Literal Translation Series,

                “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 12”
                Translated Speech Script.

                Translated by Masatoshi SHIRAGA, and Kentaro ONIZUKA
                Revised by Craig Green


Text:   15 years previous.
Text:   2000 A.D.

Misato: Father…


Episode 12: The Worth of a Miracle


Touji:  Thanks for letting us get out of the rain, Shinji.

Kensuke: How’s Misato-san?

Shinji: She’s probably asleep. She’s been working all-night shifts lately.

Touji:  Well, her work is very tiring.

Kensuke: Be quiet, so we don’t wake her up…

Kensuke & Touji: Shhh…

Asuka:  Hey, *boys*, what are you doing?

Shinji: Taking cover from the rain.

Asuka:  Hmm, you’re staring at me, aren’t you? I’m going to change
        clothes–if you peep, I’ll kill you.

Touji:  Shut up! you idiot! Who wants to see you change(ing) clothes!

Kensuke : Her self-consciousness is super excessive.

Touji:  Um?

Kensuke: Oh!

Touji:  I–

Kensuke: Hi. We’ve been here for a while.

Misato: Ah, it’s you two. Welcome.

Misato: Welcome home, Shinji.  Don’t be late for the harmonics test

Shinji: Okay.

Misato: Asuka, you’ll also remember?

Asuka:  Fine.

Kensuke: Oh!

Kensuke: Oh, congratulations on your promotion.

Touji:  Co– congratulations!

Misato: Thank you very much.

Kensuke: You’re welcome!

Misato: Well, I’ll be leaving now.

Kensuke & Touji: See you later.

Kensuke: Misato-san’s signature–the number of lines increased to two. That
        suggests a promotion from Captain to Major.

Asuka:  Oh, I didn’t notice.

Shinji: I wonder when…

Touji:  Really? What a dull boy.

Kensuke: Ohhh! Don’t you have any sense of sympathy? It’s not exactly easy
        taking care of two high school students at her age.

Touji : It’s only us that have the human mind with sympathy.

Maya:   Numbers Zero and Two within contamination zone–that’s the limit.

Ritsuko: Number One still has leeway. Try to increase plug depth by 0.3.

Maya:   He’s reaching the edge of the contamination zone.

Ritsuko: And he’s still reading this? That’s great.

Maya:   His harmonics and synchronization ratios are approaching Asuka’s.

Ritsuko : It’s a natural gift, isn’t it?

Operator: He’s a kid just born to ride Eva.

Operator: It certainly seems that to ride Eva was the reason the kid was
        born, doesn’t it?

Misato: Even though he never wishes to. Maybe he’s not glad of it.

Ritsuko: All tests have been completed.

Ritsuko: Shinji-kun, you did well.

Shinji: What do you mean?

Ritsuko: You made eight point of progress. They were great readings.

Asuka:  But his harmonics are still 50 points lower than mine.

Ritsuko: Ah, it’s an eight-point gain over ten days. That’s wonderful.

Asuka:  It’s not wonderful!

Asuka:  So, it was *good*! My, you actually received a word of praise…

Shinji: Umm…

Asuka:  I’m going home first, idiot.

Shinji: Oh.


Shinji: Congratulations on your promotion.

Misato: Thanks.

Misato: But, to tell you the truth, I’m not exactly overjoyed.

Shinji: I can sympathize with that.

Shinji: Being praised back then didn’t make me happy, either.

Shinji: Strangely, it only made Asuka angry.

Shinji: Why did she get angry?

Misato: And you care about that?

Shinji: Yeah.

Misato: That’s because you’re always watching other’s faces.

Text:   Congratulations for the promotion!

Text:   Celebration Hall

Text:   Reserved.


Kensuke & Touji & Hikari : Congratulations!

Misato: Thank you. Thank you, Suzuhara-kun.

Touji:  No, no! This is the guy who planned all this.

Kensuke: Yeah, the planning and scheduling was done by Aida Kensuke,
        this Aida Kensuke!

Misato: Thank you, Aida-kun.

Kensuke: You’re welcome, though I did nothing worth your gratitude.
        It just came naturally.

Touji:  Anyway, why’s the Class Rep here?

