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Zoku Owarimonogatari tops mini-theaters for 5th consecutive weekend
Satoshi Kon's 1997 film ships on Blu-ray on March 26
"With an increased focus on employee interactions, this comedy series once again educates viewers on the trials faced by booksellers."
Anime premieres on January 5
"Even as Double Decker jumps the shark straight over its second sun this week, there's still so much else going on this episode that I'm mostly boggled by how unnecessary each new twist feels."
Episode ships with 6th home video release on December 21
"While this arc's final battle still seems a ways off, episode 85 offers up enough comedy, action, and intrigue to keep fans invested for the long haul."
Every now and then when you're watching an old dub, sometimes you'll hear faint echoes of the Japanese track behind it. What's responsible for this phenomenon? Justin digs in.
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