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1st film screens in U.S. theaters on March 20, 25
"This is a major turning point for the series, as this episode includes focus on both its Empire and Kingdom cast members, with their paths set to finally cross by the endgame."
Beautiful gardens, ancient schools, high-energy festival, silk highlighted
"There are so many bases to cover that this episode ultimately doesn't accomplish much in terms of plot progression."
"This was a cool episode with some of the most electric animation Boogiepop has featured yet."
This experimental comedy anime adapts a 4-panel manga about a free-spirited woman in her twenties into something truly avant-garde. Micchy and Steve explore what makes this collaborative anthology series so special.
"Body-building comedy" premieres in July
This series of vignettes might not make for a satisfying film when smushed together, but Take Your Marks still offers an enjoyable set of old-fashioned Free! adventures. Nick Creamer has the details.
Houchu Ohtsuka, Yuuki Kaji, Ai Kakuma, Nobuhiko Okamoto, more join cast; LiSA performs song
After 26-episode first season debuted last year
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