Sin grew up in a small, middle of nowhere town somewhere around the eastern region of the United States. She was a nerdy secluded child and a slightly more nerdy (top of her class) and increasingly dark adult. She was, as many would say, a very gothic child. Her days were filled with books, music, art, fun little science experiments and annoying her beast of a cat. Eventually, she would take an interest in singing and took voice lessons. Her childish dream of singing at the Met was abandoned in high school. She spent the rest of her time on her computer or figuring out what shades of black went best with other shades of black and what types of paint and dye worked best to darken up her world. Sin was not a very colorful girl, for the most part. Later on, out of boredom, her once long flowing locks would be chopped short and dyed every color under the sun.

She took pleasure in scaring the little old ladies that went to the movies on weekends by showing up in full morbid attire, complete with trench coat, boots, chains, and of course, her pentacle. She loved finding new ways to creep and gross out her friends and frequently read up on different forms of torture. No, Sin was not a nice person but she wasn’t a bad person. She still took the time to help her mother around the house, help those same scared little old ladies across the street and even donate to charity.

Her sister (an equally twisted child) who would accompany her on these little outings, introduced her to the world of Japanese Anime. It started out with Sailor Moon and Cowboy Bebop. Then they both stumbled onto the greatest show ever – Evangelion. Welcome to a cartoon full of darkness, self-hatred, manipulation, death, and destruction. It was perfect! Too bad the conclusion of the show – and even the movies – only brought more questions than answers. They both became obsessed with Anno’s work and would move on to collect his other projects, along with other popular animated series.

Eventually, Sin moved west. What a terrible choice. The weather was just as terrible as it had been back east, only to the other extremes now. Her allergies only got worse because of the new exposures. The people generally sucked. It was Hell on Earth all over again. Thankfully, she met her soulmate and settled down with a house full of cute (and some not so cute) critters. Now, as part of the daily grind that keeps our society moving, she finds herself in a soul-numbing deadend job. To ward off insanity, she’s developed an interest in soap making, and of course, returning to her anime.

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