by Gendou and Fuyutsuki.

A secret organization that existed even before Second Impact, and which appears to wield enormous power throughout the world. It seems that Instrumentality and other projects are being carried out based on the “Secret Mer Morte” possessed by SEELE. Yui Ikari appears to have had some connection with SEELE since her university years, mais les détails ne sont pas claires. “âme” des moyens “âme” en allemand. Plus loin, les noms de toutes les organisations qui sont liées à la Seele, : Comme le cerveau et le nerf, sont également dérivées de l'allemand.

[Second Impact]
In the year 2000, SEELE and Gendou attempted to minimize the damage by reducing the 1st Angel Adam to embryo form before the other Angels awakened. Par conséquent, the 1st Angel Adam exploded in Antarctica, causing floods, volcanic eruptions, abnormal weather and other cataclysms around the world and killing half the world’s population. This was the greatest impact since an asteroid collided with Earth 4 il y a des milliards d'années (= Impact géant), and thus came to be called Second Impact. The cause was explained to the general public as a massive meteorite falling on Markam Mountain in Antarctica. The earth’s climate changed drastically following Second Impact. Japan lost its four seasons, and endures a year-round summer climate.

Senji” (JSSDF) is the abbreviation forSenryaku Jieitai” (JAPON STRATEGIQUE AUTODÉFENSE FORCE). An organization directly under the command of Japan’s military establishment, it was created due to military clashes between China and Vietnam over the Spratleys in 2003. Le nom anglais est “JAPON STRATEGIQUE AUTODÉFENSE FORCE”, abbreviated as JSSDF. The land, naval and air divisions of the original Japan Self-Defense Force were all incorporated into the UN Military, and the JSSDF are the only force under the direct command of the Japanese government.

New Tokyo-3 is located on the shores of Lake Ashinoko in the current Hakone, and is the main stage for “Evangelion”. Old Tokyo was annihilated by Second Impact and a new type of bomb that was dropped just one week later. Even those areas in which buildings remain are mostly underwater. Japan’s capital city in this era is New Tokyo-2, which was constructed in Nagano Prefecture. Although it was generally publicized that New Tokyo-3 was being constructed as the new capital city that would replace New Tokyo-2, it is actually a fortified city which was prepared to fight the coming Angels. Cependant, it was largely destroyed by the explosion caused by EVA-00 in the battle against the 16th Angel Armisael.

[Fiche factice]
The limited nature of the pilots is a serious drawback for Evangelion as an all-purpose weapon. The dummy plug is a simulated entry plug developed to operate the Eva without the pilots as a means of overcoming this drawback. The personality of Rei Ayanami is transplanted to the dummy plugs. En outre, soulless Rei Ayanami bodies floating in a giant tank are used as the core of the dummy system.

The dummy system was first used on EVA-01 in the battle against the 13th Angel Bardiel. Cependant, le comportement de Eva à ce moment-là ne ressemblait pas à de pilotage de Rei dans le moins, and instead gave the impression of unbridled, feral brutality.

Evangelion pilots who are limited to 14-year old boys and girls. These pilots are called “enfants” (personnes qualifiées), et sont identifiés comme premier, Deuxième et ainsi de suite selon l'ordre de leur sélection. Parmi ceux-ci, la première (King) et troisième (Shinji) Les enfants ont très semblables motifs personnels, and Eva crossover tests are even performed between the two. All the candidates for Children are gathered in the New-Tokyo-3 First Municipal Junior High School which Shinji attends, et tous les membres de la classe 2-A sont candidats fait. On ne sait pas pourquoi la forme plurielle (ENFANTS) est utilisé à la place de la forme du singulier (ENFANT). Incidemment, the word CHILD includes various additional meanings such as: embryon, fœtus, descendant, produit, et même une personne qui a émergé d'un environnement spécial.

[Agence spéciale NERV (TOKUMUKIKAN NERV)]
Outwardly, Special Agency NERV was formed by the United Nations for the purpose of investigating, researching and destroying the Angels. Cependant, its true purpose appears to be the execution of the Instrumentality Project (HCP). It has branches around the world, and its headquarters is located in the Geofront (ville souterraine profonde) spreading underground New Tokyo-3. Nerv is German for “nerf”.

L' “cerveau” de NERV, the super-computer MAGI consists of three computer systems: Melchior-1, BALTHASAR-2-3 et CASPER. These three computers investigate various projects, problems and strategies. MAGI was developed by Naoko Akagi, mother of Ritsuko Akagi, and also lover to Gendou Ikari. Melchior-1, BALTHASAR-2 and CASPER-3 have slightly differing programs, having had Naoko Akagi’s thought patterns as a scientist, une mère, et une entrée de femme pour les. En d'autres termes, the dilemmas inside a single human heart were intentionally transplanted into a computer. The naming for MAGI is derived from the three wise men from the east who prophesied the birth of Jesus in the New Testament.

[Agence Marduke (Kikan)]
Evangelion pilots have special requirementsthey must be 14 ans, have no mother, and be able to have a core prepared for them. Bien sûr, they must also be able to achieve a high sync ratio with the Eva. Persons who satisfy these requirements and are suitable for piloting Eva are selected by the Marduke Agency, an advisory agency under the direct control of the Instrumentality Committee. The Marduke agency selected four Children, starting from the first, Rei Ayanami.

Cependant, Ryohji Kaji discovered that the Marduke Agency did not in fact exist, and that NERV itself selected the pilots. Incidemment, Marduke is the name of a Babylonian deity.

A giant called Adam is crucified on a cross behind a door called Heaven’s Door deep below NERV HQ. Kaworu Nagisa said that this giant was not Adam, but actually Lilith. He also called humankind the “ombre”. In Rabbinical scripture, the name Lilith refers to the first wife of Adam, and the Lilim are the demons born between Adam and Lilith.

[Lance de Longinus (RONGINUSU NO YARI)]
A giant lance-shaped object. It appears to have been used on the 1st Angel Adam during Second Impact, mais les détails ne sont pas claires. After that, it was transported from the South Pole to NERV HQ, where it was stuck into the chest of the giant sleeping deep below the HQ. It appears to have been used to stop the regeneration of this giant. According to the words of Keel inREBIRTH”, it seems to have been needed for complementation.

Gendou instructed Rei to use the Lance of Longinus in the battle against the 15th Angel Arael. Although the Lance destroyed the Angel, it continued on to reach the Moon and became irretrievable.

Incidemment, Longin était le nom du soldat qui transpercé Jésus avec sa lance comme il a été crucifié sur la croix.

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