Asuka:  I invited her.

Asuka & Hikari: Ne~ (Yeah!)

Misato: Is Rei…?

Asuka:  I did invite her, but she’s a difficult girl to be with.

Asuka:  Oh, Kaji-san hasn’t arrived yet.

Hikari: He’s that cool guy? Kaji-san…?

Asuka:  Yeah, against these potatoe heaps, it’s like comparing the moon
        to soft-shelled turtles.

Touji:  What was that?!

Misato: It’s still difficult? This kind of situation?

Shinji: I’m not that used to being around many people.

Shinji: Why do we have to make all this fuss?

Shinji: Your promotion suggests that people appreciate you, doesn’t it?

Misato: Well, maybe.

Shinji: That’s why they’re happy… But you don’t look happy.

Misato: Oh, it’s not that I’m completely unhappy. I *am* slightly pleased.

Misato: However, it’s not why I’m here.

Shinji: Then why did you join Nerv?

Misato: Well, I don’t really remember why anymore–it’s been far too long.

Asuka:  That must be Kaji-san. No doubt! Oh!

Ryouji: I came directly from Headquarters. I met her on the way.

Asuka & Misato: Suspicious…

Ritsuko: Jealous?

Misato: Absolutely not!

Ryouji: Anyway, congratulations, Major Katsuragi!

Ryouji: Seems from now on I’m going to have to be polite to you.

Ryouji: Seems from now on I’m gonna have to address you as a superior…

Misato: What are you talking about? Idiot!

Ryouji: Well, it’s unprecedented that both the commander and
        vice-commander are out of Japan.

Ryouji: That’s how much they rely on Katsuragi.

Shinji: My father is out of the country?

Ritsuko: Commander Ikari is on the South Pole at the moment.

In Antarctica.

Kouzou: There’s no allowance for the existence of living things in this
        world of death called Antarctica.

Kouzou: Maybe we should just call it “Hell”.

Gendou: Nevertheless, we human beings are standing here, existing as
        living things.

Kouzou: Because we’re protected by the power of science.

Gendou: Science is human power.

Kouzou: It’s that arrogance that caused the tragedy 15 years ago, the
        Second Impact. This scene is the result. It’s too harsh a
        punishment for us, though, considering the crime. This is just
        like the Dead Sea!

Gendou: And yet this is a purified world, a world lacking the impurity
        of the original sin.

Kouzou: I hope for a world where people can live, no matter how steeped
        in sin.

Operator: Situation report from Nerv headquarters, sir.

Operator: An Angel has been discovered in orbit above the Indian Ocean.

Makoto: The Angel abruptly appeared two minutes ago.

Operator(female): Approaching the orbit of the sixth reconnaissance satellite.

Operator(male): Two minutes until contact.

Shigeru: Target in sight.

Shigeru: Ohh…

Makoto: I can’t believe my eyes… it’s crazy!

Shigeru: Sixth satellite moving to near contact with the target.

Shigeru: Contact with target.

Operator(female): Begin scan.

Operator(male): Starting data transmission.

Misato: AT-field?

Ritsuko: A new usage, I think.

Maya:   It even uses the energy gained due to the fall from orbit.
        The Angel itself is akin to a bomb.

Ritsuko: Currently, the first shot impacted the Pacific Ocean, far
        off target.  The second shot hit this point.  After that, it has
        been steadily correcting its errors.

Misato: That means it’s learning.

Makoto : N2 bombing does not work.

Shigeru: After that, the Angel went out of range.

Misato: Maybe it’s coming.

Ritsuko: Perhaps next time it itself will fall.

Misato: That would create a third Lake Asinoko.

Ritsuko: The Five Lakes of Fuji would become one and be linked to the
        Pacific Ocean, destroying Headquarters.

Misato: Commander Ikari’s status?

Shigeru: Contact is impossible due to the Angel’s intense jamming.

Misato: What does Magi suggest?

Maya:   They unanimously recommend evacuation.

Ritsuko: What do you want to do? You are the only available command officer.

Misato: Connect to the appropriate Japanese ministries–special declaration
        D17 under Nerv’s authority. Evacuation of all citizens within a
        50 kilometre radius. Request the backup of Magi to Matsushiro.

