Literal Translation Series

                   Episode 11  The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still
                               Seishi-shita Yami-no Naka-de
                                (In the still darkness)

                 Written by WADA Mitsuhiro (Wada-kun)
                    based on the script written by MATSUOKA Kenji
                 Revised by Craig Green (


   “Neon Genesis Evangelion (Japanese title: Shin-seiki Evangelion)” is
the brand new anime from GAINAX. The first episode of it was
broadcasted in Tokyo Japan on October 4, 1995.
   Anyway get it and see it right now!!


 *In the street. Children’s voices are heard from somewhere.

Children: Ha ha h…

Children: Ahaha. Try to hit it!

Children: Eh.

Children: (laugh)

Children: Yeah, I hit it! I hit it!

 *Shigeru buys a drink can at a vending machine.
*”Coin Cleaning – Open 24 hours”

 *Maya and Ritsuko are in the shop.

Cleaning Machine: Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

Ritsuko: Cleaning doesn’t come cheap…

Maya:   I’d at least like some time to do some washing myself, don’t you

Shigeru: We’re better off because at least we can do this back home.

 *A subway ticket gate

 *A train is coming to the station

 *Kozo reads a newspaper

 *Ritsuko, Shigeru and Maya

Ritsuko: The Sub-Commander.

Ritsuko: Good morning.

Shigeru & Maya: Good morning, sir.

Kozo:   Well. Morning.

Ritsuko: You’re so early today.

Kozo:   I’m headed to the upper town for Ikari.

Ritsuko: I see. The committee’s regular meeting is today, I suppose.

Kozo:   A silly business. Ikari is always forcing his trivial duties on
        me and I wouldn’t know how to do them without Magi.

Ritsuko: An election for the city council will soon be taking place in the
        upper town.

Kozo:   The city council is pure decoration. In actual fact, it’s the Magi
        who are in charge of this city.

Maya:   Magi? You mean the three super computers?

Kozo:   It’s run by the majority rule of three types of computers.
        The system is exactly based on the democratic fundamentals.

Maya:   Does the council follow Magi’s decisions exclusively?

Kozo:   It’s an effective government that can minimize wastes.

Maya:   As the purely scientific city it is. This is an era when the science
        is omnipotent.

Shigeru: Old-fashioned words.

Kozo:   Come to think of it, you have an experiment set for Unit One,
        don’t you?

Ritsuko: Yes. The second experiment for extending its activation time is
        to take place at 10:30 today.

Kozo:   I’m expecting good news.

 *The panel shows “Emergency”

 *Ritsuko at the laboratory for the experiment

Ritsuko: Stop the experiment. Cut the circuits.

 *Eva-00 in the cage

Maya:   Switching the circuits.

Male Staff: Power supply is getting operating.

Ritsuko: As I thought, that is a problem.

Maya:   Yes. I’m worryied that the converson efficiency is no less than
        0.008 below the theoretical value.

Male Staff: The value is correct up to the largest error in measurement.
        What will we do?

Ritsuko: Lower the interconversion by 0.01 and try it again with the same

Maya:   Roger.

Ritsuko: Well, we’re starting the reactivation experiment.

“In the still darkness.”

Episode 11

 *Misato in the elevator

 *Ryoji is running to the elevator

Ryoji:  Hey! Just a moment!

 *Misato push the button to close the door

Ryoji:  Ouch!

Misato: Shit!

 *Misato and Ryoji in the elevator

Ryoji:  Yeah. I was running and running. Ha. You seem to be in a bad mood

Misato: ‘Cause I saw you right after I got here.

 *Shinji at a payphone

Telephone Operator: Yes. Hold on, please.

Gendo:  What?

Shinji: Er… Err… Well, Father…

Gendo: What’s the matter? Be quick!

Shinji: Haa…

Shinji: Err, well… Today at the school I was told to inform my parent
        that a career guidance interview will be taking place, but…

Gendo:  I entrusted Katsuragi-kun with such concerns–don’t call me
        with foolish news.
        Don’t pass phone calls like that on to me.

Shinji: Ah!

