SAO game special with Yoshitsugu Matsuoka to stream live tonight
The Pet Girl of Sakurasou light novel illustrator Keeji Mizoguchi posted an image to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the series on Sunday. He wrote:...
In which Sibyl's plan becomes clear. A lot happens in this, the penultimate episode of Psycho-Pass 3. We get a resolution to the third case, learn more...
All 39 Doraemon films, plus 14 accompanying short films/specials will be screened at Jimbocho Theater
It's also feeling like this whole team shokugeki was just too ambitious. There are far too many characters with way too many cook-offs, and if twelve episodes wasn't enough to fill it, twenty-four is way too many.
It's easy to guess at the beginning that the ketchup's about to hit the fan in this episode of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, even if you're unfamiliar...
The lack of cohesion takes what has the potential to be a haunting and evocative piece of violent period drama and transforms it into, well, a rushed and scattershot manga adaptation that feels like it is getting across the gist of the source material, but at a cost that might be too great for the show to bear,
How close are we to the transfiguration of late capitalism's death spasms into a medieval sense of terrible and religious awe towards our incomprehensibly wealthy overlords? Good sci-fi is never too far-removed from modernity.
Zac, Lynzee and special guest Dawn from the Anime Nostalgia Podcast transform and power up for a rowdy conversation about the long-awaited official release of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars!
Chivalry of a Failed Knight is one of those light novels that fans have been waiting for ever since the anime aired in 2015, and now Sol Press has delivered.
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