Makoto: We’re abandoning all this?

Misato: No, but it’s not necessary to risk all of us.

Announcer(male): Special declaration D17 has been announced by the government.
        All citizens, take shelter in the designated areas immediately.

Announcer(female): The sixth and seventh blocks have priority, immediately
        proceed according to the instructions ordered by the ward’s chief.

Announcer(male): All civilians have taken refuge.

Announcer(female): The evacuation of noncombatant and Class D personnel
        signalled by the Alarm C has been completed.


Ritsuko: You’re going to do it? You’re serious?

Misato: Yes, I am.

Ritsuko: You’re going to abandon three Evas on your own selfish accord?
        The probability of winning is only 0.00001 percent. That’s smaller
        than one in ten thousand.

Misato: It’s not zero. I only bet on Eva.

Ritsuko: Major Katsuragi!

Misato: I am the commanding officer here and I will do everything that I must
        do. My job is to annihilate Angels.

Ritsuko: Your job?! That’s a joke! This is for your own sake–it’s your
        revenge against the Angels!


Eng. title: “She said, ‘Don’t make others suffer for your personal hatred.'”

Asuka:  Wooow, catch it by hand?

Misato: Yes! Arrange the Evas at the estimated point of impact, and
        directly catch it with AT-fields at full.

Intercept is the word that would be used (and it even means catch/receive).

Shinji: And if the Angel goes considerably off course?

Misato: Then it’s over.

Asuka:  And if the Units cannot withstand the shock?

Misato: Then it’s also over.

Shinji: The odds of winning are?

Misato: I have no idea. Only God knows.

Asuka:  If we’re successful, it’ll be a miracle!

Misato: It’s not until we cause a miracle that the miracle is valuable.

Asuka:  In other words, you’re saying that we’ve gotta somehow manage to
        do this.

Misato: Sorry, but there’s no other way. This operation is–

Asuka:  You’re saying this an official operation? Is it?

Misato: No, I cannot say that. If you’re not willing, you can refuse.

Misato: Are you okay with this?

Misato : Officially you are required to write an official note to prepare
for your death. Do you write that?

Asuka:  No. I ain’t gonna die.

Rei:    Neither do I. No need.

Shinji: Neither do I.

Misato: I feel sorry for you. When the operation is over, I’ll treat
        you to a steak.

Asuka:  Oh, really?

Misato: I promise.

Shinji: Waai!

Asuka:  Don’t forget!

Misato: You can look forward to it.

Shinji: Steak means a delicious dinner!

Asuka:  Does she really think that children these days would be so glad at
        a steak dinner?

Asuka:  How poor the people in the generation of the Second Impact are…

Shinji : No way for them.

Asuka:  Hey! What was with the “waaai!”? I know you were only pretending to be

Shinji: It’s better if she can command us without having to worry.

Asuka:  Anyway, she is going to treat us.
        Where should we go?
        You must come!

Rei:    I won’t.

Shinji: How come?

Rei:    I don’t like meat.

Maya:   Target lost from sensors due to Angel’s ECM.

Misato: Although it’s now impossible to calculate precisely, this is the
        collision point estimated by Maji from data obtained just before
        we lost the target.

Asuka:  The range is this wide?

Shinji: That’s a long distance to the end.

Ritsuko: With its AT-field, the target can annihilate Headquarters
        completely, wherever it impacts within this range.

Misato: Under these conditions, we’ll place an Eva unit at each of these
        three points.

Rei:    What is this arrangement based on?

Misato: My intuition.

Asuka & Shinji: Intuition?!

Misato: Sure. Female intuition.

Asuka:  How crude! I feel the miracle getting further and further away.

Shinji : Misato-san never hit the lot.

Asuka:  Ah, nooo…

Shinji: Hey!

Asuka:  What?

Shinji: Asuka, why are you in Eva?

Asuka:  Obviously, it’s ’cause I wanna show the world my talent.

Shinji: To show your existence?

Asuka:  Maybe something kinda like that.

*here, she asks “why don’t you ask the same question to REI at the moment?”

Asuka:  Aren’t you gonna ask Rei that?