 *Elevator suddenly stops

Misato: Well.


Ryoji:  A power failure?

Misato: That’s impossible. It can’t happen.

Misato: Something’s strange. An accident?

Ryoji:  Maybe Akagi screwed up an experiment?

 *In the laboratory

Maya:   The Main power supply is non-operational. The voltage reads zero.

Ritsuko: No. I did nothing.


 *In the elevator

Ryoji:  What do you think?

Misato: The power should be switched to the Standby supply soon.

 *In the control room

Shigeru: No. The Standby circuit isn’t operating.

Kozo:   That can’t be. How are the operating circuits?

Female staff: 1.2 percent in all. Only 9 circuits from No. 2567.

Kozo:   Use all operational power supplies to maintain Magi and Central

Shigeru: But that will interfere with life-support in the entire building.

Kozo:   That’s fine. This is a top priority issue.

 *Makoto in the town with Misato’s laundry

Female Announcement: Remember Takahashi Nozomu, Takahashi Nozomu.
        Thank you for your support.

Makoto: She really is a careless person. I think that Katsuragi-san
        ought to take her own laundry herself. What?

 *Shinji, Rei and Asuka on the street

Asuka: That’s only ’cause Commander Ikari was just too busy.

Shinji: I was wondering about that. I think that there was a failure
        rather than him just hanging up on me.

Asuka:  As a man, you shouldn’t worry over every little detail, don’t you

 *At the entrance of Nerv Headquarters

 *The gate doesn’t work

Shinji: What?

Asuka:  Wha’cha doin’? Hey, take my place. Hmm. Ah? Hmm, hmm, hmm…
        Damn it! It’s gotta be broken!

 *Male staff tries to open the door by force

Staff:  Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho.

 *Ritsuko and Maya go through the open door

 *Ritsuko and Maya walks on the passsage.

Ritsuko: Anyway, let’s hurry to the control center. I can’t believe
        that the power supply has not yet been restored.

 *In the elevator Misato repeatedly pushes a button

Misato: It’s an emergency.

Ryoji:  What’s the power supply system like?

Misato: Main, Sub, and Standby. Three systems. I can’t believe that all
        systems failed simultaneously.

Ryoji:  That means…

 *Gendo’s face in the control room

Gendo:  We have to believe that the breakers were activated by someone
        rather than them working correctly.

Kozo:   No matter what caused it, we’ll be in serious trouble if an
        Angel appears at a time like this.

 *Fuchu Overall Headquarters of UN Force

 *General Watch & Control Room

Male Operator: An unidentified object has been detected by the search

Commander C: It may be the eighth Angel.

Commander A: Yes. It has to be Angel.

Commander C: What shall we do?

Commander B:

Commander A: Anyway, its destination is Tokyo-3.

Commander C: I agree. There’s nothing we can do.

 *Angel is coming in a lake

 *In the Fuchu UN Headquarters

Male Operator: The Angel has landed.

Female Operator: It’s still approaching.

Commander C: Status of Tokyo-3?

Female Operator: It has remained silent.

Commander A: What on Earth are the Nerv personnel doing?

 *Ritsuko and Maya climb up the wall

Ritsuko: I thought that a trap was simply an old-fashioned ornament. I
        never imagined that I would use one.

Maya:   Providing is preventing.

 *Asuka, Shinji and Rei try to push buttons to open the doors

Asuka:  Hmm… This doesn’t work, either.

Rei:    No facilities work. Strange.

Asuka:  Has something happened in the Geo-front?

Rei:    It’s logical to think so.

Shinji: Anyway, let’s try to contact Nerv Headquarters.

 *In the elevator

Misato: Huh. No. Even the emergency phone doesn’t work.

 *In the control room

Shigeru: No. Line 77 isn’t operating, either.

 *Rei and Asuka try to call

Rei:    No. I can’t connect.

Asuka:  Me, neither. Neither the wire one nor the emergency line are out
   of service.

Shinji: Well. What shall we do?

Asuka:  Ah. Nn, nn…

Shinji: What are you doing?

Asuka:  Are you stupid? An emergency manual.

