Megumi Ogata
PROFILE • Voice of Shinji Ikari, Birthdate: Giugno 6
Appearances includeYuu Yuu Hakushou” e “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S”, eccetera.

Every time a new script arrivedevery time I turned a new page
I was torn apart by a new pain.
Even though they were fresh wounds, with fresh blood spilling out,
It felt like I was peeling off old scabs which remained on my skin.
Sometimes slowly, sometimes with a quick jerk,
The claws of a merciless ‘Creatorpeeled away the layers of my heart
I would be happy if I were able to touch the “Shinji” inside everyone.
The “Shinji” inside me is waiting for the time of complementation.

Megumi Hayashibara
PROFILE • Voice of Rei Ayanami, Birthdate: March 30
Appearances include “Slayers” e “Saber Marionette J”, eccetera.

Perché sei venuto qui…
What were you seeking
E, did you find what you sought here…?
A, what you seek cannot be found inside other people; cannot be received from other’s hands.
It is inside of you.
I cannot touch you.
The only one who can touch your heart is you.
Happy things, sad things, difficult things, painful things….
These are all born from within you.

I feel this is what I learned from Eva.

Yuuko Miyamura
PROFILE • Voice of Sohryu Asuka Langley, Birthdate: December 4
Appearances includeAi Tenshi Densetsu- Wedding Peach” e “Boku No Marie/My Dear Marie”, eccetera.

per favore, peopleLet’s try to be a little happier!!

Kotono Mitsuishi
PROFILE • Voice of Misato Katsuragi, Birthdate: December 8
Appearances includeBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon” e “??Tetsuwan Buddy??”, eccetera.

I am truly glad to have met the woman named Misato. Although she doesn’t easily speak her true feelings, which often gave me some trouble, I truly like her bright manner by which she hides the loneliness and darkness deep within her heart. After the TV series had ended, I listened toCruel Angel’s Thesisagain and was struck by the phraseAlthough I cannot become a goddess, I will live on.Surely this must be the voice of Misato’s heart. I look forward to watching Misato in this cinema edition, as well as seeing who and how Shinji fights.

Yuriko Yamaguchi
PROFILE • Voice of Ritsuko Akagi, Birthdate: November 21
Appearances includeFood by the Bucket”, eccetera.

Incredible. She’s lost again.

Those were my, and Ritsuko Akagi’s, first words in Eva.
From a close-up shot of her back sitting at pool side in her wet suit, Ritsuko rises slowly and speaks while removing her goggles with one hand. Blond, beautiful, and even a beauty mark/mole under one eye. Wow — what an incredible woman.
Gazing at this picture during rehearsals, I found my voice, and thereafter Ritsuko Akagi’s voice, becoming a sexy voice that I would not normally speak under any conditions.

It was sinfully pleasurable.

Miki Nagasawa
PROFILE • Voice of Maya Ibuki, Birthdate: July 11
Appearances include “(Yuusha Shirei) Dakuon” e “Nadesico”, eccetera.

The characters appearing in Evangelion are each unique individuals, and strive to live amidst the unique world-view of this story. Against this backdrop, Maya Ibuki gives the impression of a completely normalgirl next door”. Honest and frank, her straightness sometimes seems almost comical or even awkward at times. I can’t help but love the way she tries so hard.

Evangelion is an incredible work.

Takehito Koyasu
PROFILE • Voice of Shigeru Aoba, Birthdate: May 5
Appearances includeSaber Marionette J” e “(Yuusha Shirei) Dakuon”, eccetera.

May 5. The profession most suited for a person born on this date is that of teacher. To make fullest use of the ability to work steadily on researching one thing alone, this person might join a company in the capacity of R&D. If he likes sports, he might become an instructor. He is also suited for computer-related work as a programmer or systems engineer. sì, Shigeru Aoba’s profession is also the one that suits me the most. Isn’t that great?

Hmm? Cos'è quello? I forgot something….?

Hiro Yuuki
PROFILE • Voice of Makoto Hyuuga, Birthdate: February 13
Appearances includeHaou Taikei Ryuunaito” e “Future GPX Cyber Formula ZERO”, eccetera.

When the TV series started I had no idea that it would become this popular. In fact, I still can’t believe that it has become a cinema anime film…. At first I thought that the Makoto Hyuuga I played was just an operator with a name, but I soon realized that there were personal portions amidst his sparse lines. (or maybe I just made it that way…) I like the way he remains positive amongst so many characters with a dark(?) past.

Fumihiko Tatsuki
PROFILE • Voice of Gendou Ikari, Birthdate: April 29
Appearances includeIron Leaguer” e “Food by the Bucket”, eccetera.

Was I drawn to him by a powerful fate? How long has it been since plunging into the memorable voice-over work for the 1st episode of the TV series? Years? Months? Days?

Although the answer to most of the rumors isYES”, I vacillate between ! ¤ ? with each episode on whether I like or hate Evangelion and Gendou Ikari.
Tuttavia, I can’t help but feel an endless fascination at the way Eva’s story unfolds, tinted by an infinite amount of information amidst drama with needlessly excessive ‘fan-service’
I am so shallow that I could never imagine the direction Eva will take. But no matter how it turns out, there will probably never be another character like theheretic” Gendou, and I want to be proud at having been hisvoice actor”. *cough*Spring always makes me stuffy

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