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Kenichi Matsuyama stars in upcoming film from Kill la Kill/Gurren Lagann creators
Boogiepop was one of the first hit light novels on the market, but it's never been adapted to anime from the beginning before. Nick and Andy find out if this decades-old supernatural mystery series still pops in 2019.
This zodiac-themed battle royale pits twelve animal-themed warriors against each other for the right to win one all-powerful wish. Theron Martin discovers how this tournament shakes out on Blu-ray.
Anime's staff to attend Journey's Dawn premiere event in Los Angeles
Series based on smartphone game premieres in April
Other are nominees are Incredibles 2, Isle of Dogs, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
2nd anime compilation opened on Friday with scene linking to upcoming new Made in Abyss work
Character promo also streamed for military vet on Shinra's team
Free!-Dive to the Future- sells 1,869, followed by Eromanga Sensei OVA, Show by Rock!! musical,, Yowapeda event
SSSS.GRIDMAN sells 7,890, followed by Eromanga Sensei, Free!-Dive to the Future-, Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel I., RELEASE THE SPYCE
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