Rei:    Anyway let’s go to Nerv Headquarters.

Asuka:  Good idea. Well, let’s elect a leader for our group before we
        do anything else.

Shinji: Ah…

Asuka:  Naturally, I must be the leader. You have no objections, do you?
        Let’s go!

Rei:    We can get to Geo-front through Route-07 over there.

Asuka:  Ah!

 *Door R-07

Shinji: But the doors don’t work. Ah, a manual door.

Asuka:  Hey, Shinji, it’s your turn.

Shinji: (Nn,nnnn) You only rely on me in situations like this…

 *At the Fuchu UN Headquarters

Commander A: Shit, the Joint Staff Council–they only rely on us at the
        front line in situations like this.

Commander B: What’s the government saying?

Commander A: Huh. The people in Tokyo-2? I heard they’re preparing to

 *Angel is coming in the mountain

Female Operator: The Angel is still coming here.

 *At the Fuchu UN Headquarters

Commander B: Anyway contact the people of Nerv.

Commander C: But how?

Commander A: Go yourself.

 *A plane is flying

Announcement from an airplane: This is the Third District Japan Air
        Self-Defense Force. An unidentified object is now approaching
        this location.

Announcement from the airplane: Residents, please go to your designated
   shelters as soon as possible.

 *Makoto on the moving pavement (which isn’t currently moving)

Makoto: Big trouble! I must inform Headquarters. But how?

 *A car is coming

Announcement from a car: Remember Takahashi, Takahashi Nozomu, who
        isn’t perturbed even in such an emergency.

Makoto: Ah, I’m lucky!

 *In the elevator

Misato: It’s rather hot.

Ryoji:  The air conditioners don’t work.

Ryoji:  If you don’t the heat, you could take off your shirt…

Misato: Eh? (Nnn)

Ryoji:  There’s no need to be shy now.

 *Misato continues to wear her jacket

Misato: Don’t think improper things, even in a situation like this.

Ryoji:  Fine, fine.

 *Ritsuko and Maya use fans in the control room

Ritsuko: Things are getting worse. And the air is getting staler. These
        facilities should be the best fruits of modern science.

Maya:   Those are like Commander and Vice-Commander. They’re probably
        bothered by this heat.

 *Gendo puts his legs into a bucket of water

Kozo:   It’s lukewarm.

Gendo:  I agree.



The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still

 *A car is driving

Announcer: Due to the state of special emergency in this district, an
        emergency vehicle is going… Hey, this is a dead end, you know.

Makoto: That’s fine. Drive into there!

Announcer: Eh, my!

Makoto: Anyway, this is an emergency.

Driver: Roger.

Help! Stop it!


Kozo:   This Geo-front was designed to be a self-sufficient colony if it’s
        ever isolated from the outside. Theoretically this cannot happen
        to all the power supplies.

Ritsuko: That means that someone did it intentionally.

Gendo:  I would guess that their purpose is to research this place.

 *In the control room

Ritsuko: You mean that they want to guess the structures of Headquarters
        from the recovery procedures.

Kozo:   That’s damn annoying.

Ritsuko: I’ll run dummy programs on Magi to make it difficult for them to
         understand the whole.

Gendo:  I’ll leave it up to you.

Ritsuko: Yes.

Kozo:   That the first damage to Headquarters should be caused by people
        no less human than we are. I cannot bear the thought.

Gendo:  In the end, humanity is its own enemy.

 *Shinji, Rei and Asuka walk in the dark

Shinji: It usually takes only two minutes to get there. Are you sure that
        this is a passage?

Asuka:  If we get there, I’m sure we’ll be able to enter the Geo-front.

Shinji: I’ve heard the same words for some time already.

Asuka:  You do care too much about details! You’re so hung up on minor

Rei:    Be quiet.

Asuka:  What a good girl…

Rei:    A voice.

Makoto: An Angel is coming, repeat…

 *A light is coming

Shinji & Asuka: It’s Hyuga-san. Hey!

Shinji: Hey!

Makoto: An Angel is coming, repeat, an Angel is coming now!

