Literal Translation Series


    Episode 20  WEAVING A STORY 2: oral stage

    Written by WADA Mitsuhiro (Wadakun)
     Based on scripts rewritten by MATSUOKA Kenji
     Edited by Matthew Opel


*Eva-01 roars.

Misato: It’s eating the Angel…

Ritsuko: The bindings are being broken. We can’t stop
   Eva any more.

Ryoji: The awakening and liberation of Eva unit 1. Seele won’t
   overlook this.

Committee A: An S2 organ, which can’t be produced in the Eva series.

Committee B: I never imagined that it could ingest one.

Committee C: This accident is very different from the scenario
   we of Seele had developed.

Committee D: This cannot be adjusted easily.

Committee A: IKARI Gendo. I’m afraid that we are at fault for
   giving him NERV.

Kiel: But, he was the only one who could achieve all our goals.
  Ikari, what are you thinking?

Kozo: It has begun.

Gendo: Yes, everything begins here.

Kokoro no Katachi

Episode 20  “Mind’s Form, Man’s Form”

Hito no Katachi


Maya: The Evas’ damages are beyond the Henflick limit.

Ritsuko: It may be a long time before everything returns to

Maya: Fortunately, the MAGI system can be transplanted. We can begin to
   work tomorrow, maybe.

Ritsuko: But this place seems to be useless.

Shigeru: The decision to abandon it is only a matter of time now.

Ritsuko: Well. For the time being, we can only use the reserve Control

Maya: Without MAGI?

Ritsuko: Yes. We’ll return to work this morning after brushing the
   dust off.

Maya: It’s too cramped around the chairs and the sensors don’t
   operate smoothly. It’s hard to work there.

Shigeru: The layout is the same as the usual Control Center-01.

Maya: It feels wrong, somehow.

Ritsuko: For now, it’s better than not having anything. It’s Unit One
   which has been proved to be used.

Misato: It has been bound in the cage. Is it safe?

Makoto: Neither heat, electrons, electromagnetic waves nor any
   chemical energy are detected within it. The S2 organ is completely

Misato: Nevertheless, Unit One moved on its own three times.

Misato: Only with the visible situations, we can’t decide how we
   should do with it.

Makoto: If we do something careless, there is no saying what it
   might do. It’s the same as Katsuragi-san… I’m sorry.

Kiel: But it isn’t only a question of Eva-01.

Committee C: That’s right. Serious damage to Unit Zero and Unit Two.
   Headquarters partially destroyed. Central Dogma exposed.
   The damage was terrible.

Committee A: I can’t estimate how much money and time we lost.

Committee B: It was because a bell wasn’t attached to Ikari’s neck.

Committee D: A bell was attached but it didn’t ring.

Kiel: A bell which doesn’t ring has no meaning. We’ll make it work
   next time.

Ryoji: Oh dear! These developments were unexpected, weren’t they? For
   the Committee… er,  Seele, how will you explain?

Kozo: Unit One wasn’t under our control. This was an accident.

Gendo: So, Unit One is frozen. Until further orders from the Committee.

Ryoji: That’s a good deal. But, your son has been taken into it,
   you know.

Maya: It’s hopeless, after all. The signal for ejecting the entry
   plug isn’t accepted.

Ritsuko: How about the backup and the dummy signal?

Maya: They are also rejected. Even the direct circuit is

Makoto: The video circuit is connected. I’ll transfer it to the main

All: Aahhhh!

Misato: What is this?

Ritsuko: This is the true nature of 400% synchronization.

Misato: I can’t believe it! What the hell happened to

Ritsuko: He has been taken into Eva-01.

Misato: What do you mean? What is Eva?!

Ritsuko: That which was created by humans in the human image.
   I can’t say it in any other way.

Misato: Created by humans? You only copied what you found in
   Antarctica back then. The original? I don’t understand.

Ritsuko: It isn’t just a copy. A human will is within it.

Misato: Do you mean that this was because of some one’s will?

Ritsuko: Or Eva’s.

