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Episode: 4 Hedgehog's Dilemma
Ame, Nigedashita ato (Hujan, after running away)

Translated Speech Script with some comments

Written by WADA Mitsuhiro (Wada-kun)
Komentar oleh Mitsuhiro Wada (Wada-kun)
Revisi oleh Craig Green (gree6300@mach1.wlu.ca)
Revision level 1.2
Revisions based on Ver. 1.0 (Quick’n Dirty Version)

** Bersenang-senang! **




* It’s raining heavily.

* Alarm clock ringing, Misato moves under her sheets.

* Misato brushes her teeth while thinking about Shinji.

Misato: (thinking) I wonder if he’s going to cut class again today

* Sign on the door: ‘Shin-chan’s room

* Misato knocks on the door to Shinji’s room.

Misato: Shinji-kun, get up! Why do you keep avoiding school?! It’s been
five days. Unit One is working fine. As a pilot, do you want to
just leave it sitting there, unused?

Misato: Shinji-kun?

* Misato opens the door to discover his room is empty.

* Misato finds his Nerv ID and a letter addressed to ‘Katsuragi Misato sama

Misato: He’s run away. It’s not surprising




EPISODE 4: Hedgehog's Dilemma


* Two people seem to visit the room.

* The door bell rings and Misato opens the door.

Misato: Shinji-kun?

Touji: Er

Kensuke: We’re Shinji’s classmates, Aida and Suzuhara.

Misato: Aida-kun and Suzuhara-kun?

Touji & Kensuke: iya nih.

Touji: I’m Suzuhara.

Misato: If I’m not mistaken, aren’t you the one who got into Unit One’s
entry plug?

Touji: We’re very sorry for causing you so much trouble the other day.

Touji: Ikari-kun has been absent from the school since then, so we just
came to see how he was doing.

Misato: Shinji-kun. He’s at the Nerv training center right now.

Touji: aduh, sangat…

Kensuke: Here are the prints were piled on his desk.

Misato: Sorry for all the trouble. Thank you.

Touji: Baik, we’ll excuse ourselves then.

Kensuke: Please say hello to Shinji-kun for us.

Misato: iya nih, aku akan. Bye.

* Misato shuts the door with an affable smile floating across her face.

Kensuke: That was rather unexpected.

Touji: She’s very beautiful, isn’t she?

* Misato gets sulky and violently kicks the door.

Misato: Shinji, you damned fool! Fool


* A train is running in the heavy rain.

* Shinji is sitting on a seat of a train of the loop line and is listening
* to music on an SDAT walkman.

* It’s early in the morning. The train is crowded with commuters. As time
* goes by, the passengers get off one after another.

* Finally, Shinji is alone, but Shinji remains there

* The train becomes crowded with commuters again

* It’s dark. Shinji is alone again.

Announcement: Exits are on the right side at the next station.

Announcement: Thank you very much for taking a train of the Tokyo-3 Loop
Line today. This train’s last stop is at this station. Semua orang,
please check that you don’t leave anything behind as you get off.

Shinji: I have to go back.
—- –

* Shinji wanders through an entertainment district.

—- –

* Shinji watches a movie in a theater. There are only a few people in
* the theatre and it seems that no one pays any attention to the movie.
* The movie is about the Second Impact in 2000.

Man A (Movie): Could you really detect that?

Doctor (Movie): iya nih. An object with a diameter of centimeters
impacted Antarctica at more than ten percent of the speed of light.

Man A (Movie): With our current scientific knowledge, we could neither
detect it nor prevent it.

Woman (Movie): It’s hell on Earth outside. What does science exist for?!

Man B (Movie): At present, the atmospheric flow caused by the transition
of the Earth’s axis has decreased.

Woman (Movie): Has it calmed down a little?

Man B (Movie): Di. A tidal wave is approaching with a velocity of 230
meters per second.

Man A (Movie): Doctor, we should escape.

Doctor (Movie): It’s my duty to stay here.

Man A (Movie): Doctor, it’s easy to die. Namun, you have an obligation to
care for this hellish world

* Shinji is sleeping on a sofa in the waiting room of the all-night theater.

* He leaves the theater to walk along the street. The sky is getting
* lighter and the world has pinkish tinge. Sounds of wind are suddenly
* heard. The landscape begins to move around him. He is unable to bear the
* sight and runs, his hands shielding his eyes.


* Misato lies on her back in bed. She seems to be thinking about something.

* Misato opens the door to Shinji’s room to find it empty.

Misato: Fool

* Shinji gets off a bus and walks among the mountains.

