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Manga about superpowered firefighting team launched in 2015
Last year Okayama prefecture introduced us to the tourism anime Kibi Dango. The anime, which draws cues from the popular Momotarō folktale, takes an educational...
"If last episode was a little too low-key for your liking, this one should more than make up for it."
"It looks like Thunderbolt Fantasy S2 has experienced its first major dramatic reversal."
Anime's 1st 2 episodes slated to debut simultaneously this year
This anthology-style romcom has enough heart to ground its goofiness, as a charming reminder that even young love is never easy. Rebecca Silverman dives in.
Film opens in Japan on November 17
Tiga finale's kaijū appears in anime opening November 23
Idolm@ster SideM concert sells 28,622, followed by 2nd Godzilla anime film, Fate/Extra Last Encore, Coconatsu, 2018 Crayon Shin-chan film
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