Shinji&Asuka: An Angel is coming!

Rei:    We can’t waste time. We should take a shortcut.

Asuka:  I’m the leader–don’t take the initiative without my permission!

 *Asuka, Shinji and Rei crawl through a duct

Asuka:  Damn it! This might be a shortcut, but we’re getting filthy.

Shinji: Listen, what do you think Angels are?

Asuka:  What’re you babbling about at a time like this?

Shinji: Angels, messengers of the God. Our enemies with Angel names.
        Why are we fighting against them?

Asuka:  Are you an idiot? Unidentified things are invading us, you know.
        It’s natural that we’d have to deal with a lot of difficulties
        falling unexpectedly on our heads.

 *Shinji, Rei and Asuka stands in front of two branches

Asuka:  Well… to the right.

Rei:    I think it’s to the left.

Asuka:  Don’t bother me! What do you think, Shinji?

Shinji: Hmmm, I don’t know.

Asuka:  Hey, come on! Since I’m the leader, you’d better just follow me.

 *Shinji, Rei and Asuka go through the passage

Shinji: Something seems to be strange, just as I expected. The road
        leads up.

Asuka:  Whaddya mean ‘as I expected’? You always talk too much!
        Ah! Look! This time I’m certain.

 *Asuka open a door with her kick and meets the Angel

Asuka: (Deaa! Ii! Uh! Hii! Nnnn. Huh.) We just saw the Angel with our
       naked eyes. I’d say we gotta hurry up, don’t y’think?

 * A car is rushing into the control room

Staff:  (Uwaa!)

Makoto: Angel is coming now. I suggest that Eva be readied for a launch.

Maya:   This is serious.

Gendo:  Fuyutsuki, I’m leaving everything to you.

Kozo:   Ikari.

Gendo:  I’m going to the cage to prepare the Evas for a sortie.

Kozo:   You mean that you’ll operate them manually?

Gendo:  We have a diesel one for an emergency.

Kozo:   But we have no pilots.

 *Shinji, Rei and Asuka

Shinji: Again.

Rei:    Over here.

Shinji & Asuka: Eh?

Asuka:  (Nn?)

Shinji: Ah!

Asuka:  You’re the favorite with Commander Ikari, aren’t you? The good girl
        is loved differently than us.

Shinji: Don’t argue now.

Asuka:  You’re always such a smug-looking girl.

Asuka:  (Kuu)

Asuka:  Hey, just ’cause you’re favored doesn’t mean you can make a fool
        of me.

Rei:    I’m not making a fool of you. I’m not favored–I know that well.

 *The staff pulls the entry plugs from Evas with ropes at the cage

Staff:  Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho….

Staff:  Roger. Termination signal plugs have been removed.

Gendo:  Okay. Prepare to insert entry plugs into all three Evas.

Staff:  But we have no pilots.

Ritsuko: Don’t worry. I’m sure they will come.

 *Shinji, Rei and Asuka

Shinji: I can’t open this door by hand.

Rei:    That can’t be helped. Let’s break out of the duct and move ahead
        past it.

Asuka:  I shouldn’t fight with First. She’s the type of person who
        stops at nothing to achieve her aims. She’s what is called

 *Gendo and the staff pull ropes

Staff:  Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho….

 *Ritsuko and Maya

Maya:   We’re ready to insert the plug.

Ritsuko: We only have to wait for them.

 *Shinji, Rei and Asuka crawl through a duct

Asuka:  Don’t look forward for any reason. If you look, I’ll kill you.

Shinji: Eh?

Asuka:  Idiot!

Shinji: Uh!

Asuka:  Jerk! Stupid!

Shinji: Uh!

 *Ritsuko and Maya in the cage

Asuka:  I told you not to look.

Shinji: I can do nothing but look. If I can’t see forward, I can’t

 *Shinji and Asuka fall from the duct. Rei jumps down to stand on the floor.

Shinji & Asuka: (Wa, Uwaa!)

Shinji: Uh!

Asuka:  Ouch!

Shinji: Damn it!

Asuka:  Ah!

Shinji: Oh!