Misato: Do something! You created it, didn’t you? Take


Radio: … as for the problem of

Rei: I’m still alive…

Asuka: I know that girl is OK!  Misato, don’t call me for such a
   trivial reason!

Asuka: I couldn’t do anything… I was outdone by that stupid Shinji…
   I can’t stand it!


Misato: How is the salvaging project for Shinji-kun?

Ritsuko: Well, what might be called Shinji-kun’s life still exists.

Misato: Will life be respected this time?

Ritsuko: Losing Shinji-kun is out of the question now.

Misato: I don’t know. What Nerv wants isn’t his life, but Unit One as
   their tool.

Ritsuko: I don’t deny it.

Maya: Shinji-kun’s body is supposed to be drifting in the entry plug
   in a quantum form, because it lost its ego-border.

Misato: You mean that Shinji has become something which we
   can’t identify visibly?

Maya: Exactly. The LCL ingredients in the plug changed chemically
   are now similar to the sea water of the primitive earth.

Misato: Primordial soup…

Ritsuko: All of the materials which formed Shinji-kun are still in the
   plug. What could be called his soul exits there, too. In fact, his ego
   image gives pseudosubstance to his plugsuit.

Maya: Salvaging means reconstructing his body and fixing his soul
   into it.

Misato: Is that possible?

Ritsuko: With Magi’s support.

Misato: You’re talking about the theory, aren’t you? Nobody knows
   what will happen without trying.


Shinji: What’s this? Where am I? Entryplug of Unit One? No one is
   here. I’m not. What’s this? What’s this? What’s this? I don’t
   know. These people. Yes. The people who I know, the people who
   know me. I see. They are all my world. What’s this? I don’t
   know it, even though this is my world. An image from outside. An
   unpleasant image. I see. An enemy. ENEMY, ENEMY, ENEMY, ENEMY.
   Our enemies called Angels which have angelic names. The targets of
   Eva and Nerv. Revenge for Misato’s father. Why am I fighting?
   I do it even though it leads to such bitter experiences.

Asuka: Are you an idiot? Unknown enemies are coming and attacking
   us, you know. Of course we have to deal with a lot of unexpected

Shinji: I don’t need a reason? I shouldn’t think about it? ENEMY,
   threatening me, us. That’s an ENEMY. Definitely. Nobody will think badly
   of me if I protect my own life, our lives! ENEMY, ENEMY, ENEMY, ENEMY. My
   ENEMY! My ENEMY!! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! You hurt Toji and
   killed Mother! Father. Uhh!

Rei: Why do you hate your father?

Shinji: Of course I do. A father like him.

Rei: Can’t you understand your father?

Shinji: Of course not, because I have hardly ever see him.

Rei: Is that the reason why you hate him?

Shinji: Yes. Father didn’t need me. Father deserted me.

Rei: Am I his substitute?

Shinji: Definitely. That must be it! I was deserted because he
   had Ayanami.

Chibi-Rei: As if you didn’t run away of your own accord.

Shinji: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! It’s all father’s fault!
   I was going to tell him that I hated him, then.

Shinji: Are you telling me to get into this and experience
   terrible things, Father?

Gendo: Yes.

Shinji: What! I won’t. What are you saying now?! Father, can’t you
   need me?

Gendo: I called you out of necessity.

Shinji: Why me?

Gendo: Because other humans can’t.

Shinji: I can’t. I can’t do that. I’ve never seen it or heard
   about it before.

Shinji: No. I knew about it. I remember. I knew about Eva.
   And then I ran away from Father and Mother.




WEAVING A STORY 2:oral stage


Operator A: At present, the temperature is being maintained at 36.

Male Operator: Electromagnetic radiation pulse is normal. Wave
   pattern is B.

Female Operator: All instrumentation functioning normally.

Maya: Creating the outline of the salvage project in just one month. Only
   Senpai could do it.

Ritsuko: What a shame that I didn’t create the original plan. These are
   data which came from experiments done 10 years ago.

Maya: Did such an accident happen during the development of Eva?

Ritsuko: There was an accident before I joined Nerv. I heard that my
   mother was there. I know about it only from the data.

Maya: What was the result?

