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Kaiji Tang, Lex Lang star in anime premiering on Toonami in December
Film opened in Japan in December 2013
The official website for Rising of the Shield Hero unveiled comments from the director Takao Abo and series composition writer Keigo Koyanagi ahead of...
"This episode proves that Boarding School Juliet works when its central relationship is at the center of the story."
"Bloom Into You is at its best when it blooms beyond yuri genre clichés, 그리고 에피소드 7 is one of the strongest examples of this yet."
Noriko Hidaka, Kikuko Inoue, more cast in Cardfight!! Vanguard spinoff premiering January 12
Anime NYC event to host world premiere of sequel on Saturday
또한: Director Hosoda talks about the film in video
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