* He sits at the edge of a cliff and looks down upon Tokyo-3.


* Rei lies on a bed and is examined.

* Misato and Ritsuko are talking.

Misato: He’s just 14 years old. Pada akhirnya, it seems so harsh for
him to be burdened with the destiny of humanity.

Ritsuko: We have no choice but to put the controls of Evas into the hands
of those 14-year-old children.

Misato: aku tahu.

Ritsuko: Begitu, has there been any contact from him?

Ritsuko: Nothing?

Misato: Nothing. I don’t think he’s coming back.

Ritsuko: What are you going to do?

Misato: Nothing, sangat.

Misato: It’s better for him not to come back.

Ritsuko: Mengapa?

Misato: After the last battle

* In his plug suit, Shinji sits on a bench in a room of Nerv headquarters.

Misato: Why did you ignore my order?

Shinji: I’m sorry.

Misato: It’s me who is responsible for your conduct, bukan? You know you
have an obligation to obey my orders. Do you understand?

Shinji: iya nih.

Misato: Make this the last time.

Shinji: iya nih.

Misato: Do you really understand what I’m saying?

Shinji: iya nih.

Misato: Hey, everything won’t be fine if you only answer everything with a
vague ‘yes’.

Shinji: I understand you well, of course. That’s enough, bukan?
We won anyway.

Misato: As long as you just go along with what others seemingly want, kamu
may feel comfortable. Namun, if you continue to get into Eva
with such feeling, you will be killed.

Shinji: I wouldn’t mind.

Misato: It would be nice if I could call thatgood preparation” tapi
you’re making a big mistake if you think you’ll be praised by me.

Shinji: That’s not the question. Anyway, I’m the only one who can use it.
So I will.

Ritsuko: I see. If getting into Eva only causes him agony, he had better
not use it. I am sure he would be killed.

Ritsuko: Namun… we need pilots.

* Kensuke Aida, sekelas Shinji, plays a survival game (Japanese
* English?, playing soldiers) by himself.

Kensuke: DaDa

Kensuke: Captain!

Kensuke: Aida, keep going!

Kensuke: I won’t go without you!

Kensuke: You fool!

* Kensuke stops playing and finds Shinji coming.

Kensuke: Ooph! Transferee! Ikari!


* Shinji and Kensuke are talking by a bonfire.

Kensuke: Touji was sorry about that.

Kensuke: He said that his younger sister scolded him. She told
him that it was the robot that saved our lives. It’s shameful that
he was scolded by a low grader from an elementary school, bukan?

Kensuke: I like the night because the cicadas don’t make loud noises. saya
can remember back when it was quiet and I liked it, but their
numbers have been growing in the recent years.

Shinji: Misato said that the ecosystems are returning to their
former states.

Kensuke: Sih, Misato-san. How I envy youyou live with such a beautiful
lady and can pilot Evangelion. aduh, just once I wish I could pilot
it to my heart’s content.

Shinji: You’d better not. I think your mother would be worried.

Kensuke: Ah, that’s okay. I don’t have oneI’m the same as you.

Kensuke: You’ll have something to eat, right?

Shinji: iya nih.

Shinji: Do you usually do this?

Kensuke: Baik, sorta.

Shinji: Is it training for guerrilla warfare?

Kensuke: What else can I do with toys like these? I just like doing this.

* It’s early in the morning. The tent is shrouded in dense fog from which
* five men in black suits appear.

* Kensuke exits the tent and faces one of them. They besiege the tent.

Kensuke: Hah!

A man from Nerv: You are Ikari Shinji-kun, correct?

Shinji: iya nih.

A man from Nerv: We are from Nerv Security Intelligence. In accordance
with clause 8 of the Regulations for Public Security, we
will now take you to Headquarters. Understand?

Shinji: iya nih.

* Shinji goes with them, leaving Kensuke alone.

* Touji and Kensuke are talking in the classroom.

Touji: Begitu, you just stood there and watched?!

Kensuke: That’s easy for you to say. Like I said, they were professionals
from Nerv Security Intelligence.

Touji: So what?! Don’t you have any balls!

* Girls whisper.

{Are the girls insulting Kensuke fordeserting” Shinji?}

Girl A: Disgusting!

Girl B: Pervert!

Kensuke: He who fights is a fool if he stands no chance of winning.

* Misato opens the door and enters a prison cell.

Misato: Long time no see.

Shinji: iya nih.

Misato: Did two days of bumming around cheer you up?

Shinji: Not really.