Ritsuko: They failed, I heard.


Shinji: Comfortable. Warm. This is human warmth, isn’t this? I’ve
   never known it.

Rei: What is loneliness?

Shinji: I’ve never known it. But I seem to know it now.

Rei: What is happiness?

Shinji: I’ve never known it. But I seem to know it now.

Rei: Are others kind to you?

Shinji: Yes.

Rei: Why?

Shinji: It’s because I’m a pilot of Eva. They are kind to me because
   I get into Eva. It’s the reason why I can stay here. It’s all that
   supports me. So I must get into Eva.

Rei: Get into.

Shinji: Enemy. Yes, I must fight against the ones which everyone
   calls the Enemy.

Rei: Fight.

Shinji: I must win. Yes, I mustn’t lose. I must get into Eva as they
   say, and I must win as they say. Otherwise, nobody, nobody, nobody

Misato: Do your best.

Misato: Hang in there!

Asuka: What are you doing?! Do it right!

Toji: Go for it!

Kensuke: Good luck!

Gendo: Well done, Shinji.

Shinji: Misato-san, Ritsuko-san, Asuka, Toji, Kensuke and Father
   praise me. They praise me because I get into Eva. The guys like
   me. Everyone tells me to get into it. Father does. I’ll show him
   what I can do.

Misato: Do your best.

Shinji: I’m doing my best. I am. Please be kind to me. I’ve been
   fighting so much. I’m fighting as well as I can. Take care of me,
   please. Be kind to me!

Misato: I’ll be kind to you. Well, Shinji-kun. Do you want to become one
   with me? Do you want us to become one in body and soul?
   It feels so wonderful. I’m ready. I’m always ready.

Asuka: Hey, stupid Shinji. Do you want to become one with me? Do you
   want us to become one in body and soul? It feels so wonderful.
   I’m asking you. Come on!

Rei: Ikari-kun. Do you want to become one with me? Do you want us to
   become one in body and soul? It feels so wonderful.

Misato: Do you want to become one with me?

Asuka: Do you want us to become one in body and soul?

Rei: It feels so wonderful.

Misato: Come on, now. Relax. Make your mind free.

Female Operator: All search needles have been inserted.

Male Operator: Electromagnetic wave pattern is fixed at 0, -3.

Maya: Ego-border pulse has been connected.

Ritsuko: Roger. Begin salvage operation.

Makoto: Roger. Signal-1 is sent.

Shigeru: Eva received the signal.

Maya: Now, signal-2 and signal-3 are sent.

Male Operator: XX , condition normal.

Female Operator: Destrude isn’t detected. (Wadakun: ‘Destrude’ isn’t

Ritsuko: Roger. Move the target to stage-2.

Misato: Shinji-kun.

Shinji: Ah.

Asuka: Stupid Shinji!

Shinji: Ah.

Ritsuko: Shinji-kun.

Shinji: Uh.

Toji: Hey, Shinji.

Shinji: Ah.

Kensuke: Hi Shinji.

Shinji: Ah.

Rei: Ikari-kun.

Misato: Shinji-kun.

Asuka: Stupid Shinji!

Ritsuko: Shinji-kun.

Toji: Hey, Shinji.

Kensuke: Hi Shinji.

Rei: Ikari-kun.

Misato: Shinji-kun.

Asuka: Stupid Shinji!

Ritsuko: Shinji-kun.

Toji: Hey, Shinji.

Kensuke: Hi Shinji.

Rei: Ikari-kun.

Misato: Shinji-kun.

Asuka: Stupid Shinji!

Ritsuko: Shinji-kun.

Maya: No good. His ego border is in a fixed loop.

Ritsuko: Try to radiate all wave patterns from all directions.

Ritsuko: No. The radiated signals are captured in Klein space.

Misato: What do you mean?

Ritsuko: I mean… failure.

Misato: What?

Ritsuko: Stop the interference. Reverse the tangent graph. Set the
   addition value to 0.

Maya: Yes.

Shigeru: In Q area, Destrude reaction is detected. Pattern is sepia.

