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"As Mob's allies push their resistance against Claw forward, a series of high octane and psychedelic psychic battles ensue."
"These extra episodes of Double Decker definitely exist for the sake of fanservice, as this week revolves around Kirill wearing a dress."
"With the curtain closed on the main story for now, the series shifts gears with a couple of side stories to close out the season, starting with a tale about Shizu."
"This episode has a faster pace than usual, and it still leaves us on a devastating cliffhanger."
"This episode offers a sobering moment of reflection, but also one of the most baffling and frustrating developments of this finale."
Films begin streaming on March 27
BD ships on April 16
Animator Yuzo Yamamoto also creates short flash anime
Kim Morrissy explores the legacy of the massively influential cult hit Boogiepop and Others, a supernatural story about adolescent anxieties with an unprecedented impact on the light novel industry.
This compilation film for the first half of this beloved fantasy anime compresses Made in Abyss' story without losing any of its wonder and charm. Theron Martin has the full story on what was changed in the move to the big screen.
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