Misato: Eva’s on standby. Will you pilot it? Or won’t you?

Shinji: You won’t scold me, will you? You’ve no relation to me, so I
guess it’s appropriate.

Shinji: If I told you that I don’t want to get into Unit One, how would
you deal with it?

Misato: Rei would get into it, I think. Are you sure you won’t pilot it?

Shinji: It’s not fair that you’d force everything onto her.

Shinji: Don’t worry. I’ll do it.

Misato: But you don’t want to, do you?

Shinji: That’s only natural. First of all, I’m not cut out for it.

Shinji: Namun, Ayanami, Misato-san and Ritsuko-san

Misato: Stop it! This has nothing to do with anyone else! If you hate
all this, get out of here! Completely forget about Eva and us and
go back to where you were! You aren’t welcome getting into Eva
feeling like that.

* Misato leaves the room.

* Gendo, Ritsuko and Rei on a moving sidewalk.

Ritsuko: The Third Children is leaving Tokyo-3 tomorrow.

Gendo: Then we’ll reconfigure the data of Unit One for Rei. Regardless of
the results of restarting Unit Zero, we’ll start with that Unit.

Gendo: According to the Malduck Organization’s report, the Fourth Children
has yet to be found.

Ritsuko: You mean that we cannot get more recruits for pilots.


* Shinji’s ID card is punched.

Shinji: Where is Misato-san? I’d like to say good bye.

A man of Nerv: You no longer belong to Nerv, so I can’t tell you anything.


* Shinji gets out of the car and finds Touji and Kensuke at the station.
* They have come to see him off.

Touji: Ikari, the things you left behind!

Shinji: Baik, could I have a minute with them? Er-r-, thank you.

Kensuke: Touji, speak! Hey!

Touji: Ikari, I apologize for punching you twice. Silahkan, hit me back!

Shinji: I can’t do that.

Touji: Silahkan. Otherwise, I won’t be satisfied.

Kensuke: Baik, it’s embarrassing seeing him like this, so if it finally puts
an end to the fight, how about punching him?

Shinji: Tapi…

* The men from Nerv check their watches.

Touji: Segera! You have no time, do you?

Shinji: Only once, kemudian.

Touji: Fine. Come on!

* Shinji tries to hit Touji but Touji stops him.

Touji: Stop! No allowance!

* Shinji hits Touji.

Kensuke: Ouchch.

Shinji: How did you know I’d be here?

Kensuke: A hunch. We’ve seen dozens of classmates leave.

Touji: If you go away from here, we’ll also have to leave this city
some day. But we can’t say anything to stop youwe saw you
suffering in the Eva.

Touji: If I find anyone who blames you, I’ll give them a good crack to
the head!

Touji: Don’t look so gloomy

Kensuke: Cheer up and good luck

Shinji: Umm

* One of the men from Nerv puts a hand on Shinji’s shoulder.

A man of Nerv: Time’s up.

* Shinji begins to walk to the station. Shinji and the men from Nerv go up
* the stairs to the platform. Shinji suddenly tries to come back and talk to
* his classmates

Shinji: It’s me that should be hit. I’m mean, cowardly, dishonest, weak

A man of Nerv: Don’t give us any more trouble.

* Misato and Ritsuko are talking in front of Evangelion Unit One.

Ritsuko: He’s gone. Do you think this is best?

Misato: The hedgehog’s dilemmaThe nearer we get, the deeper
we hurt each otherI see.

Misato: He can’t express his feelings with any other words


* Shinji is waiting on the platform. A train is coming.

Announcement: An express linear train for Atsugi is arriving on Track 2.
Please be careful to step back behind the yellow line.

Announcement: The train on Track 2 is a special train, exclusively for
government personnel. General passengers are forbidden to enter
within the fences.

Announcement: Anyone without permission is absolutely forbidden to board.

* Misato’s words whisper in Shinji’s mind.

Misato: Good luck.

* The train departs from the station.

* Misato’s blue car arrives, driven roughly. Misato gets out of the car.

Kensuke: Look!

Touji: The beauty!

* Misato believes that Shinji has gone and sighs deeply. And she turns her
* face to the platform…….

Announcement: A local train bound for Gora will be arriving on Track 4
shortly. Be careful to step back behind the yellow line. If you
are accompanied by little children, please watch them carefully.

Announcement: On Track 4 is the local train which is turning back to Gora.
If you are taking this train, please wait within it.

Announcement: Attention! The train will be arriving soon. Please step back
behind the yellow line.

Shinji: I’m back.

Misato: Welcome home.

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