Makoto: Some changes detected in the core pulse. Plus 3 is

Female Operator: The water temperature is getting higher. 36, 38, 41,
   58,76, 97, 106…

Ritsuko: Maintaining the present condition is the top priority
   issue. Prevent flow-back.

Male Operator: The internal approaching work. Over the predicted
   value. It’s going into the danger zone.

Maya: Yes. Plus 0,5, 0,8. It’s strange. I can’t stop it.

Ritsuko: What does it mean? Don’t you want to come back, Shinji-kun?

Shinji: I can’t get it. I can’t get it. I, I …

Misato: What do you want?

Asuka: What do you want?

Rei: What do you want?

Yui: What do you want?

Maya: Eva rejected the signal.

Shigeru: His ego formation in the LCL is breaking up.

Makoto: Pressure is increasing in the plug.

Ritsuko: Stop all operations. Cut the power supply.

Maya: No good. The plug has activated.

Misato: Shinji-kun!

Shinji: Ah!

Shinji: This place?

Shinji’: In Eva.

Shinji: In Eva? I’ve gotten into Eva again, haven’t I? Why?

Misato: You won’t get into Eva any more?

Shinji: I decided that I’d never get into Eva again?

Misato: Nevertheless, you did. Into Eva-01.

Shinji: Ah!

Misato: Shinji-kun, you are here because you got into Eva. Because
   you got into Eva, you became what you are. You can’t deny that,
   the fact that you got into Eva, nor what you were, in your past life.

Shinji: I, I …

Misato: (wailing) What good is science if it can’t save even one
   person.  Give back Shinji-kun!  Give him back…

Shinji: Smell. I smell someone. Misato-san? Ayanami? No, it doesn’t
   smell like them. I know. It smells like Mother.

Gendo: It is a pity that this child will live after Second Impact,
   in this Hell.

Yui: Well. If he wants to live, anywhere becomes Heaven. Because if
   he really lives, he will find the chance for happiness anywhere.

Gendo: I see. You may be right.

Shinji: Mother.

Yui: Have you decided?

Gendo: I’ll name it Shinji if it’s a boy, Rei if it’s a girl.

Yui: Shinji, Rei.

Shinji: Mother.

Misato: (wailing) Shinji-kun!


Ritsuko: Repairs on Unit One will be finished the day after

Misato: Finally, human beings wield even God’s power as a tool.

Ritsuko: I don’t know. The committee is also discussing plans to
    freeze it

Misato: The artificial human, Evangelion. Although it was created by
   humans, don’t you think the black box is too large?
   Well, I’m satisfied because Shinji-kun was saved in the end.

Ritsuko: It was beyond my ability. It was thanks to you, perhaps. Well,
   how about having a drink, we haven’t in a long time?

Misato: I’m sorry. Well, today … you know.

Ritsuko: I see.

Misato: Bye.

Ritsuko: After she finds out that Shinji-kun is safe, she has a secret
   meeting with a man. I shouldn’t talk, I suppose.

Misato: I’m sure that Ritsuko despises me as indecent woman now.

Ryoji: Those who are hooked on sexual desires are more real as
   humans. We may deceive them a little.

Misato: Our intelligence agency? Commander Ikari or Ritsuko? Or me?

Ryoji: No, me.

Misato: Others … am I right? You aren’t interested in others but you
   feel lonely. You’re really like my father.

Ryoji: Cigarette. You still smoke?

Misato: I smoke only after things like this. So, only you know about it.

Ryoji: I feel honored.

Misato: By the way,??

Ryoji: Did you come to see me because you want to know that?

Misato: Yeah, that’s one of the reasons. I’m honest, don’t you think?

Ryoji: The honor would be entirely mine, if a lady would make a
   cat’s-paw of me.

Misato: Right now, it’s important that I let you know my wishes. What
   is the true goal of Nerv and Commander Ikari?

Ryoji: I want to know that myself.

Misato: Wait, don’t dodge my questions by doing that. Ah, no, don’t put
   weird things in. What are you doing, at a time like this?

Ryoji: Here’s a present, for the first time in eight years.

Misato: Wha?

Ryoji: It might be the last one.

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