Shinji: I’ve asked Ayanami before.

Asuka:  Hmm, such a *good* friendship…

Shinji: It doesn’t mean that.

Asuka:  What about you, Shinji?

Shinji: I’ve no idea.

Asuka:  No idea? You must be a fool.

Shinji: Maybe.

Asuka:  You really are a fool.

Maya:   120 minutes until the estimated time of collision.

Misato: You take shelter. It’ll be enough if I’m here.

Shigeru: No. This is my job as well.

Makoto: I can’t leave only the children in danger.

Misato: They’ll be fine. No matter how badly the Evas are damaged, the
        AT-field will save them. It’s actually safest inside Eva.

Misato: Shinji-kun, you asked yesterday why I joined Nerv.

Misato: My father buried himself in his research… his only dream.

Misato: I couldn’t forgive him.  Or, rather, I hated him.

Shinji: Just like my father.

Misato: He never took care of me, my mother or our family. People said
        that he was delicate, but really he was only weak, always trying
        to escape reality, our family. He was just like a little kid.

Misato: Since she had always been unhappy, I agreed with my mother when she
        divorced my father. My father seemed to have been shocked by this,
        and I just grinned at a man who was suffering the consequences of
        his own actions.

Misato: Then he sacrificed his life for mine, dying in the Second Impact,
        and then I couldn’t tell if I loved him or hated him.

Misato: The one thing that was clear was that I had to defeat the Angels
        that had caused the Second Impact and, to do that, I joined Nerv.

Misato: It might be that I was trying to avenge my father, so that I can
        be free of his spell.

Shinji: Don’t run away! Don’t run away! Don’t run away!

Shinji: So don’t run away…

Shigeru: Telescopes have comfirmed the target at maximum visual range.

Makoto: Distance approximately 25,000.

Misato: The enemy draws nigh! All Eva Units to starting positions!

Misato: The target’s calculated trajectory is based solely on visual
        observation. Magi will instruct you until the range is 1000,
        after which you’re on your own. I trust you all.

Shigeru: Angel approaching. Distance approximately 20,000.

Misato: Start the operation.

Shinji: Here we go!

Shinji: Start!

Shigeru : Distance 12,000.

Shinji: Field to full power!

Shinji: Uhh.

Rei:    Unit Two, increase Field to full power.

Asuka:  Increasing!

Shinji: Right now!

Auska:  This…!!

Asuka: Huuum.

Shigeru: Wireless system restored–connection requested from Commander
        Ikari in Antarctica.

Misato: Quickly, connect him, please.

Shigeru: Yes, sir.

Misato: I am extremely sorry. Unit One was damaged solely through selfish
        judgements on my part. I take full responsibility for everything.

Kouzou: I don’t care. The annihilation of Angels is Eva’s mission. It was
        fortunate there was relatively little damage.

Gendou: Yes. You’ve done it, Major Katsuragi.

Misato: Thank you, sir.

Gendou: By the way, is the pilot of Unit One there?

Shinji: Yes.

Gendou: I’ve heard the story. You did it, Shinji.

Shinji: Eh? Yes.

Gendou: Then, Major Katsuragi, I shall let you handle the aftermath.

Misato: Yes, sir.

Announce: Next station is Shin-Miyanoshita, Shin-Miyanoshita. Exit on the
        left side at the next station.

Asuka : You’ve gotta keep your promise.

Misato: All right. I withdrew several large bills so I can still pay for
        the full-course dinner, even though it’s a bit before payday.

        Paper lantern of a Chinese noodle stand.

Asuka:  I know what you’ve got in your wallet. Don’t worry.

Asuka:  The honour student said she’d come with us for Chinese noodles.

Rei:    I’d like garlic noodles without ChaShu. (Chinese grilled pork)

Asuka:  Gimme a shark fin and a large order of baked pork.

Proprietor: Here you go–the shark fin with baked pork.

Shinji: Hey, Misato-san.

Misato: What?

Shinji: When I heard my father’s words, I found that for the first time I
        was glad to be praised.

Shinji: And I also found that… that I pilot Eva just to hear my father say
        those words.

Asuka:  That’s why you’re a pilot?

Asuka:  Truly idiotic!

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