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"We've been asking for answers from Attack on Titan for years, and now that we've finally unlocked the secrets of Grisha Jaeger's basement, “That Day” delivers answers in spades."
Godzilla, Rascal, Children of the Sea, Kingdom, Ibuki in top 10
"It's all-out war for the first time since Unification, which is a very big deal to the agents of Dorothea, but I simply can't be bothered to care."
"The Reverie wasn't a full-blown arc so much as a more significant version of the post-arc info-dumps we usually get at a time like this, but it's also a massive tease full of incomplete exposition."
"This episode achieved a great balance, where the music guides the story and the story gives context to the music."
English-subtitled trailer previews July 7 film screening
"I appreciate We Never Learn attempting to find more for Kirisu to do, but the results weren't so compelling unless you're specifically here to see the teacher in fetish outfits."
English-subtitled trailer previews film's 1st release in N. America
"If every Boruto-less arc were this much fun, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for him to bow out more often."
Dub launches in U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand
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