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Iguchi sings "HELLO to DREAM" opening for July anime
Kenji Tsuda returns as storyteller, vTuber Taku Nanase joins cast
Netflix anime's 1st season premiered in April 2018
Detective Conan drops to #4 in weekend box office
The morning news program "NEWS23" will get a new opening courtesy of your name. director Makoto Shinkai. Shinkai edited landscape footage from his previous...
"As things stand, this is shaping up to be Boruto's best Boruto-less arc yet."
"It's been a bumpy ride so far, but this episode finally manages to capture the near-perfect balance of grim spectacle and bloody horror that made the franchise famous in the first place."
"This episode got me to finally come around on Fumino as a character, depicting her and Nariyuki's deep trust that transcends the boyfriend-girlfriend barrier."
"The fight between Gray and Natsu may get top billing this week, but it's really the least important part of the episode."
"Two ladies get their tragic backstories this week, making for an episode that aims to deliver twice the emotional impact as usual."
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