Ritsuko: It’s you guys.

 *Gendo at the cage

Gendo:  Be ready for each entry!

Staff:  Roger. Open the hatches manually.

 *Shinji approaches Ritsuko

Shinji: The Evas?

Ritsuko: They’re ready.

Shinji: How? Even though nothing works?

Ritsuko: By human hand. This idea was from the Commander.

Shinji: Father’s.

 *Gendo pulls the rope with the staff to open the door of the entry plug

Staff:  Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho….

Ritsuko: Because you would come here, Commander Ikari has been preparing
        things for you.

Staff: Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho. Yo-heave -ho….

 *Entry plugs are inserted

Maya:   Insert the plugs.

Ritsuko: All are ready for activation with the auxiliary power sources.

 *Gendo, Ritsuko and Maya

Gendo:  Remove the first lock bolt.

 *The staff break pipes with axes

Staff:  (yell)

 *Hydraulic locks are released

Operator: Release hydraulic locks 2 through 32.

Maya:   Pressure zero. Situation free.

 *Gendo and Ritsuko and Maya

Gendo:  All right. Everyone, remove the bindings by force.

 *Evas try to remove the bindings

 *Makoto cry through a speaker

Makoto: The target has halted just above us.

Ritsuko: Hurry the preperations!

Maya:   Emergency batteries have been installed in them.

Ritsuko: Well. They’re ready. Launch!

 *Evas crawl throught a duct

Asuka:  I look too disgusting!

Rei:    We’re getting to the pit.

 *Eva-02 kicks and opens a door to a pit

 *Evas climb up the pit

Asuka:  Oh, my! I look so ugly again. (Ha!)

Rei:    Watch it! Dodge!

Asuka:  What? Oh! No! Uh!

 *Evas fall down

 *Evas stop falling down

 *Angel put its solvent liquid through the pit

 *Evas escape to a tunnel

Rei:    The target is trying to directly invade Headquarters using a
        strong solvent liquid.

Shinji: What shall we do?

Asuka:  We’ll destroy it, of course!

Shinji: Sure, but how are you gonna do it? I dropped my rifle and the
        batteries on our backs are empty. We’ll able to move for no more
        than three minutes.

Asuka:  I have a plan. Defense stays here, neutralizes the AT-field and
        also protects Offense from Angel’s solvent liquid. Backup goes
        down, picks up the dropped rifle and gives it to Offense. Offense
        then destroys the target with a burst from the rifle.

Rei:    I see. I’ll be Defense.

Asuka:  Sorry, but I’m doing it.

Shinji: But it’s so dangerous.

Asuka:  That’s the reason. I’ll feel funny unless I get even with
        you for the last battle. Shinji is Offense. The good girl is
        Backup. All right?

Rei:    I understand.

Shinji: Uh!

Asuka:  Let’s go! (Geehn)

Asuka: (N,n,n)

Shinji: Ayanami! Asuka, clear the way!

Asuka:  I’ve gotten even with you.

 *In the elevator Misato is on Ryoji’s shoulder

Misato: Damn it! Why doesn’t it open?! It’s an emergency! I’ve gotta go to
        the toilet before I have an accident! Uh! Hey! I told you not to
        look up!

Ryoji:  Okay, okay!

 *Power is recovered

 *The door opens

Misato: (Ya ra a) Hey! Ahhh!

Ryoji:  Oh. Oops….(Uwaa)

Ritsuko, Maya and Makoto: Huh…

Misato: (N, n, nn

Ryoji:  (N, nn)

Ritsuko: (n, nn)

Maya:   Dirty…

 *Shinji, Rei and Asuka lie on the hill

Shinji: It’s ironic that without the artificial electric lights, the stars
        are very beautiful.

Asuka:  But it doesn’t feel as if any people live there. Look, I feel easy
        with this.

Rei:    We fear darkness and, to survive, chase it away with flames.

Asuka:  Philosophy!

Shinji: For that reason I wonder if humans are special creatures. And so
        the Angels attack us.

Asuka:  What are you, stupid?! I can’t see that they have any reasons

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