"It looks like the halcyon days of thwarting killer floor masters with the power of puzzle-solving and companionship are well and truly over for our motley duo."
"After delivering a couple of powerhouse episodes in a row, Happy Sugar Life eases off the throttle as it sets up for next week's finale."
Mizuho Bank is targeting its younger clients with an anime and manga starring Aomaru, one of the company's social media mascot characters. An official...
The official website for the documentary drama Kono Manga ga Sugoi! revealed five more cast members and the live-action manga adaptations they will star...
This November 3 marks what would have been Osamu Tezuka's 90th birthday. The legendary creator received a medical degree before devoting himself to manga,...
UQ Holder’s tenth volume leans heavily on Akamatsu’s laziest tendencies, trending far more harem than action spectacle.

I’ll be the first person to admit that my collection of anime merchandise & memorabilia is neither the largest nor the most valuable. I collect what I like (when I can afford to) and have a particular fondness for unusual and novel items. These items aren’t necessarily rare or valuable; they’re just odd and unexpected, from a non-Japanese perspective. I’ll share some of them, one per day, in case anyone else finds these collectors’ items fascinating.

Samurai Champloo character designer Kazuto Nakazawa drew this postcard sized sketch of Fuu for me at the 2006 Otakon convention.

June concerts to feature singers from every Macross TV show
1st OVA episode opens in Japanese theaters on October 6
Capcom to hold location tests in Japan on October 5-7
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